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The 100: Bitter Harvest

"He really believes he's doing the right thing."
"Everybody always does."

So many plot developments, so little time.

Everyone does think they are making the right calls. No one is maniacally twirling a mustache in the corner, but what is the barometer for right and wrong?

Emerson was delivered in a box to the commander of death. What was the unanswered question? Clarke is cray to not think that killing Emerson would call Lexa's decision to not avenge the field massacre into question. Of course, I've been watching The 100 long enough that I should've known to have a little more faith in Clarke. She will always do the best with what she's given. Lexa gave her until sundown to decide Emerson's fate and in that time she realized that letting him live was the best of everything. His pain doesn't end and Lexa got to give her people a little looksie at an alternative way to do things. Everybody wins. Except Titus.

Titus just got a lot more interesting. It probably isn't possible that he is some descendant of Becca the computer programmer, but he has to have some kind of knowledge of her or what she was working on or the back-up code for A.L.I.E. Otherwise, why would he be so interested in the chip thing?

Things inside Arkadia seem like a hot mess. How long until Kane is locked up with Lincoln or worse? And if it comes down to it, will Bellamy let Pike take Octavia down? Or Clarke for that matter? I keep hoping Bellamy will snap out of whatever trance he's under but it just doesn't seem to be happening. Clarke and Bellamy's friendship and teamwork has been a joy to watch since they decided to stop being enemies and work together. Seeing them on opposite sides still goes against the grain.

But it isn't just them. What used to be the core of this show is scattered now. Clarke is with Lexa in Polis, Raven is riding the infinity train, Bellamy is a proud Pike follower, Monty might be headed there too, Octavia is solo doing her best not to take sides and Jasper is on the outskirts probably writing haikus about being lonely. Maybe if they had a class reunion or something, they could all talk sense into each other. Sing a little kumbaya and have some LSD nuts. Maybe?

A.L.I.E and the City of Light still seems so far removed from Lexa and the grounders vs. Pike's band of merry murderers.

Even with Jaha inside Arkadia handing out keys to the city like holy communion, it's still feeling like a different show. Murphy and Titus could be gearing up to bring the whole thing full circle next week. Raven is so drunk on Jaha's Kool-aid that I expect she'll be busting through walls any time now. Her conversion was so over the top that, at first, I thought she was faking it as a double agent for Abby.

3 out of 4 smoke traps

Bits and pieces

Wells got a shout out, but his own father can barely even remember him. Poor Wells.

Let Jasper have a little delusional happiness. Hell, maybe he'll forget Maya, grow his hair back out and finally crack a smile sometime this season.

I really thought Polis was derived from Metropolis. Silly me. Of course it's just the partial name of a long lost 13th station of the Ark. Of course.

Pike: "My job is to keep us safe. Not to be liked."
Kane: "Then keep up the good work."

Octavia: "My brother is on the wrong side."

Jaha: "Consider it an abundance of caution, then. We are asking her to find an upgrade to a computer program that ended the world."


  1. I gasped when Jaha said, "Wells?" He doesn't remember his own son. ALIE reminded him who Wells was. That made me go, whoah. What is that "communion wafer" doing to them? Are they taken over? Are the original personalities gone? Does that mean Raven is completely Stepford? Wow.

    Yes, I'm upset about Bellamy, too. It's the biggest wrong step in the season so far, and they'd better fix it.

  2. The unanswered question was how the Ice Nation knew the codes to destroy Mount Weather.

  3. Billie, I'm thinking it must have something to do with prolonged exposure since Raven still remembered Finn. Like Murphy said, take away all the bad stuff and it completely changes who a person is. I'm more interested to know who will still want to take it knowing that they'll possibly lose memories of people that they love. And that's just the side effect we know about!

    Also, I'm not the biggest Murphy fan, but how unfair is it that he is getting tortured AGAIN?!?

    Duh! Thank you, Anonymous! That was really bugging me.

  4. Why does the reviewer seem so biased towards certain characters? If you're reviewing a show, you should be fair to all the character, not just the ones you "personally like". I've been reading your reviews for a while now and you almost never talk about Murphy just because of your personal fib with the character, it's not fair to others who are invested in his story. His character arc has been very intriguing this season, and if you hate him for being a killer and doing awful things, welcome to the 100, where everyone's a killer and doing awful things. You love Bellamy, but you don't like Murphy. It makes no sense, really. He's actually grown a conscience, and he's become such a more complicated character, he's no more the one note douchebag/asshole/bad guy, he's grey matter just like everyone else. I'm going to go read reviews that are actually unbiased towards all the characters. Look, you can state your opinions, it's your review, but you shouldn't completely omit certain characters/story arcs because you don't like talking about them. I'm not trying to be rude or throw shade at you, I love this website and most of your reviews are great, this is just something that irked me that I felt like pointing out. I hope I didn't come off as offensive.

  5. Also, I'm aware this particular episode hardly had any Murphy to talk about, I'm speaking from having read your previous reviews.

  6. Octavia, thanks for what you said about loving Doux Reviews -- I appreciate that. As queen of the site, it is my decree that Laure can write about anything she likes. :) It's freedom hall here, and she does a terrific job with The 100, as well as The Originals. In fact, Laure always makes me laugh. That's a pretty special talent.

    If you want to post comments about Murphy, Octavia, please go ahead. As it happens, I loved Richard Harmon's work in Continuum and I enjoy Murphy as a character, too.

  7. I totally called it back in my comment under the season 1 episode Unity Day. The 13th station did crash to Earth instead of being destroyed completely and is at least the source of some of the Grounder beliefs. Or maybe they even are the descendents of the poeple of Polaris.

    It's probably also connected to the Night Bloods and the apparent ability of commanders to communicate with previous commanders. Maybe the 2.0 version of A.L.I.E is even operational. At least this links the 2 major storylines together.

    Meanwhile at Arcadia a very scary Stepford cult is forming. It seems the chips remove emotional pain by erasing memories that cause pain including the existnace of loved ones. The real Raven would kill Jasper where he stood, but now she's ok with Finn's ashes being scattered. Wonder how long till she forgets him completely. If only someone slipped one of those chips to Pike. Would solve his homicidal tendencies.

    We got our 1st major casualty of the brewing war in Monroe, definately more impactfull then red-shirt girlfriend.


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