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The Originals: A Streetcar Named Desire

"They hurt each other more than anyone, but they’re vicious when it comes to protecting each other."

What the what?

Was that the season finale? All the loose ends tied up before I could even care about them? I'm torn between feeling glad this plot line is over so we can move on to something better and annoyed that this season has yet to live up to the potential that we all know The Originals has. If I'm judging according to the bar set this season, this episode wasn't bad at all. In fact, there were a few things I rather loved.

What I liked...

First being the representational magic room where Klaus, Elijah, Aurora and Tristan hung out. We've seen this used before when Finn implemented a forced bro-bonding session last season. Continuity is my friend, you guys. And I didn't hate the revelation that it was the queen chess pieces and not the knights or kings that Aya would use to represent the boys and thus the key to their escape. I think Aya would absolutely make herself, even if just metaphorically, as important to Elijah as possible given the chance. But in all seriousness, while it would've obviously been less poetic, wouldn't it have made more sense to make the key to their escape be something more like a carpet fiber or tiny microscopic dust mite?? I guess representational magic needs the poetry.

Klaus' sire line is unlinked from him!!! I love everything about this. I love that there was some kind of payout from the threat that's been hanging over them. Unlinking one sire line didn't even occur to me. I assumed it was a one stop shop kind of deal. Nice little surprise in events there.

Not that it matters anymore, but Aurora and Tristan reuniting was the first time I really saw a connection between them. Maybe it was just hard to wrap my brain around Tristan keeping his sister locked up for so much of her vampy life. Especially as leader of the Strix, it seemed like he could've done more for her if he wanted to. But here they seemed so genuinely relieved and elated to see each other again and equally heartbroken when they realized the pain that was waiting for the other after Klaus and Elijah were busted out of their mental chess game.

Also, I'm loving that Hayley got to take out Aya in Jackson's name. And, dare I say it, a little disappointed when Elijah couldn't do it.

Kol is back!!! You have to hand it to Davina. She never gave up. It'll be interesting to see how that works out. He has wanted a seat on team Mikaelson for so, so long. How will he feel when his brothers expect him to hand over the girl who brought him back, because I fully expect them to want revenge.


Not that it matters anymore, but Aya's sole motivation is that she is still, after many many centuries, annoyed that Elijah broke up with her?! Seriously? The ass kicking, second-in-command of a super secret elite society never found a way to move on from a failed relationship? I could not be rolling my eyes any harder.

At least everyone knows where Rebekah is now. She was mentioned in passing, but no one plans on waking her up now that the prophecy is null. Wait. Is it? Probably not. That's probably how we will spend the rest of the season. So never mind.

3 out of 4 severed sire lines by this seasons standard.
Less if judged by the standards set in seasons 1 and 2.

Bites and pieces

The sweet scene between Stefan and Hayley talking about various relationships in their lives was just lovely. Probably in part because I know they are a couple in real life.

Ugh. Getting bricked inside a wall is bad enough. Add to it that Aurora is immortal and has eternity to think about what her brother is going through and the fact that Klaus and Elijah wouldn't have escaped if she had kept her mouth shut and let them argue about whether they are knights or kings.

Aurora is in the wall and Tristan is at the bottom of the ocean. Neither is dead.

This is the second time Klaus has been seriously bested by a witch. The first being, when Hayley was 'killed' minutes after giving birth and Hope was taken.

Three years from now Klaus has not been seen or heard from. Even at his own bar. Things are not looking good.

Kol is the third Mikaelson that Davina has risen from the dead. She should start charging. At this rate, she could retire soon.

Elijah: "Our second-rate Napoleon, desperately trying to leave his mark on the world with those filthy little claws."
Klaus: "Even if in the end he’s left with nothing but the scars of his failures."

Elijah: "Would you mind terribly if you spared me the deadbeat dad lecture?"

Klaus: "I felt them leave. My sire line is broken."


  1. Couldn't believe they actually severed the sire line, and Davina rescued Kol. And Aya, and Aurora! And it's not the season finale! Probably because we all know what happens when you leave villains alive.

    This was a gorgeous episode. The old trailer and the music, the representational magic room. Loved the title of the episode, too. If Aurora is Blanche DuBois, and of course Klaus would be Stanley, who is Stella? Probably Hayley.

    I didn't know Stefan and Hayley were a real life couple. What a cute scene to give them. That was sweet.

  2. I guess in a way Klaus' entire sire line did "burn" as predicted. They just didn't die from it. Funny how prophecies usually work out like that.

    So all of the TVD vampires are safe now? (Or at least Klaus dying won't kill them.) That adds some suspense since we knew for sure they wouldn't kill Klaus if it meant wiping out most of the characters on the other show. Now they might...


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