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Supergirl: City of Lost Children

"That is a hero without a suit."

After sidelining or ignoring him for most of the season, Supergirl finally gets back to James Olsen, who has noticed that instead of making a difference, he's inspiring fear. I don't know, maybe if James rethought his costume? It's scary with the blank steely mask and all. And what is James doing breaking up an alien weed buy? Shouldn't he confine himself to fighting violent crimes?

While I've always liked Mehcad Brooks, there is no question that James Olsen has become increasingly irrelevant on this series, and I'm not sure a move into alien social work is the right way to go. I also thought it was a bit weird that Marcus the purple-eyed telekinetic alien identified with James because they were both African American, but I'll move on past that. I also thought that Alex trying to connect with Marcus using hamburgers was odd. What if the Phorians are vegetarian?

Surprise. It turns out that the strange power thingy that was making Marcus's mother crazy was the transmatter stargate created by Lena Luthor and her new alien mentor, Queen Rhea, who has now managed to bring the remaining starship-bound populace of Daxam to National City. An alien invasion is a pretty big cliffhanger. Although I'm thinking that the fact that the Daxam prince is Supergirl's boyfriend might factor in there somehow.

It's really a shame that Rhea is so evil, isn't it? She was actually giving Lena some encouragement and good advice about not envying her brother Lex, that the answer wasn't a thirst for power. It's also a shame that Mon-El wasn't quite ready to commit matricide, although it's probably too soon for him to go that far. He might change his mind when he discovers that his mom killed his dad.


-- Kara and Lena, lunch cuteness. Even I find them slashable, and I'm not into them.

-- Lena said that Lex was imprisoned on Stryker's Island.

-- Miss Teschmacher is back! I love that little connection to the Christopher Reeve movies.

-- Wow. Cracks all over the CatCo building. Is it still habitable?

-- J'onn shared that he didn't know what he wanted to do in life, but realized he was meant for law enforcement when his first daughter was born.

-- What happened to Lena and the others at the end? Did Rhea transmatter them somewhere?


James: "So people see this big guy in this scary mask and they freak out, they run away. Just like Clark's friend."
Winn: "Oh. You mean ... (points up) I feel like they're more... frenemies."
Are they talking about Batman?

Brian, the sharklike alien: "Where do you people come from? Oh, please don't shoot me! Come on, it's just a little bag of weed! It's for my anxiety. I was kidnapped recently and I'm very, very tense."

That's a reference to a really cute scene in "Exodus." They should keep bringing Brian back. He's fun.

Winn: "Maybe she should give him, like, some action figures. Right? Like if somebody had given me action figures when they interrogated me about my dad when I was ten, like, I would have sung like a canary. I'm just saying."
Sad little window into Winn's youth.

Mon-El: "A veritable pupu platter."
Kara: "Pupu!"
Mon-El: "I love saying that."
Kara: "Did you rip the seat off the toilet in my loft again and now you're just bringing me Chinese food so you don't get in trouble?"
Mon-El: "That was once. That was one time. And in my defense, you can be pretty scary when it comes to enforcing bathroom etiquette."

Rhea: "I'm happy to have mused you."

I noticed that I didn't have a lot to say about this episode. What does that make it? Two out of four pupu platters?

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Hiya Billie unrelated question. I agree with your opinions on this episode overall though I do look forward to Rhea's domination. I would have liked it better had it just been Rhea setting up her plan. My question is I sent you two movie reviews a yesterday (re-sent it today in case you didn't get it). If those emails to douxreviews@gmail.com do you think you could send me a reply in regards to your opinions on said reviews?


  2. Hi, Neal: Yes, we received it -- thanks. Anything management-related on the site I discuss with my site partner Josie Kafka before making a decision, and she's 'real life' busy right now. We'll get back to you soon, I promise.

  3. With the alien invasion happening right now I guess Cadmus will come back to fight them and maybe becomes a uneasy ally of the DEO for a while?

    The CatCo building looks unsalvagable. About time to write it out completely.

  4. So - why are there so many different races of aliens fleeing to Earth? I can understand conquering, but it is more difficult to understand why *all* the planets out there are screwed up. Have I napped or zoned during the answer to this question?


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