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Sleepy Hollow: Deliverance

"Inception. That can't be good."

Henry grew a demon inside of Katrina. My first thought, other than that we were getting more Oedipus Rex, was that maybe he wanted a little brother.

Katrina's connection with Ichabod is constantly referenced but we haven't seen the characters together all that much, and "The Weeping Lady" made me wonder about Katrina's possibly evil intentions. But actually, this episode showcased Ichabod and Katrina as a couple and made her look pretty good. Not that anyone looks good with a writhing green pregnant belly, although the goth girl outfit was hot, but Katrina was ready to die to stop Moloch from being born. But then again, the birth would have killed her, anyway. Okay, Katrina's motivations, still a mystery.

(I actually thought for a moment that Katrina would die and that they were writing her out. It takes work to make you believe a cast member will die, so good for you, Sleepy Hollow guys. I also thought the flashback to Ichabod and Katrina in bed would turn out to be when Henry was conceived, but no.)

It's not surprising that Abbie has had enough of Henry and just doesn't believe he's redeemable, but that his parents are still determined to hold on to that little bit of faith. This was the first time that Ichabod and Henry sat down at a table and actually talked at length, and the vision that Ichabod got when he touched Henry of that lost, frightened child in the woods may be what Henry truly is, deep down inside. Okay, an extremely scary and powerful child lashing out with great anger and a need for revenge strong enough to destroy the world. Maybe Abbie has a point.

But it's hard not to want Ichabod and Katrina to be right about Henry. He's their little boy! Plus I love it when an uber-evil character turns out to be redeemable. You know, I just thought of the perfect ending of the Henry arc. They turn him back in time to that little boy and he gets to grow up all over again, this time without the suffering and the turn to evil. Too much to hope for?

Let's see, what else? Just a brief and satisfyingly fun scene with poor Frank Irving, still incarcerated in Tarrytown Psychiatric but ready and willing to trick Henry for Ichabod's sake. And again, Bram was quite sympathetic. He tried to save Katrina from Henry and got fried in sunlight for his pains. Bram just doesn't feel that evil any more. Except when he's riding around beheading people, of course. Are they setting up a Horseman versus Horseman conflict? Moloch won't like that.

This week's man out of time stuff centered on Election Day, which is today. Abbie accurately pointed out that in Ichabod's day, she would be prevented from voting "thrice over" since she is black, female, and not a land owner. It was still charming, though.

And I was right. After Abbie drowned in "The Weeping Lady," Ichabod must have run out and taken a class in CPR. Or maybe he got it from the internet. Ichabod loves the internet. Well, maybe not love. It's something of a love-hate relationship. "I must internet immediately." Best line ever.

Bits and pieces:

-- Loved the visual of Ichabod tearing down the boards over the church window to shine the light on Katrina.

-- Sheriff Reyes finally came in handy for that raid on the "doomsday cult" and she got to see Abbie and Ichabod as more than a problematic employee and a guy in a costume. Abbie said she was paying all of Ichabod's bills, so he needs a job. As a police consultant, perhaps?

-- A secret operating table with stirrups. Not what you want to see if you're a woman.

-- More about the Hellfire Club and Benjamin Franklin.

-- It had to be fun for Katia Winter to get out of Colonial garb for a change. I thought she did a great job with that revealing outfit; she walked around in it uncomfortably as if she was super conscious of how outlandish she looked.

-- And oops, I was just thinking that costuming Katrina as a goth girl might be a huge clue as to how she really feels and whose side she'll end up on. Hmm.

-- Can I say again how much I love Ichabod with his hair down? When he and Katrina kissed in the Archives, I thought wow, look at all that hair. Their wigs were practically intermingling.

-- Yay for the fist bump again. I love the fist bump.


Ichabod: "I fought through lines of British regulars for the right to vote, yet our modern countrymen can barely form a line. But of course, they're more than passionate to vote for American Idolatry."
Abbie: "American Idol."
Ichabod: "I know its name. I'm telling you what it should be called."

Ichabod: "No campaigning at polling place. That's absurd. General Washington gave each voter a pint of beer at the ballot box."
(Abbie puts her "I voted" sticker on Ichabod's coat)
Abbie: "Feel better?
Ichabod: "Yes, oddly."

Katrina: "I had no idea fashion had changed so drastically since my era."
Abbie: "It isn't exactly everyday wear. Some drunk goth chick's clothes ended up in the lost and found."
Ichabod: "Perhaps these garments should have remained lost."
And yet, I'm pretty certain Ichabod thought Katrina looked hot in them.

Ichabod: "I don't understand. How can a headless horseman say anything?"

Ichabod: "My mind is made. Should we put it to a vote?"
Abbie: "I can do the math. Democracy in action."

Henry: "How sharper than a serpents tooth it is to have a thankless child. King Lear."
Ichabod: "Act one, scene four. Our mutual love of words is no coincidence."
Henry: "Perhaps I should thank you for the twinkle in my eye."
Perhaps he should.

Ichabod: "I must internet immediately. (Sounds of dial-up) Oh, my God, it sounds like a swine being strangled."

Abbie: "They're a freaking evil club. Try 666!"
Ichabod: "What a lack of imagination."
I swear, I was yelling "try 666" at the screen right before she said that.

I thought this one was stronger than the last. Three out of four "I Voted" stickers, and I'm about to go get one myself,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I was pleasantly surprised that this episode appears to have resulted in Katrina being reunited with Ichabod & Abbie for real, the writers seemed determined to keep Ichabod & Katrina apart for as long as possible. I'm curious to see how the new dynamic works out going forward, both in terms of the relationships and since it means Our Heroes now have a powerful witch on their team. We already saw some of the potential difficulties arise when it came to deciding what to do about Henry. On the one hand, Henry's one DANGEROUS dude, who has shown zero sign of regret over his actions, regardless of what drove him to Moloch's service. On the other hand, asking parents to give up that last shred of hope that their child can be redeemed has got to be heart-wrenching. And it does seem that Henry may be in a bit of denial about just how much pain & regret he feels over his parents. Ichabod offering to have his sin read, to let Henry see into his soul, that got to Henry. He didn't want to face the fact that his parents really did love him, and still wanted to save him after everything he's done. It's easier for him to believe it's just a ploy to defeat him. I just hope all this doesn't lead to an overabundance of melodramatic conflicts where Abbie & Katrina have opposite views and each tries to persuade Ichabod to agree with her. That'll get old REAL fast.

    The character I wish would just go away is Abraham. Not the Horseman, just Abraham. This attempt to make him seem sympathetic doesn't work for me one bit. Are we supposed to believe that he could be turned into one of the good guys because of his love for Katrina? Are we forgetting the flashbacks from Season 1 where we saw what his shallow, possessive idea of loving a woman actually was? All this is doing to me is making Abraham look more weak-willed, which in turn makes the Horseman feel less menacing.

    So, Katrina's escaped her captivity and is in the modern world for barely a few hours and already has a change of clothes, while Ichabod is still wearing his colonial duds over a season later? Not that I minded terribly seeing Katrina in that corset, Katia Winter is an impossibly beautiful woman. But I think she actually wears the period garb quite well, hopefully they can find Katrina a nice 21st-century look if she's gonna be sticking around a while. And I agree Billie, Katia Winter did a very good job selling that "goth chick" outfit as awkward & uncomfortable. I wonder how she'll handle living in the modern world. Probably better than Ichabod, and with less righteous indignation :)

  2. I wasn't feeling this one very much. Maybe because I wasn't feeling very well?

    I don't like Katrina. I think there's been too much of her, and I don't feel chemistry between her and Ichabod. To be honest, I'm kind of over the Crane family drama. Maybe because I don't like Katrina much.

    Why only two minutes of Irving? Where is Jenny?

    However, I'm trying to fit in standing up and announcing dramatically "I must internet immediately!" into daily conversation. I haven't been able to yet.

    I also loved "They're an evil organization. Try 666!" Because that's what I was yelling at the screen as well.


  3. I don't know how I feel about this one. I kind of like the dynamic with Abbie keeping it real and Ichabod and Katrina refusing to give up on their son, but I'm not sure I'm down with Ichabod re-embracing Katrina so wholly. I get that her life was in imminent danger, and I completely understand his desire to save her. But when they talked in the archives about how he's probably wondering what else she's holding back, I was yelling "Damn straight!" She swears there isn't anything else she hasn't told him, but how the hell can he (and we) trust that? She's not trustworthy. He should be glad she's alive, but not yet ready to commit to their happy life together after the war. She completely broke his trust time and again, and that takes time to rebuild. If you can.

    I'm hopeful that Jenny and Captain Irving come back into the fold in a major way soon. It would be nice for Irving to get out of the psych ward. I'm not sure how that happens without him joining Team Evil, which sucks, but I miss him interacting with everyone else.

    And now I must watch at the same weekly pace as everyone else. Sigh. At least my "messed up dreams" situation should improve. :)

  4. The scene at the polls was brilliant. And, I loved Crane explaining the radio to Katrina. "Like magic," made me smile.

    Like Kathy, I am determined to fit "I must internet immediately" into my day sooner rather than later. Agree that it is the best line ever.

    Otherwise, this episode didn't completely work for me. I struggle with Crane's seeming to trust Katrina when she is so obviously not trustworthy. She has broken his trust time and again. I would, however, love to see if Henry's parents are right about him...

  5. Way late to the party, but I very much enjoyed your pointing out Supernatural parallels (and hope they continue!). Just noting this one practically screamed to me back to the one of little anti Christ of early seasons, when the mother was possessed by a demon before and throughout the pregnancy.


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