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Supergirl: Changing

“To the superfriends.”

Kara faces off against yet another classic Superman villain, leading me to wonder what the heck is keeping Clark Kent busy in Metropolis.

Rudy Jones, aka Parasite, is a man fused with an alien parasite who can suck the energy out of things. The original Parasite wasn’t a misguided environmental crusader, but I thought that was a nice touch. Giving villains something to stand for always makes them more compelling than just your standard ‘crush/kill/destroy’ or ‘must conquer world.’ His end seemed to be pretty final which I found odd considering his position in Superman’s rogues gallery. Will he somehow come back or did the show shoot their CGI budget on this episode? If so, it may have been worth it. Parasite looked awesome. He reminded me a lot of The Incredible Hulk’s Abomination.

After J’onn is injured in a fight with Parasite, M’gann gives him her blood, the blood of a White Martian, which, I’m assuming, will have some effect on him. Is that what the shaking was about? Is he going to die? Or turn into a White Martian? Or turn into a White Martian then die? M’gann said that J’onn wouldn’t want her to give him blood if he knew, so I’m assuming whatever it is, it’s not good.

James gears up as Guardian. He and Winn are going to attempt to keep his secret identity from Kara, although I’m guessing she’ll figure it out seeing as she sees him everyday and the poor guy’s going to be continually covered in bruises. I wonder how Kara will react. She doesn’t mind fighting alongside her non-powered sister so I’m not sure that she’ll be angry with him for putting his life on the line, but I don’t think she’ll love having been lied to.

Alex kissed Maggie and Maggie shoots her straight back down again. Poor Alex. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a person more in need of a hug than Alex at the end of the episode. And it’s not Maggie’s fault, really. What she said has merit but Alex put everything on the line. What does this mean for Maggie and Alex as a couple? I assumed that’s where the show was headed but maybe I was wrong. Maggie will still be on the show, however, and I can only guess how crazy awkward it’s going to be the next time Maggie and Alex meet up at a crime scene.

Finally, Mon-El. After last week’s CatCo fiasco, Mon-El has found work… as a thug for hire. Well done, Mon-El. Kara is understandably disappointed in him but I think she’s taking things a little too far. Last week she supposedly learned the lesson of not trying to make Mon-El into a mirror image of herself but here again she’s subjecting him to her morals and worldview. Of course, I’m not excusing Mon-El’s choice of employment. Working as muscle for a loan shark is not an okay thing to do. But, for me, Mon-El’s superpowers aren’t the objectionable part of it. I don’t think I’d mind him using his powers to make money as long as he was doing it in a morally neutral (or good) way. I’m reminded of the Buffy episode where she (however briefly) became a construction worker. After a few choice words from Alex, Mon-El steps up and does the hero thing. Unfortunately for him, his newfound attitude ends up getting him kidnapped by Cadmus. Oops.

This week’s episode was another jam-packed adventure. It wasn’t as bad as last week which barely gave us room to breathe but I still think the show is a little too ambitious. Take your time, Supergirl. If it means one less villain of the week that’s fine by the audience. Or at least this audience member.

Bits and Pieces

Kara’s first drunk was super cute.

Wouldn’t a lead-lined mask be insanely heavy?


Kara: “I’ll go get the alien, you get the girl.”

Mon-El: “I regret this already.”

three out of four drunk Karas


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  1. Agents of DOUX, I need some advice:

    I more or less enjoyed the first season of Supergirl, even though I have some serious issues with the whole "Lean In" style of feminism it promotes.

    But this second season is just not working for me. I can't get engaged in it.

    Should I power through? Is this show not the right fit for me?

    Help, please!


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