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The 100: The Chosen

"Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!..."

Clarke and co. have always knocked season finales out of the park, but this penultimate episode might be my favorite ever. It was layered with action and compelling character goodness and very, very well done.

The lottery was just as silly to me as it was when we first heard about it. In all honesty, I don't know a better way that it could have been done, but with the exception of Abby and Miller's dad and that one rando with the kid, people weren't giving their spots away to those that they love. Everyone was worried and shocked and sad to be sure but no one was actively thinking about what they had the power to do. That's not the side of humanity that is easy to watch.

What I think of Jaha is no secret. But seriously, his coup made no sense. It made me think of something I'd heard probably in some other show. Something about how the survival instinct will push someone to drown a person that they love while trying to save themselves. It doesn't make sense and when we are thinking clearly it would never happen, but when the instincts take over you no longer control yourself and unthinkable things happen. Is that what's happening here? Jaha has always needed to be in motion. To be moving toward a way or a plan. Sitting back and watching people walk out was just too much for him to take that he had to start moving and at least feel like he was trying. Maybe? But threatening to destroy the food supply — stupid. Not taking Octavia's warning seriously — stupid. I really can't with you, Jaha. Thank goodness for Kane.

There is something very cathartic about seeing Octavia get to stand up to Jaha right to his face. It's such an interesting journey that she's taken to get here and every step of it was earned. She's one of the most changed characters the show has to offer us and arguably the worst things that have happened to her happened on the Ark under Jaha's orders. I love the fact that she got the chance to tell him off. And not that he would see things this way (and maybe Octavia didn't either), but she had the power to send his ass outside to die in very much the same way that he killed her mother. She didn't. She's the bigger person. Go Octavia. You're a solid leader.

Abby's decision was a heavy one. She's been struggling with what is right and wrong and good guys vs. bad guys for as long as we've known her. Seeing her come to the conclusion that her life isn't worth any more than anyone else's was like her character coming full circle. But then Kane saved her anyway. We went through this already in "DNR." If a person is ready to die, isn't it wasteful to give them a spot over someone else? I mean, Ethan didn't have to lose his dad. Or Miller for that matter. Kane made a selfish choice. I mean Abby is a doctor, and therefore valuable, but I doubt that's why he told the grounders to keep her.

4 out 4 adorable orphans.

Bits and pieces

The hostility of the rounding up of Arkadians was confusing to me. Most people didn't know that they tried to steal the bunker, right? Why were they being such d-bags?

I'm not a huge fan of gore. I mean it doesn't exactly turn me off to a show, but it doesn't usually do anything good for me either. But all that very red blood against the white snow was somehow really pretty??

Murphy and Emori are still cute as can be.

It's interesting that a lot of who is left out of the original 100 are the ones going back to the Ark.

Echo isn't looking too hot, but for some reason I think it'll be kind of hilarious to see her in space so I'm hoping she pulls it together.

Octavia: "I’m one of you? You made me hide under the floor. You floated my mother. I’m not hiding anymore."

Abby: "Clarke, I told you that there were no good guys. But there are. You are."
I've been having some trouble with Abby lately, but for whatever faults she has she is a damn loving mother.

Octavia: "I didn't do this on my own."
Indra: "No leader ever does."

Kane: "If you don't stop this now, you're taking every bit of that salvation back. This is your moment."

Indra: "I'll do this for you."
Octavia: "No. My people, my responsibility."

Bellamy: "Seems like a shame to let a good rocket go to waste."
So said us all.


  1. I was really hoping Kain would have to kill Jaha to stop him to be honest, and I didn't really buy Jaha standing down. I actually wondered if Kain might join Abby in declining a place in the bunker. After all, wouldn't it make sense to put two people who had sacrificed their spots were in charge of the lottery?

    I liked Octavia telling off Jaha, too. Why should she be loyal to the Arkadians? Other than Bellamy she didn't know them before they came to earth, and voting Pike for Chancellor wouldn't endear them to her as a group.

  2. Jaha gets alot of shit..Rightfully so, he is easily the most annoying character..But i wasn't exactly annoyed with him here..Infact it struck me just how clueless Skaicru has been this whole time and im glad there numbers are being whittled down. The way they are so easily swayed one way or the other is unreal..I felt no sympathy for the instigator of the 'fight' until right at the end when Jaha picked up his son
    First Kane was in charge, he shock lashes Abby than puts her in charge, than he and Abby join forces but somehow lose overnight to Pike who is killed and then replaced by Clarke and Gang this season, who during a moment of weakness allow Jaha to start having influence again..
    I think melding All the people together was an incredible idea and the story has so mamy ways to go now..Will the grounders assimilate to Arker tech and there way of life, will other arkers follow Octavia and assimilate into grounder type lifestyle.
    ECHO IN SPACE has to happen...

  3. I'm so glad they are still using the rocket and going to space. I guess everything points to a 5 year skip between seasons after the dust settles. With one group in the bunker and one group in space. Unless the plan fails again and Clarke and co. wlll get stuck in the bunker.

    I still would want to see the flame in Clarke but I guess it's too late for that. Will have to settle for Space Echo. But if Fear the Walking Dead gets cancelled or kills off Lexa it would be even better to see it next season.

    From what I saw Jasper was already removed from the credits. They do act very quickly with killed-off characters. Roan was also removed last week already. Have we lost everyone we will lose this season or is the finale going to be another bloodbath?


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