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The Originals: Exquisite Corpse

"There's a storm coming."

Was I the only one a little bored?

Claire Holt isn't coming back anytime soon and Rebekah, for the foreseeable future, is going to look like Maisie Richardson-Sellers. Maisie even got to do the voiceover lead in. I know the show needed to explain the switch and kudos to them for making it fairly relevant and believable (no one wants Davina joining Kol anytime soon), but I already knew Claire Holt wasn't coming back. Every time they mentioned putting Rebekah back in her body I rolled my eyes. The only thing good that came out of all that running in circles was Vincent. I believed that he was double-crossing Marcel and I cheered when he took the pipe to the back of Eva's head. I think I like Vincent now, but with so many witches already in the Klaus and company corner, it makes me a little worried for his safety.

The big show down in Eva's mind was almost interesting. She mentioned that everything in her mind was her own making. That's why Marcel wasn't a powerful vampire and (I'm assuming) why Rebekah was a defenseless child. Unless Eva just prefers murdering children. If that's true, then why would the inside of her head be a filthy deserted warehouse? It's obviously a metaphor for the kind of person Eva is, but if she controlled everything that happened there, then why wouldn't they run around someplace nice? Or just an open well-lit room would've made killing Rebekah tons easier.

Freya was pretty busy too. Being kidnapped by her brother and shackled with the no-spell cuffs was bad enough, but then he dangled her in front of Esther and let their mother spew nasty comments at her. I wanted to give Klaus the tiniest pat on the back for helping anchor her when he did. Then Freya realized that her baby brother would never love her so she decided to take him out. Bummer. I sort of hate it when Klaus is right. It's like being 15 all over again and hearing your parents say 'I told you so.' I like how Klaus bragged about being an upgrade from Freya and before the hour was over she revealed her new plan to become the upgraded Klaus.

2 or 3 out of 4 brotherly anchors? I want to say 2 since this episode seemed to mostly explain the swapping of one actor for another, but that seems low for an otherwise decent hour.

Bites and pieces

'Exquisite corpse' is a method by which a story is told by people improving one after another.

Eva had a point. Davina was missing for a while and Marcel had no idea. Tsk tsk.

Hayley and Gia's heart to heart about Elijah was kind of adorable. Girl power!

Josephine told Hayley that her future should terrify her. Is that a hint at what Dahlia is bringing? Or is their another threat that we haven't considered? I'm loving Josephine by the way.

Where has Mikael been? I bet he'll be excited to hear about Freya's new plan to get rid of Klaus and turn everyone against him.

Is Esther finally dead for good? Wow. I really thought they'd stash her away to come back as the big bad in another season.

Rebekah: "All of us live with a demon inside. Some says you control the demon and other days it controls you."

Rebekah: "Once it has turned your loved ones into enemies, the demon will have consumed you whole."

Hayley: "And what will you be doing while we do all the dirty work?"
Klaus: "Tending to the even dirtier work, as usual."

Hayley: "So the baby vamp is now the witch whisperer."

Klaus: "It's all temper and no timing with this one."

Klaus: "I compelled you to tell the truth. Not state the obvious."


  1. I liked this one. Addressing and getting rid of the owner of Rebekah's body was something they had to get to, and that whole thing managed to do something that surprised me -- it made me like Vincent. Eva might have been the love of his life, but he drew the line at sacrificing kids and he even lied in order to find them. I'm starting to become more interested in Freya. And I think they actually, finally got rid of Mom. She did explode into a room full of dead birds. That seems final. :)

  2. Having Rebekah's new body tied to the lives of Davina and the other witch children did seem like a ploy but it was a more plausible ploy than "I promised Kol I wouldn't go blonde again until I resurrected him." (I wonder if Rebekah's gonna be a powerful witch now...)

    Also, having Freya confide in Esther seemed a bit contrived too but the birds trick was pretty awesome.

    I liked Gia and Hayley having an honest talk but I worry about Gia. I would bet that we have a couple more episodes of Elijah falling further for her and then she'll die. I hope I'm wrong tho.


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