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Supernatural: All in the Family

"Holy crap."

This episode was delicious. I savored every line and every scene.

After all these seasons, seeing the Winchesters finally interacting with God was so enjoyable. Sam was literally in awe, while Dean, the cynic, wanted answers. He even got some. Turns out Chuck was "hands-on" for ages, but nothing ever changed — so he stopped. I particularly liked Chuck comparing his own sibling relationship to Sam's with Dean, the older one, always telling Sam what to do. Does that mean Amara is the eldest?

Chuck plans to sacrifice himself to Amara. That makes sense after you watch "Don't Call Me Shurley" three times, which I did last week, because Chuck sang a song called "Fare Thee Well" that signaled his intentions. If Chuck is caged, he believes his world will go on, and his chosen humans like the Winchesters will step in. I can't help but think there is some problem with that bit of logic. If Chuck is caged like Amara was, what will keep her from destroying everything, anyway? Will she keep her side of any sort of deal with Chuck? Why should she?

Ah, Kevin. How incredibly nice that Chuck loves the Winchesters enough to give them a gift like that, a chance to say goodbye to Kevin. But why introduce a new prophet right now? Not that I didn't like Donatello Redfield (great name), because I did. And not because Keith Szarabajka had a long continuing role on Angel, although I do tend to love guest shots by actors who spent serious time in the Buffyverse. I liked Redfield because he was a total hoot. I loved every line he uttered, and the way he reacted to every facet of his new situation. There must be a plot-related reason why they just introduced a new prophet, not just because we said goodbye to Kevin. Why would Chuck do that if he was planning to spend the next few millennia in a cage?

For that matter, why would Amara want Dean to be a part of her forever? Not that I don't get the attraction. If she destroys the world and cages her brother, she's going to be completely alone, and Dean is a fascinating, complicated human being. If I could choose a fictional character to spend quality time with, Dean Winchester would be high up on the list. But she must have some inkling that he will never give up and join her if it means losing the world as well as his brother.

I'm also confused by what's going on with Cassifer. He refused to call out to Chuck for rescue, and then there was that Lucifer/God scene where they remarked on how both of them had changed. But still, it is Lucifer we're talking about. I can't discount the possibility that he might decide to join team Amara because he doesn't want to wind up back in the Cage again.

(I really liked Sam helping Cassifer out of the building, especially when you consider their past relationship.)

Metatron went out like a hero. That was a surprise. Maybe he was certain the sigil would work. If he was using his personal knowledge of the content of God's tablets, I wonder why it didn't? Do sigils not work against Chuck and Amara? Actually, assuming that Chuck cannot be destroyed and neither can Amara, there will never be a permanent solution to this conflict, will there?

Whatever. I wasn't sure I was on board with the Amara plot, but now that we have Chuck, I can't wait to see how it all turns out. Except that we're bound to get a cliffhanger. I vote for no cliffhanger this season. Please?

Bits and pieces:

— Chuck hanging out at the bunker was the gift that kept on giving. Donuts, Chinese food. Watching curling on TV. No pants. I loved that Amara showed up in the bunker but had no idea God was in the guest room.

— You know, if Chuck can give us Kevin again, how about bringing back a certain trickster archangel we all know and love? What about rescuing Adam and Michael, too?

— What happened to Kevin's mother, Linda? Will she be okay with not being haunted by her son any longer?

— The Impala's back doors can be locked out like a cop car's because "sometimes we keep monsters in the back." Did we know that?

— There was a drive-in at the big meet-up. The movie they were showing was, of course, Apocalypse Now.

— Metatron's caller ID was "Scribe calling." Not anywhere near as funny as "Not Moose."

— This week: the MoL bunker in Lebanon, Kansas, and Lewis, Oklahoma. Metatron was in a bar that looked like Chuck's construct, except it was real.

— Has Amara always had gray nail polish? Is that a character statement? Maybe it's her favorite color, "Fog Gray."


Dean: "I don't want to turn into a pillar of salt."
Chuck: "I actually... I didn't do that."

Dean: "Where's Chuck?"
Sam: "Sleeping in, I guess."
Dean: "Does God sleep?"
Sam: "I know he takes really long showers."

Sam: "You know, I know that this is a really strange situation and all, but it's also really amazing, you know? I mean, it's God. There's so many things I want to ask him. Like, the planets. Why are they round? Or ears. I always thought they were strange."
Dean: "Okay, fanboy. Calm down."

Redfield: "Call me Donatello. I'm named after him."
Dean: "The mutant ninja turtle?"

Redfield: "I can't be a prophet! I'm an atheist and a chemist. I believe in molecules, not God."

Dean: "Is that my computer?"
Chuck: "I've never seen so much porn. Not in one sitting."

Chuck: "I did include free will in the kit."

Metatron: "I was there when you were designed. I wrote your name on the inside of the angels' eyelids."
Redfield: "He's freaking me out."

Lucifer: "What happens in heaven stays in heaven."

Dean: (to Redfield) "Still twitchy, huh? Well, you met God, Lucifer and the Darkness. You're gonna need a spa day. That, or a pair of hookers."

I'll freely admit this one wasn't as wonderful as "Don't Call Me Shurley," but it felt like part two and I loved it anyway. Four out of four spa days,

Billie Doux has been reviewing Supernatural for so long that Dean and Sam Winchester feel like old friends. Courageous, adventurous, gorgeous old friends.


  1. I swear you read my mind on so many things. Amara's nail polish, Linda Tran not getting to say goodbye, that certain trickster. It was a great episode. And I am amazed no one spilled the beans about Kevin. I mean we all knew for weeks Rob was coming back but not Osric.
    On a completely different note, did you see the twitter convo between tahmoh penikett and aleks paunovic (the wrestler) night? it was awesome.

  2. This had some fun moments, some laughs, some cool Impala action with Sam driving (yay), and some tears. Thought it would have made more sense for Dean to be angry and for Sam to cry, but that's okay. Sam seems to have found his happy place, even though God has let demons and Lucifer torture him all his life. Sam's a saint, apparently. Really looking forward to see what happens next.

  3. I thought this episode cute but many things bothered me, too much for truly enjoyed it.
    Mostly because of Sam. Sam was the one who had faith, he is the one who should have been emotional but he prefers talking about ear. right ! Dean never cared about God, why would he cry ? Angry sure. he is the jerck, not the bitch, right ?
    Sam was just here, but if he wasn't, it wouldn't haven't change anything of the episode and it is like this since the beginning of the second half of the season. Metatron and Donatello rescued Lucifer, he just drove and by the way, why would he ? Lucifer tortured, abused him for years. But Sam is not allowed to be angry that Lucifer walks free (hey, God even blamed him for that one, really ???), he is not allowed to feels hurt, or anything. He has no storyline, no point of view, no feeling. He is a wall paper again, just like in season 9 and most of season 10. I predict he will be put aside during the next 2 episodes (and Chuck, I hope I am wrong) while Dean, alone (with Lucifer or Chuck maybe) will fight Amara, will probably die sent to the empty ans Sam will be left alone, will hit a dog, oups wrong season or not.
    I hate when one the brothers is put aside , there are two leads, is it that hard to write for both.
    So this episode made me very angry. I will add that they are working with the ex king of hell, , his evil mother, the scripte who killed Dean, and now Lucifer, there are even welcome to their home. For me Lucifer is too much. I never liked when they did it with Meg (killed Helen and Jo, possesed Sam, tortured their father. They should bring back and invite Azazel, Alastar, Lilith, Ruby, Dick and make a big party. Why not ?
    So sorry about my rant but as I said I am angry. The season started so well.

  4. Supernatural just got a new pair of showrunners: Andrew Dabb and Robert Singer. Jeremy Carver is leaving to showrun Frequency. FWIW.


  5. I agree with Audrey. I'm loving Supernatural right now but I AM SICK OF SEEING SAM BEING SIDELINED LIKE THIS. He was the one who kept the faith, who prayed. He was the heart. He should be the one chilling by god's side, not Dean. I'm one of those spn fans who equally loves Sam and Dean. None of this Sam girl/Dean girl business. It is possible to love them both, okay. I just hope the writers realize what they're doing to Sam and maybe he's somehow involved in convincing god not to sacrifice himself? Wishful thinking, I know. I just wish Sam got the love he deserved. Sometimes he's a full character, other times he's like wallpaper, just glossy imagery, no opinion, no voice, no feelings. #SamDeservesBetter2k16. I'm starting a revolution.

    Now that I got that out of my system, I will admit I am going to miss Meddatron. I don't know how they did it, but they did it! Made me care AND root for him! I'm also immensely pleased so far by everything Chuck/God related. Nice to see Kevin again, too. But I can't believe neither of the Winchesters, after experiencing SO MUCH LOSS throughout these past 11 seasons, haven't asked God about all the ones they've lost, including their parents. Idk??! It felt like an unanswered elephant in the room. Sam and Dean have lost so many people, at least they could ask God about how they're all doing/if they're okay etc. Idk. Maybe I'm asking for too much. I need some tea. I'm going to stop this comment here.

  6. It's encouraging to know that, despite being eleven season in, the show can still pull off stories of the calibre of this one and last week's.

  7. My interpretation of the 'Chuck is going to sacrifice himself to Amara' is that he really isn't planning on doing it, or he is but he's planning on taking her with him.
    I think there is something he needs out of Sam and Dean in order to accomplish what he needs to do (which... I think what he wants is to defeat Amara). He is God, after all, and (at least in Christian religions) omniscient.
    So, what if: he knows exactly how they will respond and exactly what they will do/find out/etc _because_ he said he would sacrifice himself - and that extra 'oomph' is exactly what he needs in order for Amara to be defeated.
    Then again, take with a grain of salt because I'm usually wrong about where they are going. LOL.

  8. I may be confusing this with buffy season 7, but didnt crowley kill all the living potential prophets a few seasons back?

  9. Sam Smith, I'm pretty sure they addressed that in the episode. Or maybe it's in the next one?

  10. I loved this episode, and Keith Szarabajka's role, but Kevin's appearance was so rushed and kind of undermined where they last left him. Did he just up and leave his Mom? Wasn't she desperate for him to stay around, in any capacity? I'm a little disappointed that was brushed aside in favor of a lovey dovey reunion moment. I loved Linda. Hopefully they'll revisit where she is at some point.

  11. I can't really comment because I randomly select and watch episodes of supernatural (while I know the story in general) this episode and the previous one are the only ones from season 11 that I watched (don't ask me why, normally I'm a really dedicated watcher)
    That said, I just wanted to say all cars' back doors can be locked like that, it's called child safety lock. It's a little pin on the thin side of the car door.

  12. I liked the episode very much,but it came just after Don't call me shurley and felt.. less good. And not because it is actually not good ,just because the previous one was magnificent.
    That being said, there were things that worked very well for me: Dean's reaction (I love that he cries. Because that something I do when I am in a really terrible rage and I can't let go and I feel that's what's happening: Dean is angry and so frustrated because you can't punch God ,speciallywhen you need him so much, that the only way he can express his feelings is with tears), Sam and Dean commenting on Chuck's habits, the new Prophet, the fact that God's perspective is not our own (wich I think is a really big topic to adress, because you can't have him saving everyone. If he does, really, why hasn't he done that before? That would be unfair. A large scale miracle is good, two would have been too much),Casifer sass.
    Things I don't get/like very much: Kevin (actually, I might be one of the only SPN fans that never really liked Kevin. I was upset with him dieing, but mainly for how it happened. I'm glad he gets some closure but it felt rushed), the Impala in the bunker (come on, God , there's a garage!) And Dean's and Amara's confrontation. I have no problems with Amara, at all. She feels more of a threat than Dean's mark felt last season to me and the fact that we are seeing little action from her is because when she will act, it will be like kaboom, everyones gone. I don't think she is going to "renovate", I think she is going to erase everything and that's it. And I get the connection with Dean, she clearly is in love with the guy and I can relate xD, but she clearly doesn't get him. She doesn't understand him and I was frustrated with the fact that he doesn't even try to explain himself to her. Come on, Dean, explain humanity to the girl , explain why you can't be with her if her goal is to erase the Universe, explain what it means to love, really! I was really frustrated with him just standing there, doing nothing, saying nothing. He just talked back to God, what is he afraid of?
    But, even with this, four of four porn marathon.

  13. They said Crowley did kill all the prophets but missed donotello for some reason.

  14. I liked the episode and loved the new prophet, glad Kevin got to move on, and like someone pointed out Dean's crying is his frustration, that's what I do as well, unfortunately, I detest this feeling because it makes me feel weak/insecure.
    Another poster has valid points in terms of Sam and its a shame, that there is inconsistent/uneven usage of his character. I can't add more but to say a wonderful review as always.


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