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The Originals: Brotherhood of the Damned

"Family are not just the people who coddle you and grant you your every whim. They are people who fight for you. Who you fight for."

What is family? In the ever turbulent world of The Originals the definition seems to be highly mutable. This week everyone was doing their best to avenge, lead or protect the ones they hold dear. As well as define just who makes the cut.

Let's talk about all the red. I thought for sure it was foreshadowing a bloodbath, but no. It could symbolize all the love moving within these characters. Elijah and Hayley are in love, but Hayley also loves the werewolves that she is destined to lead, and leading them means marrying Jackson. Jackson loves Hayley, but needs her to eat some magic flowers and share all of her secrets, but she can't do that without leaving her daughter vulnerable, whom she loves more than Elijah and Jackson and the wolves combined. I could go on, but you get the picture. In the midst of all the red, there were short glimpses of white. Maybe to symbolize Hope's innocence in the whole thing.

No Rebekah or Freya this week. Are we going to have a sisterhood of the damned episode where they play light as a feather, stiff as a board and eat cookie dough together?

Finn finding out about Hope seems imminent at this point. Without Esther to dictate his every move, he is a loose cannon. Will he take Hope just to spite his siblings? Will he kill her to keep Dahlia from taking her? Will he see his beloved sister Freya in his niece and decide to jump on the supernatural witness protection program? Finn has proven himself as a formidable foe, and I'm still rooting for the home team here, but it's really fun watching his character blossom.

There were two scenes that got knocked out of the park this week. One was Elijah admitting to Klaus the secret he'd been keeping about Tatia, and Klaus forgiving him for it. These two often impress me when they have scenes together, and this one was no exception. The bond they share as brothers, the pain of the revealed secret, all of it was palpable and written on every inch of their faces. Secondly, the vampires dragging themselves through the parade of human desserts was almost just as powerful. I don't know how they pulled off so much emotion with no words and so little to work with but I was on the edge of my seat waiting for one of them to take a bite, and both relieved and proud when they made it through. Then Finn came and ruined the blood bag feast. He really is a bore, isn't he?

3.5 out of 4 creepy animal heads.

Bites and pieces

Flashbacks are a favorite of mine. Hallucinations are a close second when they tell us something about the hallucinator. Did we already meet Joe? Did he run the record store or am I thinking of someone else?

Did Finn not bring Rebekah to the party because he couldn't find her or because he didn't want to help reunite her with Klaus and Elijah?? A virtual star goes to whomever comes up with the best spirit animal for Auntie Bex.

The wedding is in ten days. If Klaus doesn't stop the bean-spilling ceremony, we might have a wedding next episode.

Davina slapping Klaus made me laugh out loud.

Hope is a werewolf, right? And werewolf royalty at that. Wouldn't she be sacred to the wolves? Maybe Hayley should trust the secret with Jackson. Except that I firmly ship Haylijah, so nevermind.

Klaus: "I will get you my blood. I will get you out of that house, Marcellus. Whatever it takes."
Alliances are always shifting in New Orleans, but it's interesting just how far they can convincingly go in such a short amount of time. It wasn't that long ago that I thought Klaus was definitely going to kill Marcel and tonight I knew that he would definitely stop at nothing to save him.

Klaus: "This is your home. I am your family, and if you haven't learned that in the centuries since I took you in then learn it now! Family are not just the people who coddle you and grant you your every whim. They are people who fight for you. Who you fight for."
Marcel later used part of this little tangent to motivate his men in battle.

Davina: "He's channeling your parents."
Klaus: "And here I thought I was the most ungrateful offspring."

Elijah: "This is a lie of my creation, and my brother doesn't forgive."

Klaus: "Hate the war. Love the hats."

Kol: "Oh, for goodness sake. She crossed me so I crossed her back."

Klaus: "When blood relations let me down, I don't stop to reason with them."

Jackson: "We all have things that we hope will never see the light of day."
Was it intentional that hope was mentioned in this sentence? It must have been. Why the hell didn't Hayley keep running in the opposite direction?


  1. I loved this episode and i was thinking a lynx for Rebekah... something catty and wild...

  2. I like flashbacks too. Helps to remind me why certain things in the show are important.


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