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Supergirl: Survivors

“Our choices are all we have.”

A formulaic but enjoyable episode. It was certainly heightened by the deliciously over the top performance of Dichen Lachman as Roulette.

Veronica Sinclair aka Roulette runs an underground alien fight club patronized by National City’s wealthiest and most powerful. It was a good premise, even if we’ve seen it before, but the problem with the episode is that Roulette felt like she was in a different show than everyone else. The rest of the episode was so CW dramatic while Roulette was a comic book character come to life. I feel like she would’ve worked better in season one, before the network switch and the move to a more grounded, relationship-oriented show. It didn’t ruin the whole thing but it made it feel uneven.

As a side note, I’m beginning to miss the comic book silliness. The cheese is what made this show fun and different from Arrow and The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. I mean, there’s something to be said for franchise cohesion but at the same time it’s starting to feel like I’m not watching four shows I’m watching one show with four episodes a week. Supergirl was my respite from grittiness and brooding and it feels less and less like the show I fell in love with. Although Kara did save the day with a motivational speech again, so at least I have that.

Roulette staying on the loose also felt out of character for the show, more like something Arrow would do. I’m not complaining at the prospect of Dichen Lachman’s return, but Supergirl has taught us that institutions like the police are honest, trustworthy, and good. There’s been no hint of the corruption that plagues places like Star City. This opens up a whole new series of questions for me.

Speaking of corruption, Lena Luthor. Well, okay, we don’t know that she’s corrupt yet. Maybe she’s the polar opposite of her big brother. In any case I’m enjoying her, even if they did have to work really hard to squeeze her in this week.

I wish I had thoughts on M’gann M’orzz but I feel like I can’t really say anything about her until we learn more about her. Like: why was she masquerading as a Green Martian? Something tells me that whatever her species, she doesn’t intend J’onn harm. She had multiple opportunities to hurt or kill him but didn’t. My current theory is that she became disillusioned with the White Martians cause and fled to Earth during the genocide. Or maybe she was sent to Earth by others as a refugee like Kara. Either would explain her guilt complex. In any case, it’s obvious why she didn’t want to share a mind with J’onn. She clearly doesn’t live in a world of no lies.

Sparks continue to fly between Alex and Maggie, culminating in Alex asking her out for drinks only to have Maggie’s girlfriend show up seconds later. Looks like we’re in for a slow burn on this ship.

Bits and Pieces

It’s starting to really annoy me when the Danvers sisters call J’onn “Hank.” They know that’s not his name.

Did anyone else get a romantic vibe between Mon-El and the prince?

No James Olsen this week.

War World got a mention.


Mon-El: “Oh, hey do they play Garata here?”
Alex: “What’s Garata?”
Kara: “It’s like soccer with dragons.”

J’onn: “I offered to merge with her in the Martian way.”
Kara: “But you guys just met.”
J’onn: “It’s psychically, Kara.”

Kara: “Maybe don’t let Winn teach you too much about women on this planet.”

Snapper: “We’re the fourth estate, not Reddit!”

Roulette: “See, Michael Vick made a big mistake. People don’t care what happens to aliens. But they do care about dogs.”

three? out of four snake tattoos



  1. You are spot on about M'gann..she is a good egg in the comics. I hope this isn't a spoiler.
    I missed James and Cat, why are we stuck with Snapper?
    Nice to see Dichen and hope to see her again. Last saw her on "The last ship". Man did that third season suck.
    Nice episode.

  2. Couldn't M’gann M’orzz be the White Martian guard that refused to execute the kill orders she spoke about?
    (I do not remember what the White Martians look like)


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