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Supernatural: Ask Jeeves

Sam: "We're not the bad guys, Dash."
Dash: "I beg to differ. You're wearing flannel."

Well, I had a great time. Did you?

Supernatural has never done a tea cozy mansion-with-a-butler type episode before, and now I'm wondering why they haven't. Because it was delicious: the uppercrust money-grubbing family, Heddy and Beverly macking on Sam, the butler with the secrets, the heir hidden in the attic. The best part was the tribute to the board game Clue. After the obvious introduction of the lead pipe and the rope, we laughed out loud when they got to the knife, the candlestick and the revolver, and Dean running around with the wrench. The second best gag was the two-part chalk outline of the headless body and the head. Hilarious.

I also loved how the "then" previously-on didn't give away what the monster was, something that has happened, unfortunately; instead, we got lots and lots of choices, including fairies and vampirates. And they did keep me guessing. I thought at first that it was portraits coming to life like in season one's "Provenance."

It's actually rather sad that Bobby was inadvertently responsible for all of this mayhem and murder. If he had taken out the baby monster at birth… but we can't have that. Baby monsters are so cute! And note how we never saw Olivia changing, now that the shapeshifter rules have gotten a bit fluid. Although we did get the icky puddle of skin goo. Bleah.

Dean and Sam are so gorgeous that I always wonder why the female guest stars don't throw themselves at them in every episode. This time they did. I wish we hadn't gotten the man-hungry cougar stereotype, but at least it was funny. I particularly liked Heddy and Beverly petting Sam on the couch.

So it wasn't a perfect comedy episode. Olivia doing the exposition in the drawing room and the kitchen went on way too long. It was sad that we heard Bobby's name so many times but didn't see him. And of course, our Dean went overboard with the silver bullets, a wee reminder that the Mark of Cain still exists and is sitting on his forearm.

But if Dean can channel his submerged evil by killing monsters, is that so bad?

Bits and pieces:

— This was the second opening a row showing Dean working on the Impala, signalling a return to normalcy. We all know that isn't true, though.

— Keeping a cell phone going is something they've done before with John.

— The doorbell played "Fur Elise" twice, and it made me laugh both times. The score was light and fun, too.

— I loved Dean investigating the suit of armor.

— Dean called Phillip the butler Jeeves, Alfred, Renfield, Mr. Belvedere, and Wadsworth. Wadsworth was the name of the butler Tim Curry played in the movie version of Clue.

— Gillian Vigman played Heddy. I don't think I was terribly aware of her work until her recent witty turn as a celebrity competitor on Chopped. She was sooo funny. And without a script.

— "In Memory of James A. MacCarthy 06/29/21-08/25/14."

— This week: New Canaan, Connecticut. The boys got to play themselves for a change.


Sam: "Individually brewed. Technology, man."
Dean: "Real men don't drink out of cups this small. (sniffs it) What is that, cinnamon roll?"
Sam: "Glazed donut."

Dean: "Bobby had secrets, man. Like loving on Tori Spelling. If he only knew Dean cheated on her."

Dean: "For once we don't have to wear suits. You're lucky my waistband is not elastic."

Heddy: "You two are... (making a Hannibal Lecter fava beans yummy sound) adorable."

Beverly: "You're welcome to spend the night. All the rooms sleep two."
Heddy: (leering) "Or three." (smacks Dean on the butt)
I don't think Dean was uninterested. Although Sam, of course, was appalled.

Phillip: "She quit. Poor dear was so distraught over Mrs. LaCroix's passing, went off to find herself."
Heddy: "Ashram in India?"
Phillip: "Clown College in Sarasota."
Heddy: "Good choice."

Amber: "I was texting my mom."
Stan: "An emoticon of a peeled banana?"
Amber: "She likes fruit."

Phillip: "I assume you gentlemen left something behind. I'll check the front closet for... burlap."

Beverly: "You know, they say women just get better with age, like a fine wine or... cheese."
Sam: "I'm lactose intolerant."

Dean: "We got played by the maid."

Dash: "Where have you been hiding all these years?"
Olivia: "The attic."
Amber: "Like in the movie?"
Heddy: "Oh, Amber."

Fun was had. Three out of four toys in the attic,

Billie Doux has been reviewing Supernatural for so long that Dean and Sam Winchester feel like old friends. Courageous, adventurous, gorgeous old friends.


  1. I feel like this one was rather weak on plot, but more than made up for that with the two J's comic abilities and the visual gags.

    Also I freaked out a bit whenever Dean was shooting the shapeshifter and the shadows on his eyes gave the illusion that they were all black again. Nice bit of camera work, that.

  2. I loved this one.
    Specially because we finally got what I call a real skin walker that looses its skin. we got a good mystery and the best is a comic Sam.
    Can someone tell me when Sam was at the heart of te comedy like that. Can't tell. I missed it.
    Dean is always good in comedy but it's so rare with Sam.

  3. Not their best hour, but I laughed a lot, and enjoyed it a lot, so I'm happy. Gonna need Cas back next week though.

    Although, surely Sam and Dean can't use their real names for legal, will-related purposes? (Not that they were Bobby's next of kin officially anyway, so I guess the point is moot). But as far as the law knows, didn't Sam and Dean Winchester commit a bunch of murders and then die - at least twice - several years ago?

  4. When everybody loved last week's episode I was confused. I thought it was just plain awful, and I was beginning to think I might be from some other realm.

    But this week...yay!!! Loved it! This is the Supernatural I love. And, I think, it might be one of the most hilarious eps of S of all seasons. I was LOLling through the whole ep.

  5. This episode reminded me of a classic old Supernatural episode. Monster of the week, old elements, tongue in cheek dialogue, hilarious moments. I loved it & Billie hit it right on the nose with all the points. I'm sorta glad Dean kinda emptied his clip into the shapeshifter because it meant the Mark of Cain needed to satisfy the bloodlust and the demon Dean storyline isnt completely over yet. I mean we all knew it but this basically kinda confirmed it. My question is what is going on with Cole? I mean after he got his butt kicked by Dean, he disappeared to research demons and we haven't heard about him. I'm assuming we'll find out soon enough.

    P.S: The detective was the same actor who played the possessed school bus driver in "After School Special" by Dirk the Jerk....just a little tidbit info to throw in there. :)

  6. I'm going to disagree about Bobby. A case can be made that if Bobby had let Olivia's mother raise her out of the attic and acknowledged her things might have gone better. Olivia was angry about being shut away and denied.

    Every shapeshifter we have seen has been killing for human reasons, resentment, greed, wanting to be loved. We really can't say that as a species they are all killers. We simply have no idea how many Shifters are around having reasonably normal lives.

  7. I've never been overly comfortable with the Supernaturalverse's habit of declaring that all monsters are bad - I don't mind so much if it's demons, but shifters are another matter, and do not get me started on werewolves. The one Supernatural episode I really don't want to re-watch is Heart because I just really don't agree with what they did there. But that's another argument for another time! I've just decided to ignore it over the years since the show obviously thinks differently to me on this!

  8. The comic episodes always work well for me and this was no exception. I laughed a lot, especially with Dean and the suit of armor. Jensen does facial expressions like no one else.

    I liked the end as well. As the show never fails to remind us, things may be light and frothy on the surface, but there is always something dark lurking underneath.

  9. They got me kinda confused. Why do some shape-shifters shred their skin while others don't? At first it was just the Alpha that was able to change without leaving a pile of goo behind...
    I have the same issue with werewolves. In 'Heart' they made it clear that werewolves cannot control themselves, period. That was the reason why Madison had to die, right? Now, however, Sam and Dean have no problem letting werewolves go as long as they behave themselves.
    From what they wrote on wikia I conclude that it all depends on one's genetic proximity to Alpha (so to say), yet for me it feels kinda random.
    I guess it's not that important though. As for the episode itself, I enjoyed it a lot; I really like this kind of theme wherever I watch it; it usually turns out cool (much like groundhog day-like ones).

  10. I loved this episode as well as the last one. I'm not sure if it was Beverly or Heddy (the one in the gold dress), but the way she spoke reminded me of Dixie Wetsworth from the Pool Boy sketches on MadTv. 😂

  11. I loved the episode and I too agree with assessment that, the Mark of Cain, is still quietly lurking under the surface. I also wonder if thats why the long, murky shot of the impala was to signifies that appears can be deceiving..


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