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The Originals: Beautiful Mistake

"Bloody hell!"

And we are moving right along...

This episode was so packed that I don't think they could've crammed in any more information or happenings if they tried.

I have to say, I was so looking forward to Klaus and Elijah going to war against each other, but it is so much more believable that they would come to an understanding after beating the bajeezus out of each other. I mean you don't run around chanting 'always and forever' for decades on end without it sinking in a little, right? Daily affirmations apparently work, people. And poor Freya really doesn't understand what she signed up for, does she? Keeping the Mikaelson family at peace is a full-time job. She spends an inordinate amount of time worrying about her brothers' relationship when there is an anti-Mikaelson prophecy hanging over everyone. (Although, if Angel taught me anything its that prophecies really can't be trusted).

I'd love to be able to have astral projection tequila shots with people. It would make living half a country apart so much easier. I don't appreciate Rebekah only ever being brought back just to get kicked around. Who did Claire Holt piss off at the writers table? Also, Rebekah better not be dead dead. Not just because she's my favorite, but because Freya needs a sister to drink with.

In case I haven't said it enough, I'm not a fan of Lucien. We haven't seen enough of Tristan for me to really care about him one way or another and Aurora is growing on me with every episode, but Lucien makes me want to throw things at the TV. I'm not made of money. I can't be throwing things at a perfectly good TV. Forcing Detective Kinney into slicing open arteries and throwing knives at Cami's face is sinister enough, (BTW where did the good detective pick up those knife throwing skills, because if I were compelled to throw a knife it wouldn't be much of a threat to anyone. Except maybe myself.) Did Luci have to force him into the most depressing existence ever? It's the tiniest leap from what Elijah did when he compelled Lucien into thinking he was Klaus. So on top of being a pathological ass-hat, he's also a hypocrite.

To add insult to injury, TO isn't tapping into the potential that is Jason Dohring. He is a master at delivering snark. They gave us a small taste while he was bleeding into an ice bucket and bonding with Cami, just to have Lucien compel his memory and confidence as a detective away. And next week he'll probably be relegated back into the background. Boo. Wouldn't it be awesome if Cami found a way around that? Not only would Kinney get a chance to stay interesting, but Cami would prove Lucien wrong about vampires always winning. Okay, I'll stop getting our hopes up now.

Klaus and Aurora have me on the edge of my seat. It has been said that she is legit crazy pants, but she had the foresight and mental faculties to have Rebekah snatched from her brother's goons. Plus, she's known for a while that she and Klaus' love story was ended prematurely. It's entirely possible that she can still be madly in love with the maniac. And I never know what Klaus is thinking, but when it comes right down to it, he just isn't the same man that used to make eyes at her across the castle corridors. People change. Lies Murder Acts of insanity Centuries will do that. Maybe Aurora will be what finally coaxes him into trusting again. Then again, probably not.

If I understand correctly, and it's very possible that I don't, Tristan, Lucien and Aurora act so much like their sires because they were compelled to believe they were them for close to a century? They were even forced to take on their sires' collective daddy issues with Mikael hot on the trail of his faux offspring. This also supposedly explains their anger at team Mikaelson. Maybe Marcel could lend them his tiny violin. I mean Mikael is dead now and they are all, you know, IMMORTAL. Get on with your lives, losers. And anyway, why would Aya, the Strix or the rest of the sire lines care if Luci, Tristan and Aurora were forced to play dress up??

Solid, busy episode.
2.8 out of 4 Hidden Medallions

Bites and pieces

Do we know why witch Rebekah was lugging around the body of vampire Rebekah? It makes no sense. Especially since witch Rebekah doesn't have vampire strength or the ability to compel someone else to do the coffin lugging. Human backs get tired. Work smarter, not harder.

In Morocco, Aya said that the spell Rebekah was trying to locate does indeed exist and was right there in her hands. I wonder if Bex will remember it when she wakes up. Will Kol be with us sooner than we ever thought?

I find it terribly unbelievable that Vincent would get a text from Cami and just go home like they don't live in a terribly dangerous city with actual monsters that are known for being manipulative and cray. Not to mention the fact that one particularly unhinged vampire has had it out for her.

Aya ran right through astral Freya. I watched it a few times. It made me laugh.

There's no mention of Elijah compelling anyone to act like Finn or Kol. I'm guessing they were daggered at the time, but Mikael wouldn't know that. Wouldn't he have found it odd that two of his children dropped off the face of the earth?

I feel like the Strix could be infinitely more interesting that they've been so far. What's up with that?

Cami is kind of a bad ass. She was up against someone faster and stronger than her and she kept the medallion safe for as long as she could without sacrificing Kinney. If anyone can find a way to outsmart Luci-she can.

Random thought- I wonder if Lucien ever hooked up with Aurora when he thought he was Klaus and she thought she was his sister.

Aurora: "Well, it does seem like most men have lost their manners these days. Lunch would be lovely."
Sing it, sister.

Marcel: "According to Tristan he was a torture consultant for Genghis Khan."
Hayley: "I don't care if he's a Gemini that likes long walks on the beach, Marcel. Why was he following me?"

Elijah: "Marcellus, next time I ask you to take out the trash – try not to dally."

Cami: "How are you holding up?"
Detective Kinney: "Well, I’m gushing blood into a bucket because the vampire who kidnapped us doesn’t want to stain his floor. So, pretty great."

How pretty was this torture scene?


  1. I think Claire Holt is the one who doesn't want to be a regular and Maisie Richardson-Sellers got a regular gig. So once they had a prophecy that threatened the family,they then had to explain why nobody could find Rebekah, so Claire gets Rebekah bashed.

    I suppose Elijah didn't mention brainwashing anyone to be Finn or Kol because whoever got brainwashed is dead. They died when Finn and Kol's bodies were killed. So they don't matter anymore.

  2. Yes, I'd assumed they created witch Rebekah so someone else could play her. The fact that they just wrote out Maisie Richardson-Sellers, who did a marvelous job channeling Claire Holt, makes me think that they might actually plan to kill off Rebekah. Doesn't it feel like one of the Originals is going to go in order to make the threat seem real?

    It was great that Jason Dohring finally got something to do. I was sort of hoping someone would kill him so that he could be a vampire in a second series. (He was a great vampire in Moonlight.)

    Elijah was just all over the place in this episode. Which is fine with me since he's still my favorite character.

    Loved your review, Laure. I must have laughed five times. Especially over I'd love to be able to have astral projection tequila shots with people. Me, too. :)

  3. I'm thinking (well, "hoping" might be more accurate) that "Detective Logan" will be the one to kill Lucien.


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