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Arrow: Fighting Fire with Fire

This one was all about our characters turning a corner in their lives, and so it felt almost like a middle chapter.

Well, we got the big reveal, finally pulling the hood back from Prometheus. I'm not sure how I feel about Adrian being the big bad, because I liked him. Which maybe makes for an effective villain, but it's still a bummer. I was sort of hoping he was Vigilante and that they could have potentially turned him in to a hero. He's been so much of an ally for Oliver in his role as District Attorney, even though he's a little intense, I never really suspected that he could be Prometheus, so good reveal.

Also the set up at the end with him kidnapping Susan feels like a wrap up of her plotline, which I thought was going to go in a completely different direction. Especially since both Susan and Prometheus/Adrian know Oliver's identity, maybe this is heading in a direction where his secret is no longer a secret? Except for Thea, who just left her job and possibly the series for a little while, Oliver no longer has family that could be hurt or taken hostage. No one knows who his team members are, plus they all can take care of themselves. There is often some sort of shocker or big reveal at the end of the season. Maybe Oliver pulling an Iron Man could be it.

Perhaps that's why they're taking Felicity down a possible dark path. The whole Helix thing, and Pandora being a tool/weapon feels like Felicity isn't taking it all that seriously. Maybe she's going down the same road as her father, but doesn't realize it. Either way, I really liked Diggle trying to talk sense into her, even if she didn't listen. Speaking of Felicity, I can't remember the last time the entire quote section was taken up by her lines. That may mean that there's a fundamental shift in the character that's been happening so gradually that I hadn't realized it until now.

Curtis is starting to play with his balls... his technology again, which could mean that they're starting to turn him into the actual Mr. Terrific from the comics. At first I wasn't sure what the series had in mind for the character, but I think building him up like this is going to make whatever changes he goes through all the more powerful. It helps that he has some great comic chemistry with Rene too, because they're clearly writing for the two of them, and every time something bad happens to Curtis (like receiving divorce papers), it makes me like him more.

Speaking of liking someone more and more, Dinah is fitting into the group really well. She spent most of the episode on bodyguard duty for Oliver, but she also acted as a detective, finding that piece of Vigilante's mask and helping the group track him down. I really loved the moment when she was in the mayor's office and said that she probably didn't belong there because she was on duty. This whole season has been about introducing cool new characters, and I've been happy with most of them, including Dinah.


We started the flashback with a gun being pointed at Anatoly's head, and ended with a gunfight between Gregor's guys and Anatoly's guys. Is it just me, or is there not much progress there? I liked Oliver in the original hood outfit breaking into Kovar's place, without any violence. That feels like they're really starting to build him into the hero he became in season one. Now he just has to get back to Lian Yu and grow a beard.


-- We still have to find out who Vigilante is, even though he fell off a roof, we didn't see a body (see Billie's 10 Rules of Television #10, Josie's Law).

-- I didn't recognize Dr. Schwartz, but apparently according to IMDb, this is her fourth episode. Where have I been?

-- Oliver's impeachment went about as I expected, although making the Arrow public enemy number one was an interesting story choice. It does seem like that is exactly what Prometheus wants, and it's all going 'according to plan.'

-- The restaurant where Paul dumped the divorce papers on Curtis was a redressed CC Jitters (Flash).

-- The next episode airs March 15, so we're getting a short break.


Oliver: "What did you do?"
Anatoly: "Extend our lives by length of good movie."

Curtis: "These are two inventions of mine. Two autonomous mini-drones, one with offensive and the other one with defensive capabilities."
Rene: "So what? You can't handle yourself in the field, you gotta give yourself a pair of balls? (pause) That was -- that was too harsh, wasn't it?"
Curtis: "You think? Yeah, it was. Um, but you know what? You recognized it..."
Rene: "Yeah, 'cause I'm trying to work on it."

Thea: (to Oliver) "I'm never getting into a limo with you again."

Anatoly: "Men who call vote are killed if Pakhan keeps position."
Oliver: "Anatoly, why bother?"
Anatoly: "I did not want to die in hospital basement."
Oliver: "That's... fair."

Curtis: "My T-spheres can actually track the tech to the individual user."
Rene: "Except it won't be ready until the iPhone 16 is released."
Curtis: "Ye of little faith."
Dinah: "What's a T-sphere?"
Rene: "Curtis's balls."

There were some nice character moments, and some okay action but for the most part this episode wasn't really meant to stand on it's own.

3 out of 4 pieces of conveniently left behind evidence.
Samantha M. Quinn spends most of her time in front of a computer typing away at one thing or another; when she has free time, she enjoys pretty much anything science fiction or fantasy-related.


  1. Thea "I'm never getting into a limo with you again." says everyone else also.
    Oliver should have Limo's banned in Starling.
    The DR that treated Oliver was the one he went too after Laurel was stabbed.

  2. I don't know if DA Chase being Prometheus sits with me right, but I guess it's time for Arrow to pull a Flash with their main villain. The only thing that remains is to confirm that he's really Justin's Clayborne's son.

  3. "Dark Knight feelin', die you be a hero, or live long enogh to see yourself become a villain..." (Jay-Z voice)


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