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Sleepy Hollow: Dawn's Early Light

"Once you know the truth, there's no going back."

This week's not so subtle theme: the harm that comes of keeping secrets.

At last. They finally pulled the trigger on a lot of stuff that has been building up all season: (1) Pandora, (2) Betsy Ross, (3) Danny Reynolds, and even (4) Papa Mills.

After dealing with the Hidden One's abusive crap for way too long — he actually compared Pandora to "a house pet that has come to expect feasts rather than table scraps" — Pandora has called quits on her multi-millennial love affair and has decided to save humanity from her boyfriend. Turns out that what she really wants a true partnership, like what Abbie has with Ichabod, and how about that. That's what Hidden gets for jeering at her wardrobe.

Was this the very, very last Betsy Ross flashback ever? I hope so. If it was, how appropriate that it was all about her sewing mystical gold thread into a flag (with a modified whip stitch, not a cross stitch). Although, come on. Would an artist have details about the size and shape of someone's hat but not the fact that that person was a woman? Okay, okay, I happen to love the supernatural Founding Fathers stuff in this show, and Washington heading for the Catacombs instead of New Jersey was quite amusing. New Jersey is indeed worse than a mystical hell dimension. I grew up in New Jersey, I know.

When a couple of cast members finally address the romantic tension, fans are usually thrilled. Was I the only one who was screaming "Noooo!" when Abbie and Danny kissed? Honestly, since Danny is under the thumb of that Jack Walters guy somehow, I thought Danny might just be pretending he didn't know what was going on with the Witnesses. Guess not. Now that he knows, though (Danny yelling for the tar monster to "Freeze!" was hilarious), I was relieved that Abbie said she wasn't ready. But that was before they smooched... wait. Abbie is still not ready for a relationship with Danny Reynolds, is she? As I've probably mentioned in every other Sleepy Hollow review I've ever written, darn it, I ship Ichabod and Abbie.

Who are again off to the Catacombs. I'm okay with that. It was an exceptionally cool set, and I'm up for anything as long as they do it together. As long as the writers don't strand Ichabod and Abbie there at the end of the season in a very unwelcome cliffhanger, since it's still probable that the show won't get another season to resolve it.

Finally, as much as I like the idea of Abbie and Jenny (or Abigail and Jennifer, as he called them) reconciling with their father, doesn't it seem suspicious for Papa Mills to suddenly start dropping in for tea and giving special, childhood-memory-inducing gifts? Pink taffy from Atlantic City supposedly means that Ezra still loves Jenny. Personally, I hate salt water taffy. Like I said, I grew up in New jersey.


-- There were flashbacks to 1812 and Francis Scott Key. I liked the statue of Orpheus with the lyre and the musical notes and the hidden chamber with the black and white tile. I especially liked Jenny showing up with liquid nitrogen in the nick of time.

-- When Ichabod and Abbie charged out of the Revere house, I thought, what about the tar monster getting the guy who worked there? And then I was wondering about innocent civilians in the parking garage. And then Abbie said that the tar monster was only after her and Ichabod. Okay, but how did she know that for sure?

-- Danny was wondering if Ichabod was a ghost. In a way, he is.

-- Law Memorial Park at sunrise. Oh say can you see by the dawn's early light. That was gorgeous.

-- Are bored agents at the FBI really allowed to bounce balls off the wall?


Ichabod: "Here endeth the reign of the house of burger. Long live the new fast food king, a poultry-farming Kentuckian colonel."

Betsy: "I dare say if all goes well today, this may very well be how I'm remembered."
Ichabod: "Betsy, I'm certain you're wrong."

Ichabod: "A musical about Alexander Hamilton? Unbelievable. The man had a voice like a stuck goat."

Ichabod: "Anapests. I can't abide anapests."
Another word I've never heard before. The internet told me that an anapest is "a poetic device defined as a metrical foot in a line of a poem that contains three syllables wherein the first two syllables are short and unstressed followed by a third syllable that is long and stressed."

Danny: "What were you doing in Boston? And why does he have to be with you everywhere you go?"

Joe: "Science!"

Danny: "What happened with the fire man?"
Abbie: "Extinguished."

Like last week's, I enjoyed this one. The Sleepy Hollow powers that be seem to find their footing when the story is nearing a climax. Three out of four anapests,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

1 comment:

  1. Finally. Good to see Pandora standing up to her hubby.
    Hope this is the last of Betsy..
    Danny and Sophie had sparks-go with that people.
    Ichabbie forever.
    Good ep at last.


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