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Supergirl: Homecoming

All is revealed. Apparently, Kara is hot for Mon-El because she can't break his nose when she kisses him. I can see where that could be a plus.

I wasn't crazy about this one, probably because it was way too predictable. It made no sense whatsoever that they'd unexpectedly rescue Jeremiah Danvers and, with practically zero questions as to why and how, immediately give him a welcome home dinner and the keys to the DEO. Especially clever, experienced agents like Alex and J'onn, who were so happy to see Jeremiah that they clearly forgot any professional training in deception they'd ever had in their lives. Actually, I could see Alex being blindsided by her love for her father and the joy of his return, but J'onn?

Even though I'm one of the fans who likes Mon-El, it felt off that he alone suspected Jeremiah might have been up to no good. Especially since Mon-El is so dense, or possibly just otherworldly, to the point of announcing to the DEO at large that he and Kara were a couple when she specifically asked him to keep it to himself for awhile.

It also bothered me because the family reunion with margaritas was lovely and I wanted to enjoy it — especially Jeremiah's perfect response to Alex introducing Maggie as a gentle way of coming out to him — but I couldn't because it was so obviously obvious that it wasn't going to last. If it had been real, Jeremiah should have gone home with Eliza and had a prolonged vacation so that they could get to know each other again. Instead, Eliza helped Jeremiah slice limes because of his suspiciously unusable hand that Alex examined and didn't notice was enhanced with cybernetics. I thought that when Kara finally listened to Mon-El and Winn and started to suspect Jeremiah, they could have gone an interesting direction with the undercurrents of the unspoken "but she's adopted" in the Kara/Alex "I love Dad and you don't" argument, but there wasn't time for them to go there.

Clearly under some sort of duress, Jeremiah got what he needed out of the DEO mainframe, and escaped with the help of his Cyborg Superman-like arm. In the woods afterward as he was successfully escaping, Jeremiah told Alex that he'd done it for her, and I'm sure that's true. I also think Jeremiah really did want Alex to shoot him, that he wasn't just saying that. And now Cadmus has the National Alien Registry and a superweapon of some sort, which must be set-up for the final episodes of the season.

After the denouement, Alex cried in Maggie's arms, which was nice. I thought Kara would have a moment of anger and toss Mon-El out on his ear, mostly because he was right and insensitive, but no. Instead, Mon-El took Winn's advice and listened to Kara. Maybe there's hope for them yet.


-- It was so cute role reversal time when Kara brought Mon-El flowers after their first night together. It was fun that he stuck them in a lampshade.

-- Jeremiah told Mon-El in a threatening sort of way that he knew who Mon-El was. (We all know who Mon-El has to be by this time.) And Mon-El told Kara that if his father walked into the room, he'd run.

-- The way Kara repaired the train bridge collapse was a callback to the original Christopher Reeve Superman movies. Very nice.

-- Is Lynda Carter finally returning? I bet the president, whatever sort of alien she is, isn't on that registry.


Newscaster: "...and it's been quite a morning for Supergirl. National City's own feminist hero in a cape has already prevented five armed robberies, delivered a litter of puppies, and given one very lucky tugboat owner some extra help hauling a tanker."
Okay, cute, but what city has that many armed robberies so early in the morning?

Kara: "Wait. We have an HR?"

Winn: "Holy Cadmus cream egg."

Mon-El: "I'm at the DEO for two months before I can pee alone, and he just walks right back in?"

Mon-El: "What if Cadmus allowed us to rescue Jeremiah so he could sabotage us, just when this doomsday bomb is about to be detonated? I mean, think about it."
Winn: "Okay, you know what? I knew I shouldn't have given you my Netflix password because watching that much 24 at once is not healthy."

Kara: "But we did catch them red-handed."
Mon-El: "No, they were waving their red hands around in the air literally like they just didn't care."

Winn: "The last time I tried to play darts, I stabbed fish-head dude. I mean, he was nice about it, but..."
Mon-El: "Yeah. Kevin's awesome."
I don't know why this one made me laugh, but it did.

Unsatisfying. I want Jeremiah to come back for real. Two out of four Cadmus cream eggs,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I hope the character won't fall for such obvious plots next time around because this makes them feel not as intelligent as they are supposed to be. Having Mon'El as the voice of reason should really make you rethink you life choices. :)

  2. This was the episode that broke me. The idea that Alex and J'onn and Kara would be SO FREAKING STUPID drove me to distraction. J'onn never thought to read his mind? Kara has FREAKING X-RAY VISION. UGH IT WAS STUPID I CAN'T EVEN CONTINUE TO TALK ABOUT IT. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

    You're a hero for reviewing this one, Billie


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