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Supergirl: The Martian Chronicles

“You guys are so dumb.”

This episode was a hoot and a half.

Trap a bunch of people in an isolated country house on a rainy night, make one of them a murderer and I am a happy viewer. Make it the the country house the DEO and the murderer a White Martian and I’m just as happy. This episode also really benefitted from a tight focus on two (just two!) stories: M’gann versus the White Martians and Alex and Kara’s relationship. With no James and very little Mon-El, the episode felt much more manageable.

It was especially fun to get to see Chyler Leigh and Jeremy Jordan play outside their usual characters. I think that’s something that’s really fun about sci-fi. A few weeks ago it was David Harewood as Cyborg Superman, now we have Jeremy Jordan as Armeck and Chyler Leigh a random sassy Martian. We really have a talented cast here, guys.

The scenes in the DEO were really good and tense and I wound up wondering if everyone would survive the night. I mean, the main characters were obviously in the clear but what about Vasquez? And the fight between Kara and non-Alex Alex was really great. I love how taunting the Martian was. It was reminiscent of the time Alex was under the control of Myriad, but less angsty and a lot more fun. And Winn finally got a moment to shine in disarming the explosion. I really like how they’ve been using him this season. I hated him with a fiery passion all last season but now that he has stuff to do besides pining over Kara, he’s really fun.

As someone who hasn’t quit complaining about the amount of stuff the Supergirl writers try to cram into every single episode, I should probably be happy to see M’gann go. One less character, one less storyline. But I’m not. I really liked her and I’ll miss her and she better be coming back.

Onto the Karamel aspects of last week. Kara is beginning to realize she might (?) have feelings for Mon-El. Unfortunately, she didn’t realize that until after she shot him down brutally. Mon-El has, totally appropriately, moved on. And now Kara is regretting her decision. As un-okay as I am with the idea of Mon-El and Kara together, I’d rather they just be together instead of another slow burn romance, especially because they’re clearly not endgame. I’d still put money on James being the one Kara ends up with. Unless the writers go the Buffy route and Kara realizes she doesn’t need a man to complete her because she’s cookie dough and she’s not done baking yet. I’m sorry, but has there EVER been a more satisfying end to an epic love triangle? No, no there has not.

Finally, I really enjoyed Kara and Alex’s Earth Birthday story. It just makes so much sense that Kara would feel abandoned by Alex and that Alex wouldn’t want to disappoint her girlfriend by turning down such a nice gift. Both had reasonable points of view and they resolved their disagreement by talking in an open and honest manner. This is what a healthy adult sibling relationship looks like, Sam and Dean Winchester.

Bits and Pieces:

J’onn’s use of his powers is really starting to annoy me. It’s like, when the stakes are high he can power up completely but on a weekly basis there’s always some lame excuse why he can’t use his powers that’s forgotten next week. Remember how last season every time he used his powers he got less human? Because the writers don’t.

Speaking of the writers forgetting things: if the walls of the DEO are lined with lead and lead can kill Daxamites why isn’t Mon-El dead? Lead is supposed to be Daxamite’s Kryptonite.

Why is it that characters who don’t drink on TV always drink club soda in bars? Club soda is disgusting. Bars have different non-alcoholic options is what I’m saying.

I would have loved if Alex’s Barenaked Ladies obsession had been at least mentioned once before. Oh, television.


Mon-El: “I’ve been talking to some of the regulars and apparently Earth males are only supposed to express their feelings about sports and occasionally monster trucks.”

Kara: “It’s not your job. It’s the way you are.”
Harsh much, Kara?

Winn: “This did *not* used to happen at CatCo.”

four out of four white martians


  1. A fun one. Although I do like J'onn, I'm not invested in the Martian story and am okay if M'gann decides not to return. I also don't get why Kara and Alex didn't celebrate Earth Birthday another day? People have jobs. People have Barenaked Ladies tickets. It happens!

    Club soda sucks. I like sparkling water. :)

  2. While I enjoyed the episode and like M'Gann's character, I'm not invested in the Martian storyline either. Not sure if this is so, because I was never a follower of Supergirl in the comics, but the Martians seem like a holdover from 50s science fiction to me. It feels hokey. I don't dislike the idea of a relationship between Kara and Mon-El, but I would dislike it if Kara backed away from another relationship. Let her have one already!

  3. Martian Manhunter/J'onn J'onzz was also a continuing character on Smallville and I really liked him and the actor who played him, which the internet just reminded me was a guy named Phil Morris. But you're right, Heather1, about how it feels like a 50s science fiction holdover. MMH was introduced in 1955.


  4. What feels kinda glossed over is that there is a homicidal race of monsters that have taken control of the closest planet to Earth that can shapeshift to look like anyone and our heroes are not having a massive freakout and preparing for war. Or are we supposed to assume White Martians only hate Greens and would never invade Earth?

  5. Supergirl is putting me to sleep again. Shapeshifting aliens are too convenient and I miss Calista Flockhart. Wake me up for the musical cross-over. I like musicals.

  6. I know exactly how you feel, Mallena. I'm only watching out of habit now, same with the rest of the DC TV shows. I can't even get excited about the musical.


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