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Doux News: May 17, 2015

This week: Spinoff and revival news -- This week in fall schedules -- This week in casts -- The best cat entertainment news pretty much ever

The letter S on my keyboard just started sticking. If omething below is mipelled, it not my fault.

Fear the Walking Dead started filming in Vancouver this week. There's a clip, but it's pretty much one minute of nothing.

The X-Files six episode revival will begin with a two-night premiere, Sunday, January 24 at 10:00 and Monday, January 25 at 8:00, and the rest will air on Monday, replacing Gotham reruns.

Stephen Amell appears to be a serious Constantine fan. So much so that he wants someone to pick up the cancelled show and if someone does, he'll guest star as Oliver Queen. Can he do that? I'm assuming he checked with his corporate overlords first.

And David Lynch is back on board with the Twin Peaks revival. I'm sure everyone's happy about that. (I noticed this week that people have tarted talking about The X-Files and Twin Peaks as 'revivals'. That's a nicer descriptor than 'reboots'.)

This week in fall schedules

The networks all came out with their fall schedules this week. It always makes me want to create a grid of sorts, but I'll resist the temptation. So here they are in alpha order so as not to show favoritism: ABC, CBS, The CW, Fox, NBC. And here are the shows we cover, and the shows that interest me the most. In other words, Billie's shows.

MONDAY -- Supergirl, Gotham, Minority Report
TUESDAY -- The Flash, The Muppets, iZombie, Agents of SHIELD
WEDNESDAY -- Arrow, Supernatural
THURSDAY -- The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Sleepy Hollow, The Blacklist
FRIDAY and SATURDAY -- nights when I usually tend to catch up with my DVR
SUNDAY -- Once Upon a Time, The Good Wife. AMC hasn't announced yet, but I'm assuming -- The Walking Dead, Talking Dead

There are a lot of shows that we'll have to wait for until midseason: The 100, Agent Carter, American Ninja Warrior, Containment (Julie Plec's new series, previously known as Cordon which I liked better than Containment), Legends of Tomorrow, Lucifer, Person of Interest, The X-Files. Plus the spring shows like The Americans and Orphan Black.

What did I miss? I'm sure I missed something.

This week in casts

-- Riley Voelkel, who plays Freya, just became a regular on The Originals. That's good news, since in spite of a prominent seaon finale guest spot, Claire Holt still doesn't appear to be returning.

-- Morena Baccarin just became a regular on Gotham. Smart move by the producers.

-- Caity Lotz's character on Legends of Tomorrow has been revealed. And we even got a video! With Spydad!

This week in cats

I almost can't believe this one. It's like the best cat entertainment news ever.

Kevin Spacey is making a Freaky Friday-like movie called Nine Lives in which he will trade places with his cat! Have you all heard about this already? I hadn't heard about this.

Okay, there is going to be a cat convention in Los Angeles in about three weeks. That's good cat news, too. Albeit a little disappointing, since I don't live in Los Angeles any more and can't attend.
Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Constantine and Arrow are both produced by Warner Bros. Television so it is not too far fetched to have Oliver Queen guest star or vice versa. But the odds of anyone actually picking up Constantine are slim to none.

  2. I was just thinking that Amell doesn't own his character and can't make promises like that without permission. They probably gave him permission, then. Although you're right -- I doubt that anyone is going to pick up Constantine.

  3. And that's a shame because the actor was superb!

  4. I really is a shame that Constantine doesn't look like it's going to survive. It wasn't perfect, but it was a fun show, both Matt Ryan and Angelica Celaya were enjoyable to watch. Though if the show really is dead, I wouldn't mind Ms. Celaya try out for Elektra over on Daredevil, word is they're trying to cast the role right now. :)

    The Legends Of Tomorrow preview vid was intriguing, it makes me wonder how much of the pilot episode has already been shot, considering it's a mid-season show that's got to take into account what will have happened in the first several episodes of both Arrow & The Flash(which, given Ollie's outfit of choice in the preview, is somewhat telling...). We pretty much get the answers for how Ray & Sara are alive, but it does leave one big question unanswered. We see Professor Stein, and I'm 99% sure we see Firestorm, but we don't see Ronnie. The creators have said there's a reason for that, so is Ronnie losing the Firestorm matrix(we DID meet Jason Rusch at one point, after all), or is he losing his life?

    The Lucifer preview looked "meh" from an objective standpoint, but the guy playing Lucifer was charming, and I like Lauren German who plays the cop, so I'll probably watch it for superficial entertainment.

    I'm looking forward to Supergirl a lot more than I expected to be, almost entirely because of Melissa Benoist in the lead role. She is completely adorable, and capable of portraying both strength and vulnerability. Still gonna want to see how they do a Supergirl show where Superman NEVER shows up(except in silhouetted flashbacks), either to help out or just say, "Hi, cousin!" I hope the recent leak of the pilot doesn't wind up hurting their premiere numbers in the Fall, but since the buzz that's been generated is mostly of the "Guess what, it's actually pretty good!" variety, I think they'll be ok.


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