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Supergirl: We Can Be Heroes

“That frat boy wants to be a superhero?”

This episode managed to avoid the frequent pitfall of too much in one episode but unfortunately suffered from a little too much Mon-El for my taste. Well, we can’t have everything. As much as I hate to see Alex, Maggie and their adorable budding relationship sidelined, it’s nice that Supergirl has finally seemed to realize that they don’t have to give every character a B story to make a successful episode.

I really liked the main story this week. Livewire was always a favorite rogue of mine and even though I didn’t much care for her first Supergirl appearance, she really made this episode. I loved her derision towards James, Winn, and Mon-El and her clear preference to be saved by Supergirl was damned delightful. I didn’t like the three bro-migos deciding they could take on Livewire alone by sneaking off and I’m glad they got called on it.

I was kind of hoping they wouldn’t go the Kara disapproves of James as Guardian route; it’s a bit clich├ęd. It’s not that Kara doesn’t have a point, it’s just that it feels like a transparent way of stirring up drama. After she got over her initial anger at having been lied to, Kara was totally accepting of her human sister doing very dangerous fieldwork. It’s especially frustrating because you just know it’s leading up to a big battle where Kara needs to rely on James to help and does and everything is hunky dory between them again. Can’t we just cut to that?

Then we had Mon-El’s confession of love, or like, or whatever. I’m not big on this ship (ship name: Karamel) because it feels so shoehorned in. For whatever reason, the CW didn’t want to hook Kara up with James even after a season of wind-up. Okay, I’ll accept that. But why did they need to introduce another love interest immediately? Chris Wood does a good job of selling his feelings for Kara but she obviously doesn’t return his feelings. Are we leading up to Kara slowly realizing she’s in love with Mon-El? Because I don’t want that. Neither do I want him to continue to pine after her like Winn did all of last season. That was fun for no one.

My favorite part of the episode was all the progress we got on M’gann. M’gann (which annoyingly keeps autocorrecting to Megan) is somehow found by her people and psychically attacked which leads her to somehow get trapped in her own memories? A little confusing, but the scenes to which it led were great enough for me not to care about plot spackle. J’onn is forced to confront the fact that, despite her betrayal, he cares about M’gann and has to mind meld with her in order to save her. I loved that scene, where he was with his girls being totally honest about how much he needs them and Alex and Kara being totally supportive of their space dad.

Bits and Pieces

What we did get of Alex and Maggie was precious.

So does Kara know Maggie knows she’s Supergirl? I would have liked to see that scene.

Gold acting star for David Harewood.


Kara: “Hey! Freedom of the press, buddy!”

Kara: “I hate having a nemesis! Clark always makes it look so much fun, like you have a deadly pen pal you see once a year, but having a nemesis is stressful!”

Mon-El: “I thought James was a professionally handsome desk person.”

Livewire: “You know what I love? Little boys who think they can do a better job than the woman who’s an actual superhero.”

three and a half out of four Livewires


  1. What I like about Karamel is that Kara is making Mon-El actively try to be a better person. It's obvious that he never thought about helping other people or being a hero before he met Kara.

    "Having a nemesis is stressful!" Loved that. :)

    I bet we're eventually going to get a scene where Kara will find out that Maggie knows she's Supergirl. And I hope we don't get an artificial sort of misunderstanding/split where Kara gets mad about Alex giving away a big secret to her honey.

  2. I am total on board the Karamel train - I was trying to figure out why, since I hated Chris Wood's character so much on The Vampire Diaries, but I instantly fell for his character here and he's seriously my favorite season two change. But I figured it out. He's basically Logan Echolls from Veronica Mars, with a dash of Thor cluelessness.

    So in my mind, the more Mon-El, the better.

  3. Katie, that's a *perfect* description of Mon-El. :)


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