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Doux News: February 1, 2015

This week: Marvel and assorted superhero news -- I hope Jeffrey Dean Morgan likes Extant more than I did -- Tatiana Maslany rumor -- Ghostbusters reboot -- John Oliver auditions for a certain sequel -- Game of Thrones trailer -- A complete lack of cat content

I don't seem to have a lot to talk about this week. But there always seems to be Marvel news, doesn't there?

Joss Whedon says he's not going to direct the Avengers two-part Infinity War. Understandable, since I'm sure he wants his life back, but sad for all of us Whedon fans. And especially sad for Marvel.

David Tennant, who will always be "my" Doctor, will be going Marvel as a villain in AKA Jessica Jones.

This week in casts, mostly superhero-related

-- Zachary Quinto has wisely turned down the opportunity to reprise his role of Sylar in the Heroes Reborn. Yes, I do indeed seem to have a hate-on for this reboot. One of the comments on the TV Line piece says that the original Heroes should have been a miniseries, and I concur. Which made me think -- what other shows should have been only one season long? Other than Prison Break?

-- Mehcad Brooks will be the new Jimmy Olsen in the new Supergirl. Wait. Jimmy Olsen is in Supergirl? Was he in the Supergirl comics?

-- Jeffrey Dean Morgan will be co-starring as a bounty hunter on the next season of Extant, a show I initially liked, but gave up on about halfway through the first season. Does this mean I have to catch up with Extant pretty much against my will? If Morgan has decided to come back to television, couldn't he make time for a guest spot or two on Supernatural?

-- Tatiana Maslany, the brilliant star of Orphan Black, might have scored the lead in the Star Wars spinoff movie. This is still just gossip, but it sounds like a big deal.

-- The movie reboot of Ghostbusters is going to have an all female cast, starting with Melissa McCarthy. Is that cool or what? Seriously, I think it's way cool, but what do you all think?

-- And finally, because there just isn't enough comic book/superhero television these days, Fox wants to do an X-Men series. It doesn't sound like the going will be easy, though, because of rights issues. Plus if I were Fox, I'd be worried about superhero oversaturation on television, wouldn't you? Not that Fox is known for making smart programming decisions (*cough* Firefly *cough*).

This week in CATS videos

I keep hearing a lot about the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, which I'm not planning to see, despite the fun interviews with Jamie Dornan I've been seeing all over the place lately. Is anyone else having trouble picturing Dornan as a romantic lead instead of a serial killer? I was also wondering if any of you have managed to get through the book?  I tried, but I couldn't. Maybe it subconsciously hit my fanfic no-go button. Did you know Fifty Shades is recycled fanfic? To be more specific, recycled Twilight fanfic?

Where am I going with this? Glad you asked. John Oliver's wonderful Last Week Tonight won't return until February 8, but Oliver has taken pity on us by posting his audition for the part of Christian Grey in the "inevitable" Fifty Shades of Grey sequel.

After someone got busy with a cellphone (this keeps happening -- you'd think the networks would realize), the season five Game of Thrones trailer that was only supposed to be seen at the theater has been officially released.

That's all I have for this week. Stay warm, and think spring.
Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Yeah I knew about Fifty shades being bad Twilight fanfic. It baffles me that people will pay for it, when there's so much of it for free on the web. If that's what you want.
    Benedict Cumberbatch is Doctor Strange, it seems no one is talking about that. Sigh. Go on, promote it Marvel, he's a big deal and I want people to know.
    Go Tatiana!

  2. Is anyone else having trouble picturing Dornan as a romantic lead instead of a serial killer?

    Big old yes on that one. Every time I see a trailer I get mega creeped out. He's totally going to kill that girl.

  3. Did you know Fifty Shades is recycled fanfic? To be more specific, recycled Twilight fanfic?

    Seriously? I mean, what???? I did not know that, but wow does it make sense. I got through the first fifty or so pages of the book and threw it away. One of the most badly written things I had picked up in ages.

  4. Fifty Shades of Grey is meant to be romantic?

  5. Re: the serial killer thing, Big Time YES. I have no interest in Fifty Shades of Grey, but I suspect that if I had had any, The Fall would have killed it. I keep running across snippets of trailers for the film and it disturbs the hell out of me. I have no idea how I would make that shift from being deeply horrified by a sick bastard physically and psychologically tormenting women, to thinking that same kind behavior is in any way sexy. But, I'm guessing The Fall isn't that widely known, and there's probably not a lot of audience overlap between the properties. It makes me sad that the wider world will come to know Jamie Dornan for warmed over fanfic, rather than for the fantastic (if incredibly disturbing) work he's doing on The Fall.

  6. I haven't actually read Fifty Shades, but I've flipped through it at work (library). The thing is risible. The author seems to have a poor grasp of kinky sex practices, of how genitals interact, and even of basic female anatomy (strange for an allegedly female author). Overall it's about as erotic as listening to a toddler theorize about how babies are made.

  7. Yes to an all-female Ghostbusters! I'm with you Billie and I love Melissa McCarthy!
    No interest in Fifty Shades of Gray and couldn't get past the first episode of "The Fall". Also wasn't able to watch "Breaking Bad" or "Dexter". I've had enough disturbing things in my life.


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