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The 100: Human Trials

"What would Clarke do?"

Maybe we should all start asking ourselves what she would do. She does seem to always have the answers.

You guys, I loved this episode.

The power trips during this season are insane. The adults think that they should be in charge because they always have been. But the kids they sent to Earth to die are the ones with experience in this situation. On the one hand, Clarke and Bellamy were never ones to be told what to do when they felt it was wrong. It's what landed them in Ark jail, after all. But the adults are completely dismissive of their leadership and experience on the ground. It's almost laughable to think that the two of them would sit around behind armed guards while their friends, people they were responsible for a week ago, are all in danger somewhere. Bellamy and Raven both called Abby out for treating the 100 as capable one minute and insolent children the next. Good for them, because she is giving me whiplash. True leaders don't ask for permission to lead their people. Clarke and Bellamy are true leaders. It would be interesting to see if the adults have the same trouble following them that the kids seem to be having getting back in line behind the adults.

The reunion between Clarke and Bellamy touched me. Unexpected but believable. I don't know if I'll ever really buy them as a couple, but I am sold on them as partners, friends and co-leaders. I trust them to have each other's back and take care of one another and their friends, and all that made their warm, unbridled embrace really really touching. Not to mention him completely forgiving her for closing the drop-ship door last season. Can I ship a friendship?

Finn's reunion with Clarke didn't go as great, because he is still on a one-way train to looney-toon-town. When Murphy is the voice of sanity, it's time to sit down, my friend. I laughed out loud when he looked at her with googly eyes 'I found you' and she looked at him like he had grown an extra head.

Mt. Weather's house of horrors just gets creepier and creepier. In addition to the blood thieving and imprisonment of Grounders, they also turn them into drug-addled reapers. You know? For funsies, the mountain men were sitting around one day and thought, 'You know what would be awesome? Human experimentation and torture. Obs.' And the smugness of nepotism creep as he shot up our favorite Grounder had me wincing. It's bad enough for him just to inflict misery, but does he really have to also immensely enjoy it? The fun isn't just for the outsiders either. Dr. Creep was willing to possibly sacrifice Maya, one of her own people, for the hope that she would get to experiment with Jasper's circulatory system.

In Kane's never ending quest to confuse us, he's determined to make peace with the Grounders. He spent a lot of time trying to convince the Grounder prisoner and his own men that peace was the best option, and that they should all fall in line behind him. Too bad he found himself knocked unconscious and thrown in a hole within minutes of striking out on his own. Life is hard. Silver lining? He and Jaha have found each other and can amuse themselves with tales of their failures.

3 out of 4 creepy creeps creeping around a mountain.

Bits and pieces

Props to Abby for kissing Clarke's bloody, muddy, oozy forehead. That's love right there.

I'm still mad about Anya dying, but if she had been around to witness Finn's meltdown things probably would've been a lot worse for him than Clarke's look of ultimate disappointment. Also, why would they kill one Grounder and take the other prisoner?

Kane planting the tree his mother tended was a lovely tribute to her. Of course there is no way it will get enough sunlight to survive being completely surrounded by those giant trees. Sorry, Kane, you still suck at life.

President Creep seemed none too pleased with Dr. Creep for using Jasper. Are we getting yet another morally ambiguous leader in this story? What are the odds that nepotism creep wasn't in on the doctor's plan?

Monty continues to hold the gold medal in awesome friendship skills. He was willing to go after Clarke and he wouldn't leave Jasper's room during the blood experiment. He's just the best.

President Creep: "I tried to convince her that she was safe here, but she couldn't stop looking for enemies when she was among friends."

Murphy (to Finn): "I think I liked you better as a peace maker."
On a personal note, I still couldn't care less about Finn. But somehow it makes me feel better to dislike a character that's dangerous and out of his mind than it did to dislike a character that annoyed me by pretending to always do the right thing. I'll check myself into therapy as soon as this review is written.

Cage: "Don't worry. The first dose is the worst."

Bellamy: "You're sorry? Finn and Murphy are out there looking for your daughter. With guns you gave us. And what? Now that she's home you're just going to abandon them?"

Maya: "You're leaving?"
Monty: "Yes, we are."
Jasper: "No. We're not."
Monty: "What would Clarke do?"

Abby: "She thinks because of what she's been through she's changed, but she's still just a kid."
Did Abby lose cool points with anyone else for slapping Raven?

Tsing: "Can I just say that the first human trial was a success? After what we saw tonight, in my opinion, we have no choice but to move ahead with the forty-seven."


  1. Abby definitely lost cool points with me. How dare she slap Raven?

    I'd rather someone had slapped Finn. Jeez Louise. Did he have to go postal on those poor villagers? I bet Clarke is over him big time now. And maybe it's time for something to happen between Clarke and Bellamy. That hug! I'm liking their friendship a lot, but they'd also make a cute couple. They have matching facial lacerations and everything.

    Loved your review, Laure.

  2. Great review! Is it easier to write good reviews when a show is awesome? I actually think you would make me laugh either way Laure. I may be in the minority but I sort of understand where Abby is coming from. It is really hard when your kids grow up and start not only taking care of themselves but sometimes take the lead. It is a tough shift and Abby has had to do it very quickly, under horrible circumstances where she is trying to make up for not being there for Clarke. It would take more than a minute or two to realize that you won't get a chance to protect your little girl because you need to start following her orders. I actually really like this tension. We know that the those kids on the ground can take care of themselves but Abby and her crew haven't really experienced this yet.

  3. Awesome reunion scene with Clarke and Bellamy and very tense ending, the shows keeps improving each episode. To be honest they should just leave Finn to the grounders and forget about him. He's now a legitimate psycho with a crush.

    The only thing that bothers me is suspicious geography. That desert Jaha landed on must be really close to the Vancouver rainforests if he's already imprisoned in the grounders camp. ;)


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