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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Inside Man


I hate to say it, but this episode disappointed me. Everything that happened seemed really important and significant at the time, but as I look back on the episode, very little has actually changed. I appreciate that in twenty-two episodes, you’re going to get some filler, but can’t it be good filler? Or at the very least, funny?

What’s really changed by the end of the episode? Malick is trying to get all the Inhumans in the world together in one place for mysterious and sinister purposes, but that only happened in the last two minutes of the show, the time generally reserved for significant plot developments and malevolent foreshadowing. Other than that, Talbot softened toward Coulson the tiniest bit, Daisy and Lincoln had their First Fight™, and nothing materially changed. Except Creel is a good guy now which is just... odd.

I will say that Talbot’s relationship with Creel really gives us some never before seen depth to Talbot’s character. What we know of Talbot has thus far encompassed his rigid adherence to rules, a general distrust of everyone, and an incredibly obnoxious superciliousness. That he was willing to give a second chance to a killer who is also powered and nigh invulnerable is surprising. More than just giving a second chance to Creel, he puts his life in Creel’s hands and is almost unbelievably rewarded for his faith. It almost makes you want to like Talbot, an impulse quickly curbed by his racism. “Sushiyaki,” really?

Bobbi and Hunter are quote “in the belly of the beast” on a solo adventure that will undoubtedly serve as an informal pilot for their spin-off. I have to be honest here. I used to love Bobbi and Hunter but this season they are not doing it for me. They were cute when they were in love against their own wills and better judgment. Now that they’re officially together, it’s... weird. Hunter is so possessive and protective it feels almost creepy. Their banter, or at least, the element of fun in their banter, is gone. I don’t know what it is. Is this just me? Have I just fallen overboard on the Huntingbird ship? I find that Hunter annoys me a lot of the time now, which didn’t used to be the case. I really only enjoy him now when he’s with Mack (by the way, where the heck was Mack??).

More disappointment for me came in Daisy and Lincoln’s fight. Not that I minded them fighting or found their debate about the nature of Inhumanity dull. That’s not it at all. It was their collective dismissal of pre-Terragenesis Daisy (aka Skye) that really ticked me off. I don’t know if this was just lazy writing or if they’re setting up something serious for Daisy’s character, but the way she dismissed her former life was alarming. She was no one and Terragenesis made her into who she was supposed to be? No, sorry. Does Daisy need to sit down and marathon the first season and a half? She can borrow my Netflix password.

Sure, Daisy’s initial inclusion in the team was based on her hacking skills and Coulson’s general good nature, but soon after she was abducted/inducted into the team, she began to find her place in it. Diminishing her desire to train under May, to capture Ward, to protect her friends and save the world is doing her a grave disservice. This season has shown Daisy to be a changed woman, yes. She is now much more focused on Inhumans, on wanting to find them and protect them. Maybe the show is suggesting that Daisy’s newfound purpose and identity are doing damage to her, that she’s becoming obsessed and needs to find balance in her new life. But then why have Lincoln agree with her that she “hacked her way through life?” Lincoln, shut up, you weren’t even there. We don’t know a lot (or anything, really) about Lincoln’s past but we do know that Daisy had a hard early life and the fact that she came through that and got beyond it at all is frankly amazing. </rant>

Remember me?
Creel’s blood contains a possible key to a vaccine against Terragenesis. Which is a bit random, but, hey, they had to find the vaccine somewhere. Although what in the world would lead Simmons to try mixing Creel and Daisy’s blood together? Does Simmons often mix samples from two unrelated individuals on the off chance that something batshit insane happens? In case you’ve forgotten (as I had), Creel was able to handle the Diviner, something that no other human was able to do without dying or needing emergency amputation.

On to the entity previously known as Grant Ward. Brett Dalton is so good as Hive (I just can’t call him Squidward anymore... he’s too freaky for a goofy cartoon name). He’s so good, it makes me uncomfortable, which, I’m sure, was the goal. Still, it doesn’t make for a pleasant viewing experience. I still don’t understand what Hive’s powers are supposed to be. He can make his skin flake off at will and fly at people (ew) and now he can turn people into goo (double ew). I will say he sort of reminds me of Angel’s Jasmine, of course without the veneer of goodness, or the Gina Torres-ness.

Intel and Assets

--Even I, who know criminally little about the X-Men, could tell this story was very X-Men.

--Hunter referred to Daisy and Lincoln as “Shake and Bake.”

--I wouldn’t think a high ranking diplomat would put her faith in the security of an in-room hotel safe.

Bobbi: “I love you.”
May: “I don’t hate you quite as much.”

Coulson: “You gentlemen interested in changing jobs? Good guys are hiring. You don’t get to kill people in cold blood, but we got a really good retirement plan.”

Talbot: “Call me Glenn. Occasionally.”

two and a half out of four catering dishes full of weapons


  1. Does Daisy need to sit down and marathon the first season and a half? She can borrow my Netflix password. Lol. :)

    I'm not on board with Bobbi and Hunter spinning off, either. Maybe I'm reaching my capacity for Marvel-related serieses?

  2. We seriously DO NOT need a Bobbi and Hunter spin off. I like them where they're at. On THIS show. Honestly, I don't even think their spin off is going to work. Who would watch a show solely for Bobbi and Hunter? While I enjoy them as characters, I don't think they can balance an entire standalone show on their shoulders. I mean, come on Marvel, at this point, you're just reaching. Like, we love you, but stop trying to conquer the world. Seriously, event Agent Carter's reviews have gone down, AGENT CARTER, this show was all the rage the last time I blinked. So yeah. I hope they just cancel the spin off.

  3. Did we know Creel wasn't inhuman? I don't remember.

    Maybe I missed something, but did Simmons really mix Skye's blood with Creel's? I thought she just added some dust that cause the Terragenesis to both, and Creel's blood stopped it.

    Daisy's speech about how wrong is the "cure" seemed like a step towards evil. Magneto would agree with her.

  4. Oh, and one more thing. Talbot's "I trust him with my life" makes me think that it wasn't HYDRA who brainwashed Creel.

  5. I get what you're saying about Daisy turning her back on her past life, but isn't that kind of what she's always done? What makes her her is her adaptability. First she gave up her old life to the extent that she completely shed her old identity and gave herself a new name. Then in no time at all she considered herself such an integral part of SHIELD it was her family. So it kind of makes sense that this is what Daisy considers herself to be now. I'm really tired, so this might not make any sense.


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