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The 100: We Are Grounders, Part 1

"Leaders do what they think is right."

A tense, well-done episode, the best yet. I was impressed.


Winning the "best timing ever" award, Murphy decided that with a powerful enemy on its way to wipe them out, he would take the 100's only defensible stronghold and use it to play hangman with Bellamy. As Raven was fiddling with wires in an attempt to open the dropship door (and talking with Jasper way too loudly, I kept expecting Murphy to hear them), I thought, Raven has turned into The 100 version of Scotty. Would that make Bellamy Kirk, and Clarke Spock?

Do they even have time to use the thruster fuel in the dropship to create more handmade bombs? And who is going to do it since Raven has been shot? She'd better not die, that's all I have to say.

This was the first time I outright liked Bellamy. Not only did he trade his own life for Jasper's and agree to put together a rescue party for Clarke and Finn, he also gave Jack's "Live together, die alone" speech on Lost. And he was clearly right that they should have executed Murphy, who used all of the 100's precious gunpowder to blow a hole in the side of the drop ship and escape. I'm sure he'll be back to wreak havoc at some future time.

Interestingly, in an episode where Bellamy proved he's a good leader after all, he ceded his authority to Clarke, who told the 100 to pack up and leave for the Eastern Sea. I haven't seen any episodes after this one, but I'm willing to bet that Clarke's decision (actually, Lincoln's) is the right one.

Who exactly is living in that neighborhood? Anya and her people seemed to be in charge and all badass, but then this guy Tristan arrives and takes over with orders from "The Commander." We also heard about "Mountain Men." What's up with them? Are they all male?

And there are some very Firefly reavers reapers. They're even into self-mutilation. Come on. Do we really have to have cannibals, folks? And why was one of their victims still alive? For the freshness? Hopefully not for a situation like this past season on The Walking Dead. After all the sacrificing Lincoln just did for the 100 (okay, mostly for Octavia), he'd better not get eaten for his trouble.

Sadly, Clarke reunited with Finn, who is not dead yet. Did they really have to stop the action dead while Finn washed symbolic blood from his hands and told Clarke that he loved her? I was going, no, no! Don't stop to talk about love. You need to get to the freaking camp!


With no more dropships and life support running out, the remaining people on the Ark were looking at certain death in 51 hours. Kane, who has somehow one-eightied into a hero in less than a season, was using his final hours to desperately search for an answer, but Jaha was the one who stumbled on it while watching videos of his son Wells on Unity Day. Eureka! There are thrusters on the Ark!

So they can steer the whole mess right into the atmosphere, and most of the Ark will break up and burn up in orbit, but hopefully our featured actors and some extras will make it to the ground. I'm so looking forward to seeing this. Did the producers save their CGI budget for the season finale?

Bits and pieces:

— "This crap will blow your face off." Laugh out loud.

— Abby was devastated when her patient, a girl who looked like Clarke, died on the table. It was a nice way to have Abby talk about how much she regretted dying without having a chance to mend her relationship with her daughter.

— Did Murphy hang Bellamy with a couple of red seat belts?

— If Lincoln lives, and he'd better, Clarke may have ruined one of his tatts by cauterizing on a slant.

— Loved Jasper awkwardly hugging Bellamy.

A tense, well-done episode, and I'm very much looking forward to part two. Four out of four red seat belts,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Yay! The first four stars grade for the show. The two-part season finale is indeed very good. It has all the good elements built through the season and pretty much none of the weaker parts.

    I remember that while watching this episode I was so psyched for the battle of The 100 vs Grounders. I was rooting for Raven and Lincoln to stay alive as well. :) All I’ll say for now is that the second part does not disappoint.

  2. Too funny. The husband and I were watching a different show last night, and the male and female leads took a pause in the middle of a dire situation to have a “feelings” talk and share a kiss, and it led us to make a sarcastic agreement that if we ever find ourselves in a life threatening situation, we’re going to make sure to take a "talk about our feelings and make out" pause, rather than deal with the threat and the people we’re trying to protect. Seriously, what the hell, Finn? As though we don't have enough reasons to be down on you, now is the time you want to have the “I love you” chat? Dude.

    Raven had better not die. After Murphy fired those shots, I became desperately afraid she died under the ship after opening the door. I was frantically scanning the crowd the whole time Bellamy was giving his speech and yelling “Where’s Raven?! Where’s Raven?!” So help me, show, if you let Finn live and then kill off Raven, we’re gonna have words.

    I’m so happy they seem to have reversed course on Kane. I didn’t like hating on Desmond. I had no problem hating Ellen Tigh, but I want to root for Desmond and Gaeta, dammit.


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