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The Originals: Chasing the Devil's Tail

"You've never found true peace."

Bracelet making, abduction and patricide. Only the original family could do it all so well.

Klaus bonded with Ansel right before Ansel bonded with Klaus' knife. In retrospect, I should've seen what was coming as soon as we found out that Ansel knew about Hope. Klaus has never been someone to leave things to chance and knowing about Hope's survival isn't something he could even allow Marcel to keep. Maybe the best line throughout the entire exchange was Klaus' "that's the first lie you've told all day." He acknowledged that he believed everything else he'd been told and possibly even forgave Ansel for allowing a lunatic to raise him. Unless I just read too much into it. Here's the thing though, if Ansel has been watching Klaus all this time, then shouldn't he have known not to reveal that he could be a danger to Hope? I wonder if Klaus would've felt differently had Ansel not tried to convince him to jump on Esther's bandwagon.

Coincidentally, someone commented last week on Marcel's annoying traits and this week he struck a nerve with me. Why was he not at the church helping Cami, Hayley, Josh and Aiden? We've established that Finn is a formidable opponent and if Jackson hadn't decided to stop crying in his whiskey at exactly the right time, they would presumably all be dead. Was it part of the plan to have him search for Kol or was he hanging his friends out to dry? Either way it seems idiotic not to have as many hands on deck as possible, and whose idea was it to send Cami to the bar unprotected after pissing off a sadistic vengeful witch? It's a little like chumming shark infested waters and then letting your friend take a swim. Friends don't let friends get kidnapped by Esther.

My personal favorite subplot was Kol trying to convince Davina to trust him. I don't really know if I'm into them as a romantic couple or not, and here's why. Kol has made no qualms about using his charms to get what he wants in the past. He even alluded to seducing Davina's long lost ancestor with three first names, and then possibly betrayed her to get himself banned from the crypt. I really like Davina. She is still just a young girl playing games with century old beings with supernatural strength, and I don't think it's fair that they all push her around. Klaus is constantly threatening her life and Marcel won't let her make her own choices. I don't know if she needs another dude hanging around trying to persuade her into doing what he wants. With all that said, they are awfully cute together. The chemistry is great, the acting jumps off the screen and there was that almost kiss that I didn't hate. (TO does almost kisses very well, don't they?) Kol also seemed genuine in his efforts to take care of her, too. First reminding her that she needs rest, again when he basically gave her free reign over his crypt of dark objects, and lastly when he put her to bed. This all might be irrelevant though, since Marcel kidnapped him and stole the white oak stake. Davina is going to be pissed, but the fact that it's all a misunderstanding makes me think the writers are shipping them.

This week began and ended with Klaus and Elijah. Is that supposed to say something about them? Maybe they are each other's Achilles' heel. Or maybe just that the whole of them is greater than the sum of their parts.

3 out 4 Chemistry Spell Sets.

Bites and pieces

Jackson moping about no one coming to Ollie's funeral was silly. I mean, just last week he wasn't even willing to help save him, and let's be serious... dawn is early.

Josh running to check on Aiden was too cute.

Kol was a witch prodigy, and he missed doing spells when he was a vampire. He has mentioned, a few times since we've known him, that he spent a lot of time with witches and now TO writers have built that into something that makes absolute sense. I love these writers. Kudos.

I just realized that the body jumping thing is exactly what Klaus was doing when we met him on TVD when he jumped into Alaric's body. Maybe it's something Esther taught them all a long time ago to be able to hide from Dahlia.

I've been pining for quite some time for Klaus to hug it out with the last chance he had for a loving parent. They hugged while Ansel was dying. Careful what you wish for.

I wonder if Finn will tell Klaus about Dahlia. Also, I wonder if Kol knows about Dahlia.

I don't know why, but I truly expected Elijah to run around in sweats with dirty hair after Esther's witchy acid trip, but no. Straight back into a suit. I'm certainly not complaining.

Klaus: "Mind the fort."
Hayley: "I'd rather rip your mother's head off."

Kol: "Sleep, Davina. You've been at it for days."
Davina: "It's kind of hard to rest with a thousand year old psycho in the next bed."
Kol: "You say it like that, I sound like a bit of a creeper."

"Kindly, piss off."

Josh: "I'm sure this isn't your ideal Friday night. I'm sure you'd rather be doing push ups or drinking beers with your bros or something."
Aiden: "Eh. It's not that bad."

Davina: "Is the hand holding really necessary?"
Kol: "I mean we could make out, but that would be entirely distracting."

Klaus: "He knew about Hope. And I wanted to trust him. More than anything in the world, I wanted to, but... uh...I couldn't be sure. And I would never forgive myself if something happened to her because of my selfish desire for a father. So, I killed him. Without hesitation, I killed him."
Elijah: "You killed him for Hope. Whatever innocence remains, we must protect at any cost."

Klaus: "The monster in me can only be checked by the monster in you."


  1. Poor Klaus! He's always wanted a real daddy so badly, and as soon as Ansel mentioned Hope, I knew Klaus would kill him. And it was so sweet that Klaus confessed that he did it to Elijah. (Of course, couldn't Esther bring Ansel back again?)

    I had completely forgotten that Klaus body jumped. The Vampire Diaries is complicated and has been on forever. :)

    BTW, Yusuf Gatewood, the guy who is currently playing Finn and the body Finn is inhabiting, has just been added to the cast.

    Terrific review, Laure. You made me laugh again.

  2. Thanks Billie.

    I sort of assumed that Ansel wasn't dead, at first. Couldn't a werewolf heal from that slice? Or possibly that Esther had spelled him with some kind of protection. By her reaction, though, I assume it's permanent. Well, as permanent as it ever is on this show.

  3. Since it was revealed in "The Originals" that Klaus and Elijah still had Esther's grimoire I've thought that Klaus' body jumping antics were something that he used from that very grimoire. He had easy access to it and both him and Elijah have had witches cast spells from it to help them before. But with this Dahlia revelation, it could be something they were taught to hide from Dahlia (though we don't really know much about whether the other originals practiced when they were witches).

    As for the comment about the clothes, I sort of expected the same thing. What they went for might be even better though. I really enjoyed the scene of Elijah putting on his suit immediately after he's brought back, looking at himself and realising that even though he's put this suit on he's still a monster. The red door isn't closing properly anymore.

  4. Why are you guys not reviewing The 100?

  5. Anonymous, it's just too many shows, too little time thing. We do this for free because we love our shows. We could pick the show up at some point, if one of our writers decides they want to do it.

  6. Was Esther kidnapping Cami at the end, or jumping into her body? I just caught up with the last four episodes and wish I could keep going. This season has been great! I was hoping Klaus' father would be around a bit longer, but I agree that his mentioning of Hope obviously signaled he was a goner. Too bad. At one point when Kol was talking about staking Klaus, I suddenly wondered if that was going to be one of the season ending cliffhangers. I guess Kol would have to get free, first.


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