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The Originals: A Walk on the Wild Side

"Clearly what this situation needs is more opinions."

This show still hits it out of the park when two or more of the core family is interacting. It's the rest of the cast of characters that make me want to yawn and push fast forward.

The week was, more or less, all about the Strix. I feel like they're almost interesting, but not quite. Elijah himself describes them as sociopaths. Yikes. Papa's not happy, but I guess he isn't completely put off by them or maybe he is holding out hope that the dream he once had wasn't so naive after all?? Otherwise, wouldn't he have just killed them all a long time ago? If you ask me, Klaus has it right. They're a bunch of self-absorbed, self-appointed elite. It reminds me of high school in a lifetime movie. 'I'm the best because I say so. Bow down.' Then inexplicably, everyone does. Then everyone gets pregnant, has affairs with their teachers and learns a valuable lesson/dies.

But man, can they throw a party!

I didn't find the initiation as sinister as Marcel did. With all the bloodshed and disregard for life, human and otherwise, on this show it was pretty much par for the course. If not a little lax. The Strix did give him a chance to fight for himself, which is more than he gives the humans he feeds on in da club. And more of a chance than he gave the crescent wolves when he originally cursed them. Stop your whining about not being a Mikaelson take better care of your jewelry. How awesome was it that Hayley saved his ass? And I did appreciate that he stuck to his own warped rules about not killing another vampire. Even when that vampire was 100% ready to kill him.

I am a die hard Haylijah shipper, but I hate the overused 'torn between two lovers' trope that plagues EVERY SINGLE CW SHOW. And while Jackson is as boring as a bucket of snails, he has been nothing but lovely to Hayley. I'm over it. Hayley is better than this. For crying out loud, pick a different plotline. But, the friendly scene at the end when Hayley and Elijah talked about explaining their unique family to Hope someday was just beautiful.

I don't care about the new cast of characters or the plotline that's been taking up the majority of the episodes so far, but I still see glimpses of the show I fell in love with. So what does that mean?

2 or 3 out of 4 Legions of egomaniacal sociopaths?

The dysfunctional family meeting between Klaus, Elijah, Hayley and Freya was fantastic.

Speaking of family members. I am starting to worry that Rebekah is being left far away so that they can kill her off making the threat against Mikaelsons seem real. I really don't want Rebekah to die. And I really really don't want it to be off camera and away from her family like she hasn't intricately important to this story.

Elijah was willing to 'interfere' for Marcel against his own sire line. Not to mention get his 100 year old tux dirty. Elijah thinks more of Marcel than I do. That was a snazzy outfit.

Temple chick is out of the temple, on Bourbon St. and already with a kill under her belt. Maybe she'll make this whole arc and all the new players more interesting to me. Then again, maybe not. We will see.

RIP, Alexis. I guess we'll never know what she saw. Unless Freya can do some magics.

No Davina, Cami, Jackson, Logan Echolls or Vincent this week.

Hayley: "So what exactly am I walking into tonight?"
Elijah: "Only the most dangerous and influential congregation of vampires the world has ever known."

Hayley: "We're friends. And even if we weren't, I don't much like bullies."

Lucian: "My God, it's a room full of Elijahs."
Klaus: "I had that exact same nightmare once."

Alexas: "The family blood you sought to find will be what lays you down in kind."
That does suck.

Klaus: "Ha. You know, I used to find it insulting that I was barred from your special little club, but now I realize I lack the flexibility. I could never get my head up my own ass. Let's go. This party is dead anyway."
Loved how Klaus and Elijah seemed to be able to communicate with only eye contact right before this very insightful observation.

Mohinder: "There's no shame in dying at the hand of one's superior.
Marcel: "There's not much glory in it either."


  1. Yeah, I'm with you. As much as I love Elijah, his kids are bore. I just realized how blah I am about Marcel, too. Loved Hayley's red dress and attitude, though. And Hayley and Elijah talking on the balconies.

  2. I couldn't disagree more about your opinion on Marcel. He's by far my favourite character on the show who isn't an original. He actually has a complicated relationship with Klaus (and to a lesser extent with Elijah and Rebekah) and despite sharing some of Klaus' less-than-admirable traits after being raised by Klaus, he still doggedly sticks to a moral code and actually cares about the people he's in command of. Not to mention he's a smart badass, a great fighter. He not only put up a fight against Mohinder but he used the resources at his disposal, limited as they were, to make sure he'd win even if he lost because of Hayley's bite.

    In quite the contrast I am entirely apathetic towards Hayley. Her entire character can basically be summed up by "I boast a lot, I'm quick to anger" and some rather underdeveloped story about being an orphan. There's just so little depth to that character.


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