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The Originals: Where Nothing Stays Buried

"Maybe death does something to us. Twists us up into something ugly."

If the ancestors are any indication, then I'd say that this is a gross understatement. Ugly doesn't even begin to cover it.

It's a little insane that not one of the ancestors had a different idea about how to treat Davina. There must be an infinite amount shoved in that afterlife world and not one of them used to be friends with Davina? She didn't have a single relative that was willing to step up and try to save even her soul, let alone her life. How bleak.

Just like with Cami I was so sure that Davina would get a loophole. I wasn't even that invested in the plan, because I was so sure she'd be back. Not only is that not the case, but her soul was obliterated so there isn't even a chance that she can ever return in any form. Wow, on a show like this one that is never the case. Too bad we can't say the same for Lucien. I am so very glad that we don't have to listen to him whine anymore. I can't put my finger on why but he just never clicked with me. At least Aurora was certifiably unhinged and therefore had a more legit reason for her antics. But honestly, if we're putting suggestions in, let's not see anymore from Luci, Aurora or Tristan. Let them stay dead. Or whatever their current state. Hell, if Cami doesn't get a loophole, neither do those assholes.

Holy mother of pearl. I had to rewatch it a couple of times, but Klaus opted to keep looking for answers rather than betraying Davina because he did not want to risk hurting and losing Kol and Marcel. Or worse, betray someone that Cami loved in order to avenge her murder. That is growth. I cheered for him. You go Klaus! AND THEN he encouraged Hayley to talk to Elijah. If I had been standing, I would've surely fainted. It's a lovely little kick that no one seems to have predicted the grace in which Klaus is taking Cami's death. He didn't run out half-cocked and high on rage. There has been no lashing out and killing scores of innocents. Instead he's gone all introspective and is trying to live in a way that he thinks would make her proud. Seriously, who saw this coming? To hell with baby steps. Klaus is taking giant running leaps into a direction of self-improvement.

Without Klaus flying predictably off the handle and creating chaos, Elijah and Freya stepping in to pick up the slack didn't seem wildly out of character. Elijah has always put his family above anyone and everything else. And Freya had been dreaming of reuniting with her siblings for such a long time that I can see how she would not stop at anything to keep them safe. It makes all the logical sense. Davina still deserved better.

And then there was this...

Errr. The scene was beautifully shot and very tenderly acted. Basically, it was exquisitely lovely and I should've loved it, but I just can't invest in it. At best, they'll be tragically pulled apart soon. At worst, one of them will die.

Here's the thing. I really wanted the home team to band together and take out the ancestors instead of going on the offensive yet again and getting faced with a new big threat. And while there are 3135484962654846 things that a Mikaelson should take the blame for, I don't think Cami and Davina's deaths sit squarely enough on that list for Marcel and Vincent to be jumping ship. It almost seems like a contrived way to fill up these last few episodes before the season's over. But what do I know?

I don't have a rating.
I wouldn't even know where to begin.

Bites and pieces

Klaus reminded us that Lucien and Aurora spent a very long time thinking they were Klaus and Rebekah. Siblings. And he was still head-over-heels for her?... We've talked about the incestuous undertones of TO before but it still weirds me out when I pick up on one.

I am shocked that Rebekah isn't dead.

Marcel: "We are going to bring her back!"

Klaus: "We are not the same. Your husband is dead and it hurts but we both know that the one you share a real connection with is still very much alive."

Freya: "Everything comes with a price."

Marcel: "I should've known better than to trust your family. You people destroy everything you touch."

Lucien: "Do you really want to measure your pride against my mercy?"

RIP, D. Or not, since your soul has been ripped
apart and that probably makes resting impossible.

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