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The Originals: High Water and a Devil's Daughter

"You can't hate someone who you loved for so long."

There comes a time every season that things are happening so quickly and changing so rapidly that I hardly know what to say in these reviews.

That time has arrived.

It's cute that Freya thought she'd take care of Dominic and the Hollow within a day. In time to grab drinks with her lady. But, of course, she and Keelin were both almost killed instead. In all seriousness, it was almost too silly that Keelin felt like she couldn't tell Freya that she wanted to stay in New Orleans for her. I mean, if she can hold you prisoner, then you can tell her whatever you want. Right? Or if you can conspire together to kill a new unkillable vampire/werewolf ultra hybrid then you can be honest about your feelings. I don't know. It just seems like they've gotten close enough that this wouldn't be an issue.

Poor Vincent. He really thought he could work with Elijah and not get his hands dirty, huh? Elijah's brutality is nothing new or even that shocking, but it does feel different. Less noble? Am I reading too much into this? Maybe it has something to do with the red door getting opened or the fact the Klaus' redemption is so close that it's driving Elijah a little nuts... I don't know. Early in the season, Elijah and Rebekah talked about what they wanted now that they aren't bound to saving their brother's soul. Bex took off and is, presumably, getting the freedom and fun that she always craved. Elijah is still on the same merry-go-round that they've always been on. Maybe that is what's taking a psychological toll. Constantly being faced with life and death unwinnable battles would take its toll on anyone. Either way it's sure to throw a wrench in the Hayljah ship that I so so so love being on. Boo. Pull it together, Elijah.

I am sure Klaus put Marcel in the same place that the latter held the former for the past five years as part of some kind of power trip. But I wonder if it's occurred to Marcel that he's being held in the same place that he used to keep his friends for decades at a time as punishment? Karma really is a bitch.


3 out of 4.

Bites and pieces

I am digging the Freya and Josh banter. I know he said never again, but I'd like more of this, please.

Hope and Marcel are friends now. Klaus and Elijah are going to looooove that.

I didn't realize until now that I haven't talked about Hayley almost at all. Her scenes with Klaus cleaning out the boxes were good. I like the two of them together as a parenting unit.

Hayley: "Thank you. I know it's not in your nature to keep violence out of this house."
Klaus: "We'll protect her innocence for as long as we can. We both know the importance of that. No one protected ours."

Freya: "Are you helping or are you whining?"
Josh: "If I say no, your brothers are going to do something totally uncool with my entrails."

Hope: "I'm seven, not stupid."

Freya: "I've broken through the last of his protection spells. You should leave."
Josh: "Uhhhh, I live here. Why don't you just kill the guy and help me dump the two bodies in my bathroom."

Vincent: "Do you remember at all what it's like to be a human being?"
Elijah: "Not really."
Vincent: "Because you just put four little girls' lives at risk."

1 comment:

  1. Suprising appearence of a Tyler Lockwood picture. Does it mean next week is finally VD crossover time? After Cami died the show is missing a blond love interest for Klaus, they should bring Caroline full-time to the show.

    There is also a glimmer of hope (pun intended) for a Davina ressurection now that she answered Vincent's plea.


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