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Sleepy Hollow: Kali Yuga

"Clearly our signals are crossed. Another failure of communication to add to our list."

Do you know what I didn't want? Backstory on a character I don't like. However, they just gave me hope that they're addressing my season two issues with Sleepy Hollow. That's good news.

So Nick Hawley was orphaned and raised by a criminal named Carmilla Pines (Jaime Murray), who looks like she's his age, although they covered that by making her an immortal undead being who serves Kali. Except that she became a Vetala relatively recently, so how did that work? Right. Moving on, Carmilla doesn't really want to be an evil being who secretes acid, so she asked "Nicky" to help her steal something in Theodore Knox's very cool vault so that she could become human again. Who actually believed her for a second? I don't see any hands raised.

Okay, this was a pretty good episode. I like Jaime Murray and she was indeed exotic and scary and projected a whole lot of semi-incestuous obsession with Hawley. If they were just giving us a way to write Hawley out of the show so that he could chase, find and kill her and resolve his Oedipal issues, I'm all for it. Plus we had two terrific karaoke scenes and a tribute to the Star Wars trash compactor. What more could I ask for?

I've been complaining about the lack of Ichabod and Abbie as partners, and I just didn't like the way the writers have artificially separated them with Katrina and the Abraham redemption debate. No more! Ichabod and Abbie spent most of the episode kicking butt together while working through their communication issues. I particularly liked how Ichabod acknowledged that by pushing the "iron" button in the vault, he had again acted without consulting Abbie. Of course, when they worked together, it was the metaphorically "gold" button. And the Knox vault itself was just gorgeous, and the trash compactor scene was awesome. They do some amazing stuff on this show.

Nicole Beharie can really sing. Wow. I loved how Ichabod threw himself into "Proud Mary," too. Plus Ichabod spent the entire episode with his hair loose, tousled and manly. Is his wig is getting longer?

We also got more on our friend Franklin Irving, who went to Katrina for mystical help in figuring out the state of his soul. Unfortunately, it was obvious that Katrina was lying through her teeth because her priority is her son Henry. Even though Frank feels very much like the Frank he's always been, he couldn't see his own reflection in the glass when he was hugging Cynthia. Uh oh. I don't like this, because I do like Frank.


-- I wonder if Mabie's Tavern is going to be a fixture? Maybe it will disappear if Hawley stays gone. Please let Hawley stay gone.

-- Ichabod moved out of the Archives. Where is he living? Did he move into the cabin with Katrina? Did I forget something?

-- "Carmilla" is one of the first vampires in fiction, according to Wikipedia. She dates from the nineteenth century, not the eighteenth, probably because there were no vampires in eighteenth century fiction.

-- Here's more about "Kali Yuga," which is appropriately apocalyptic. Maybe we're not getting away from the apocalypse, after all.

-- And of course, here's a link to the Supernatural episode about Vetalas.

-- I love Ichabod's obsession with fast cars. Too bad Hawley took the Mustang away.


Ichabod: "Where might I find the Catch Club?"
Abbie: "What are they? The Beatles from 1760?"
Ichabod: "No. Rather, the Beatles were the Catch Club of the 1960s, thank you. Women swooned at the sound of their warbling. Alas, lost to history."

Ichabod: "... and she turns the task into a leisure activity with a rather lively ditty. So she sings, she cleans, she travels by parasol…"
Katrina: "A modern witch specializing in housework. It hardly sounds progressive."
Ichabod: "Oh no no. Ms. Poppins seems quite fulfilled."

Abbie: "We seriously named Fort Knox after a dude who died in debt."
Ichabod: "He had other redeeming qualities."

Ichabod: "I'll admit I was excited. I may have acted rashly."
Abbie: "I'll make sure to put that on your tombstone. I'm not gonna die in Knox's vault, even if it goes all Star Wars trash compactor on us."
Ichabod: "Star Wars. What did they use?"
Abbie: "They had a robot."
Ichabod: "Ah."

Abbie: "Mudras. The symbolic language of gesture in Hinduism and Buddhism. Thank you, yoga class."
Ichabod: "I'm still not going back."

If they have indeed (1) written out Hawley, and (2) fixed the lack of Ichabbie, I'm a happy camper. Three out of four traveling parasols,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I'm taking a "wait and see" stance for now. It does seem like they've written out Hawley and pushed past the weirdness in the Crane and Abbie dynamic, and hopefully that sticks. But I'm not feeling overly confident in this creative team at the moment. And not even the presence of Jaime Murray could overcome my irritation at the painfully obvious product placement this week. (Especially since she wasn't that well used.) I guess they tried to make the Mustang promotion seem like a "natural" part of the story, but it just felt like a car commercial. Not a fun example of Ichabod enjoying fast things. Gack!

  2. Nicole Beharie has a wonderful voice. I would have preferred an hour of Abbie sitting in the bar drinking and singing with Crane than what we got.

    I'm with Jess. The car product placement irked me as well.

    But, the vault was very cool and I loved how they worked together to get out of it.

  3. Aww! I like Hawley. But then again my tolerance for characters can sometimes be directly correlative to how attractive I personally find them... (Hence, my ambivalent disdain for she who shall not be named from Smallville.) Hawley reminds me of Deeks from NCIS LA, but slightly more attractive. I'm on the fence about Katrina. I don't dislike her, but others have commented, it doesn't seem like the writers have a solid role for her in the story. Ditto with Miss Jenny, who I like quite a bit.

    I'm still catching up so I'm not at the end of season 2. I'm definitely curious to see what's going on with Irving. He's a great character and if he absolutely has to take a walk on the dark side, I hope Ichabbie can save him by the end of the season. I would take it very personally if they had to kill him after letting Henry reek havoc for the longest.

  4. Lol
    You ever notice how conveniently, all the immortals stop aging exactly around their physical prime. Looking just wise enough but still young enough to engage in all the romantic/action sub plots they come up with.


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