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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Team

“It is a god, it’s just not ours.”

I usually love a bunch of people locked in together and one of them is a murderer episodes. This one didn’t do a whole lot for me, at least not initially.

I really wish the writers hadn’t undercut the entire premise by making it very clear from the get-go that whoever did it was not responsible for their actions. The tension would have been so much higher if we thought that there was a possibility someone on the team had switched sides, plus it would have increased the field of suspects beyond the four Inhumans to everyone on the base. And then after the reveal there would have been a whole “Daisy?!?!? WHAT?!?” thing that they then could have explained away by Coulson running into the room with their discovery that Hive was capable of mind control. I’m not sure how he would have been able to suddenly discover this when the man who told him about it had already been murdered, but they could’ve figured it out.

As it was, I was only mildly engaged by the whodunnit and relatively sure FitzSimmons would have a magical cure by end of episode. It’s what they do. Plus, I’m not really attached to Lincoln, Elena, or Joey, largely because the MCU has taught me not to get attached to people. I totally bought into it being Lincoln and couldn’t get to a place of actually caring before the rug was pulled out from under me and suddenly it was my beloved Daisy and I realized there wasn’t enough time to FitzSimmons to science their way out of the predicament!

I will note that, on rewatch, knowing that this was not a one and done but setup heading into the season finale, the entire premise was a lot more effective. Also on rewatch, knowing that Lincoln is not being controlled or swayed or whatever, we should probably note his anger management issues are still very, very real.

Would Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. go to the extreme of killing their main character? Normally, I’d say hell no, but it hasn’t exactly been a great year for female characters on television. Let’s just get one thing straight. To quote fake Thomas Jefferson, if Daisy Johnson dies, this kid is out.

What Hive did to Daisy is just... it’s so Ward. Whatever remnant of his consciousness is remaining is probably having quite the evil genius chuckle. Violating her mind and body, even after death. Classic Grant Ward. Hive being able to Kilgrave Inhumans explains what made Lucio switch sides at the drop of a hat. I’m sure Giyera is being controlled too although I don’t remember if we’ve seen it or not. It also explains why the ancient Inhumans were so scared of him. Not being able to control your thoughts or actions is scary. My big question is why Hive can’t control humans. Would that just have made him too great a threat for the team to overcome?

Yeah, so Alveus is Hive, which... I didn’t get last week. Did everyone else get that? My bad, guys. In my defense, I did google the word and this is what came up

It was somewhat of a relief that they finally called Hive “Hive.” I mean how many episodes has he been a nameless evil? (Unless you watch with subtitles, in which case you knew it was “Hive.”) The name conjures up images of thousands of insects working in perfect harmony to promote a single end. What is that end? I am so unclear on this. Is it the same old ‘world domination’ schtick? Hive certainly didn’t seem interested in taking any of Malick’s earthly power. Although he did indicate a desire to spend Malick’s money. What on? Weapons, communications equipment to spread the good word? I have my heart set on a makeover montage for the next ep, although I’m not holding out a lot of hope.

Malick died quickly and offscreen which I found more shocking than the fact he died or even who killed him. He’s been a big bad for a while now and to end him so unceremoniously seems anti-climactic. But kind of in a good way. It surprised me. I like it when Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. surprises me, within reason (#SaveDaisy).

Also: Fitz and Simmons kissed. I don’t really have anything to say about this but ABOUT DAMN TIME. Now just stop ripping them apart for no reason. Please. I am so sick of couples on my shows being broken up to create “drama.” Every episode is a life or death situation. The show doesn’t need any more drama.

Intel and Assets

--Elena and Mack have been quietly learning to speak the other’s language. It’s so Love Actually I almost cried of cute.

--Vault D is where Grant Ward was held by the team in season two.

--If all the Satanic myths are based on Hive, why do none of them mention the whole squid face thing?

Simmons: “May, you can’t even walk!”
May: “But I can still fly.”

Coulson: “I’ve met gods. Gods bleed.”

Embarrassingly, this was Coulson's Facebook profile pic for TWO YEARS

much, MUCH better
three and a half out of four kitchen sinks


  1. It's so Love Actually I almost cried of cute. Lol, sunbunny. :) :)

  2. All I have to say is how did no one on the team remember that Daisy set up the security system?

  3. Yeah, I was a little less invested in "who got infected" because we don't know Joey, Elena, or even Lincoln that well. Also, while I love that they're adding more of a multi-cultural aspect to the show, reading the subtitles distracts me from the action and emotion of what's going on.

    Loved the Kilgrave reference, though Hive's power seems a bit more Jasmine-like, at least based on its effect on Daisy.


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