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Lucifer: St. Lucifer

“One good deed doesn't make you a saint.”

Things finally start falling together, just in time for the season finale in two episodes' time.

I realise that my last review was really much a Negative Nelly rant regarding the things I didn't like about the episode, and if it had been the first episode I ever watched, I wouldn't overly inclined to continue watching it. This episode, "St. Lucifer," finally brought a lot of the floating storylines together in a way that makes the upcoming season finale feel rather suspenseful. Lucifer gave up his Pentecostal coin to the utterly insane Malcolm, which, sure, that will work out splendidly, won't it? Malcolm doesn't want to go back to Hell, which is where he will go (again) if he were to die (again). He also let slip that it was Amenadiel who brought him back, which won't do much good for Lucifer's relationship with his brother. I get pissy when my sister borrows my bobby-pins without asking. It also won't help matters if Lucifer were ever to find out that Amenadiel and Mazikeen got it on in the back of a car while Tom Jones was playing in the background. It's not unusual, indeed.

Lucifer is also going to have to deal with the fact that Chloe is his kryptonite of sorts. I'm glad it's finally out in the open and he knows that he can't be around her without being vulnerable, but she's also the one thing that gives him a rush. He likes the whole crime fighting duo life, even if he tends to get on Chloe's nerves half the time. Of course, Chloe clearly still seems to enjoy Lucifer's company, despite protesting a little too much. I still don't ship these two romantically, but I do love the development of their general relationship and the fact that Chloe has done a little less eye-rolling of late than she did in the first few episodes.

Most of this episode felt rather filler-ish again, but also laid down the groundwork for the last two episodes. Malcolm has Lucifer's coin, both Lucifer and Maze know that Chloe makes Lucifer vulnerable to harm, Lucifer now knows that Amenadiel is the reason why Malcolm has returned from the dead with an insatiable appetite and a few screws loose, and everything is going to play out in one big, bloody mess come the finale.

I really hope that the writers ultimately drop the Case of the Week format for future episodes, as sometimes they feel like they distract from the larger storylines if they're not tied directly into them. They did this really well a few episodes back with "A Priest Walks Into a Bar," so I'm hoping that they continue churning out the amazing episodes and reduce the amount of duds that make it hard to write an interesting review; this episode was definitely on the up-and-up when it comes to good episodes, but we all know that the writers can do a lot better.

Bits and pieces
  • Dan is alive. Woo.
  • The Pentecostal coin finally finds its purpose. No doubt it is going to be super, dooper important around the finale.
  • Amenadiel and Maze was, is, and always will be my OTP for this show. Fight me on this.
  • Lucifer is continuing his sessions with Linda, and has finally realised that he can feel good doing good. Yay Lucifer!
  • I really loved Lucifer's bit at the High Society Ladies lunch. Possibly the episode highlight for me.

Lucifer: As you can see, the Devil does indeed wear Prada.

Amenadiel: How did you even find me. Maze?
Maze: Followed the sweet stench of failure.

Lucifer: It's funny. I've always looked at do-gooders with pity. Little did I know their dirty secret.
Dr. Martin: And what's that?
Lucifer: It feels good to do good.

Dr. Martin: Goodness isn't a toy.
Lucifer: Well, the way I'm going to play with it, it is.

Lucifer: The Devil usually has impeccable gaydar.

Three out of five Pentecostal coins.

Morgan India, who still can't listen to Tom Jones songs without thinking of The Full Monty for some reason.

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