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The Originals: The Other Girl in New Orleans

"When I am entertaining, I like to be the one deciding precisely when and how we violate the guests."

Blah. Blah. Blech.

I found it difficult to watch this episode. I was plagued with boredom and annoyed by almost everyone.

Except Cami. She was able to keep her head and play Aurora's crazy against her. She even bagged her first vamp slayage. It was pretty interesting watching the differences in Aurora's erratic jealousy-fueled rants play out against Cami's cool and collected psychoanalysis while the former tried to find similarities between them that attract Klaus. I thought I was growing to like Aurora. I really did, but hearing her whine for an hour was too much. I couldn't even feel sorry for her after Klaus broke her heart and she was sitting all tormented on the saddest bench in the world. But maybe that was because Lucien was quick to show up and nothing good can come of that.

Klaus and Cami, as a couple, grew a little on me in this episode. I can't say that I'm totally on that ship, but they were pretty adorable even while making jokes about having people killed.

Mary showing up to tell Hayley to stand by her man rubbed me all wrong. First of all, Hayley isn't the one who left. Jackson bailed to throw a tantrum in the woods and cry into his beer or whatever. The villain is the one that splits. Plus, Jackson knew what he was marrying into. Hell, he moved into the damn house. I get it.. being cursed probably wasn't how he planned to spend the honeymoon but the middle of a crisis isn't the time for back-tracking. And lastly, a meddling in-law? Sure, people always respond well to that.

I have to give Marcel major props for not trying to take on Elijah. He would have to be a complete idiot to even dip a toe in that pool again, and for a second I thought he was. But, thankfully no. It was a completely believable triple-cross. Pretty nicely done. The thing is, Elijah Hayley and Freya were torturing Tristan all day and we still don't know very much about him. Ergo, I just don't care about him. We know even less about Aya. In fact, all we've seen from her is a intense urge to get rid of the originals. Why? Is it blind devotion to Tristan? Is there a backstory in our future? Do I even care?

Freya brought Finn out of the blue necklace. Or she went into it? AT THE SUGGESTION OF TRISTAN. This has bad news written all over it. She wouldn't switch sides, would she? Would she??? I wonder if Vincent would recognize Finn if he saw him in a different body.

Eh. 2.5 out of 4 Pretend mystic original-neutralizing sticks.

Bites and pieces

In the first season, there was an episode titled "Girl in New Orleans". Which one is the girl and which is the other girl in New Orleans??

It's the small details that make me love the family at the core of this show. Like Hayley walking in and immediately telling Elijah and Freya that Jackson had left. Even with a vampire spelled in the middle of the room.

Cami is still in the dead seer's slinky dress. It still made me chuckle.

Aurora brought Cami to the church where her brother was forced to massacre a bunch of seminarians before killing himself and her uncle was mercy killed by a vampire. I was worried for half a second that it would be where she met a bloody end as well.

No Davina or Detective Kinney.

Elijah: "Unless she’s violently teething, I don’t recommend this as a daycare."

Elijah: "I think the pompous dick needs a little more persuasion."

Hayley: "They're my family, Mary. They're Hope's family."
Mary: "And when you got married, Jackson became your family too. Maybe they need you, but your husband needs you, too."

Hayley: "I’m doing a lot better than the other guy."

Elijah: "The very moment we have our sister once again, Tristan and Aurora no longer have any leverage whatsoever and we are free to deal with them however we choose. I recommend something delightfully gruesome."

Freya: "Finn, my brother. I believe it’s time we had a talk."


  1. I like Cami a lot and have been waiting for a long time for them to do something interesting with her. She's sort of Nik's love interest, and isn't, at the same time. I also keep thinking that Nik really should turn her before she winds up as collateral damage. So that was pretty much what I found interesting about this episode -- I thought one of those two things would finally happen. Maybe in the mid-season finale?

    I don't like Aurora, either. The idea of the first vampires the Originals sired trying to overturn and control them is fun, though. We'll see.

  2. No Josh either, he's only been in one episode this season so far.


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