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Prison Break: The Liar

"This whole lie — it was for you."

Best episode so far, even though it was an exercise in frustration.

At least, we know for sure now why Michael is in that prison. Conversations with his friend Whip revealed that they're CIA — or at least Michael is (I was confused about that since Michael said he took Whip out of a prison in the Ozarks). The original mission was to break out Abu Ramal, but the plan went sideways four years ago. Their boss appears to be Poseidon, whose name was all over the place in this episode. Poseidon here, Poseidon in Ithaca, and the couple who shot up Jacob work for him, too.

Why Ramal? You'd think it would be more likely that they'd be sent to make sure he stayed in prison, what with the way he nearly hanged poor gay Sid, who dreams of being a ski jumper in Canada. Was that hanging why Michael changed tactics and decided to leave Ramal behind, planting the guard's watch on him? It's all still confusing, and that entire unsuccessful breakout scene in the dark was occasionally difficult to see.

But the upshot is that everyone is still in prison, the city is still about to fall, and Michael is feeling some despair. Enough that, in tears, he recorded a goodbye message of love to Sara on Ja's phone, before the battery dramatically died. "This whole lie — it was for you."

So Michael did all of this for Sara? Did he fake his death and exchange his jailbreaking services forever in exchange for Sara staying out of prison for killing Christine?

Meanwhile in New York, Sara realized that her phone had been hacked by Kellerman and she cleverly used a trip to the electronics store to figure out who was following her. The wonderfully named goons Van Gogh (the guy) and A&W (the blonde woman, although why is she named after a root beer?) were doing performance art when they attacked Sara's house: Poseidon had instructed them to spill blood, but not Sara's, hoping she would lead them to "Outis." Do they not know Michael's real name when Sara used to be married to him?

Sara's new husband Jacob appears to love her. Maybe he's not evil, but I doubt it. Everyone on the internet is guessing is that Jacob is Poseidon. I wouldn't be a bit surprised.

Meanwhile, Linc and Sheba had a terrible time trying acquire fake passports. While Linc was locked in a storeroom, Sheba's childhood admirer tried to rape her again; apparently, she took out his eye the first time he tried, so good for her. Linc jimmied the door of the storeroom and arrived in time to rescue Sheba. Are they setting up something romantic for Linc there? It feels like Sheba is playing the season three Sofia role, doesn't it?

One more observation. I really enjoyed T-Bag and his million dollar hand this time. How fun was it that he's now working with Sara, and that she's setting him on Kellerman? Not that T-Bag has ever been trustworthy, so I'm sure that won't last.


-- Loved the opener with Michael as "Bubble Gum Man" and Linc as "Tic Tac Man."

-- Michael's new Arabic tatts contain information, just like in the original series. I'll ask again if it's possible to get extreme tattooing removed and then get re-tattooed, and then I'll move on.

-- Who's this "Christian Army" guy? It feels like he belongs to an unknown faction or something.

-- I'm spacing this: were Sara, Jacob and Mike hiding at Jacob's parents? I do remember that Sara's father was the governor of Illinois and that he's dead, so it's certainly not Sara's parents.

-- Forgers District? There's a Forgers District?

-- Linc seems to have endless funds. Where are they coming from?

-- Where's Sucre? He's in the cast, but so far we've seen him for maybe five minutes.

Three out of four Tic Tacs,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I'm going to put it here to see if I'm right in the end: Mark Feuerstein is Poseidon. There has to be a reason the assasin only shot him in the leg instead of killing him other then him being in the cast. And I wrote this before I read your paragraph saying the same thing. Great minds etc. ;)

    I expected the prison break to work and the problem becoming escaping the city, but not yet. Such short seasons are definately better because if it was a 22 episode one I would be certain the escape fails.

    On another note X-files is coming back for 10 episodes too. I don't know if I'm yay or nay on that one.

  2. Yeah, great minds indeed, Patryk. :) I think Prison Break is a better fit for a short season, mostly because of what you just said.

    We were just talking about the new X-Files season in the writers room. I'm hoping that they learned from the mistakes they made in season ten.

  3. -- Forgers District? There's a Forgers District?

    -- Linc seems to have endless funds. Where are they coming from?

    -- Where's Sucre? He's in the cast, but so far we've seen him for maybe five minutes.

    Yes, these are all my questions, too.

    The Sana'a Wikipedia page has tons of interesting information. Did you know it's "one of the highest capital cities in the world" with "an elevation of 2,300 meters (7,500 ft)"? That's higher than Denver and even Mexico City!

    Maybe the season finale will just be everyone climbing downhill to the coast.


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