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Sleepy Hollow: Go Where I Send Thee...

Abbie: "You play the flute?"
Ichabod: "I'd like to see you bringing a cello onto the battlefield."

The Pied Piper myth, interpreted with a touch of Sophie's Choice.

Eh. It was okay. The child sacrifice twist, with Beth the former Mills caseworker choosing her three adopted boys over her daughter was, well, a twist, and the swordfight in the basement was definitely creepy and visceral. A flute made out of a human bone had an ick factor. (I'm going, Ichabod! Don't put that thing in your mouth!) I liked the thing with the cell phone loop because that was smart. And the earbuds. Especially how the score went silent when Ichabod put them in. Well done, for a monster of the week episode.

And yet, what I really enjoyed the most was Ichabod driving Abbie's car skilfully but with total abandon. He was treating it like an actual horse, wasn't he? I kept expecting him to plow into some conveniently stacked bales of hay or something, but no. Ichabod not only has an eidetic memory, he has great reflexes as well. Jinba ittai.

And the cappuccino scene was adorable. Loved it. And also that Ichabod said that he and Abbie would survive or die together, not alone.

I didn't care for Hawley so much this time. He felt too much like a super nasty and irredeemable Han Solo. He claims he doesn't believe in the supernatural; is that just an act? The Sawyer-like nicknames are fun, though. In this episode, Hawley called Ichabod "Shakespeare" and "Pride and Prejudice." (That last one is apt, since Tom Mison has played Darcy as well as Bingley.) In return, Ichabod called Hawley a "callous brigand for hire," a "self-serving reprobate" and a "privateer."

Because of Hawley, Henry Parrish now has a bone he appears to be very much enjoying grinding into evil powder for some future nefarious purpose. (John Noble makes me want to use words like 'nefarious.')  And Frank tried to fire Henry as his lawyer, only to realize that Henry has taken Frank's soul. I'm worried that Frank might sacrifice himself for his daughter's sake again.

Plus Frank had a vision of himself as a demonic soldier. That can't be good.

Bits and pieces:

-- This week's Revolution War flashback was to 1778 and the Pied Piper hired by Daniel Forbes Lancaster, yet another traitor. (Betrayal is a big theme on Sleepy Hollow.) The Lancaster family sponsored foster care programs in an attempt to compensate. Points for trying.

-- Ichabod called himself a "gillygaupus." I assume that means someone tall.

-- Henry referred Frank to Ezekiel 18:4. "Behold all souls are mine."

-- There was no Jenny in this one. Hey, she had a hard time in last week's. Time to rest up. No Katrina, either.

-- This week in historical tidbits: Benjamin Franklin did actually invent a simple odometer. How about that?

-- I wonder if Ichabod will be keeping the Fishkill Bailey cutlass that he ripped off from the Lancasters?


Ichabod: "I have faced many enemies on horseback. Horsemen without heads. Even discovered my own son is the apocalyptic Horseman of War. Thus, how challenging must it be to guide the power of 300 horses using only one's right foot?"

Abbie: "Not so fast, Ricky Bobby. I'm driving."

Ichabod: "I haven't had to do this much sneaking about since the second Continental Congress."
Abbie: "Let me guess. This was when Betsy Ross had the hots for you."
Ichabod: "That woman was relentless. Once Adams found me hiding in a broom closet. (Abbie looks at him.) From her."
Abbie: "I'm sure it was because you were just the cutest continental courier."

Hawley: "Is he gonna haunt me? Definitely. That's why God created a shot glass."

Ichabod: (gesturing at the computer) "Left-tenant, if you would perform the logging ceremony…"

Ichabod: "Sadistic larceny. This is typical of the Italians. A gaudy hillock of overheated milk atop a thimble's worth of coffee. And the cost! It's equal to three Tennessee stallions."

Ichabod: (later, with foam on his mustache) "Oh my. I can see where this might be popular."

Two and a half out of four cappuccinos,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Loved the cappuccino scene as well. It made me giggle.

    But... the whole idea that neither of them is fated to bury the other made my shipper heart beat faster. What a lovely sentiment.

    Agree that Hawley was not as pleasant this time out. I am, however, interested to see where the writers plan to take his character.

  2. While not among the best episodes, it's still always fun to see the character interactions, and I'd be happy watching Ichabod do the dishes. :) Maybe I'm in the minority, but I just don't see him and Abby as a couple. I see them as very good friends and partners -a different kind of very close relationship, and no less meaningful.

  3. The opening driving scene really was the highlight of the episode. Abbie's reaction shots as he skidded all over the parking lot had me laughing out loud! The rest was definitely "eh, okay" for me. Although, I did find Frank's vision seriously disturbing. It was weird seeing something so 'Call of Duty' on this show, when everything else has been so period piece. It somehow made it all the more shuddery to see him dressed in that manner, killing everyone in sight.

    Another non-shipper! Woot! We may be the minority 'round these parts, Katerina, but at least we are not alone. I agree that a close friendship between a man and a woman is no less meaningful, and yet sadly underrepresented in our pop culture. I'm certainly not immune to falling for particular couples in shows. I've swooned over many, many romantic pairings over the years. But I do get frustrated by the way any time a man and a woman are paired up as partners, or show any sign of friendship and alliance, people seem to want them to become romantic. "Hey! That man and that woman shared a smile and a laugh. They must become a couple!"

    I'm not saying I have a problem with folks rooting for Abbie and Ichabod to become a couple, because I totally understand why you might want that. I just wish close friendship between straight men and straight women was better represented in our stories, in general. So when I see a potentially good example, I tend to cling to it. :)


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