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The Originals: Where You Left Your Heart

"Without the benefit of hindsight, how will we know if we're at the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end?"

That was a lot to take in. Even for this show.

For starters, it's been seven years and Hope is a far cry from the precocious little girl that was desperate for her mom to bring her dad back. She's got a plan of her own to find Klaus and she's making moves to get it done. If this weren't the last season, I would be worried that dealing with an all-powerful teenager with behavioral issues could really take a toll on my patience but I'm too excited to see how Klaus deals with someone who (as he and Caroline agree) is very much like himself.

And Caroline showed up right out of the gate! I had heard she'd show up eventually but I didn't realize she was going to be here right from the start. I've missed her. And yes, can we stop whining about Mikael? He sucked. We know. Freya isn't still crying about being sold by her mother to her insane aunt. Keep it moving, Klaus.

Klaus said he hadn't talked to Hope in five years. Was two years what it took for him to fly off the handle without his family or did something else happen to drive him away from his daughter?

I have been both greatly anticipating and dreading the premiere for the new season. On one hand, I've missed watching this crazy family. On the other I don't want this to be the last season and maybe even more importantly I don't want to face the possibility that one of my favorite shows could end disappointingly.

I've always thought of this show as not-so-equal parts of each sibling making up the whole. And even though they are more disconnected than ever by distance I enjoy that they are still so incredibly tied together. Even with Elijah sidelining himself, his siblings can't stay away forever. But the show isn't just about them anymore. They are a very important facet, but New Orleans and its seedy, supernatural underbelly has continued on without them. I couldn't help smiling watching Hayley, Vincent, Freya and Josh meet to talk about safety during Mardi Gras. It was like watching a high school dance committee meet to talk about prom. Vincent, the type-a cheerleader that is taking everything much more seriously that anyone else. Freya can't stop thinking about her girlfriend and Josh getting texts with input from his suspended bff. Even Hayley was making eyes at a cute boy.

Klaus told Rebekah that Elijah looks happy, and I'm not saying that I disagree. We've barely seen any of his new life and I have so many questions. Like why didn't he smell the blood on tap? Does he not remember that he's even a vampire? Did he get some kind of licensed therapist degree? But how can we be so sure that he's actually happy? Looking out for his insane family has always given him purpose. Does he have purpose now? I guess piano playing shrink can be something that gets a guy out of bed everyday. And let's be honest, Klaus has probably stalked him outside of work too so I guess we'll trust his assessment for now.

Rebecca was easily the most frustrating to watch. For practically as long as we've known her she's been trying to break free of her familial shadow and Klaus' ever-reaching grip. She's free. She's in a committed relationship (albeit a relationship that is boring as hell) and still she isn't happy.

I think we're off to a solid start for a final season.
4 out of 5 broken pacts? As premieres go, I can't think of anything I didn't like but I can't go with a full five stars right out of the gate, either.

Bites and pieces

Helping that boy make himself a hybrid was very dumb, but that is what teenagers do. Right? Make questionable choices?

Declan seems too good to be true.

I hope this isn't the only time we see Caroline but if they think my Haylijah ship can be assuaged by Klaroline, they are very, very wrong.

Also, seeing the old Salvatore house gave me a little pang.

It makes sense that Kol would take the separation from his siblings the easiest. Maybe that's why he seems to have such a nice relationship with Hope. No painful memories to contend with. He finally has the strong family connection with someone that he's always wanted. And he married Davina.

Is it a coincidence that the most powerful witch in the world just had her daddy dream date come true? Right after Kol told her that an emergency that would bring her father home? Sure.

Klaus: "I, myself, prefer Klaus the mad."

Kol: "I'm sure you've noticed by now, the best people are black sheep."
Hope: "Like my dad?"
Kol: "I was referring to me."
The Mikaelsons are a family of black sheep, aren't they?


  1. Does anyone wish we would see more of teh uneventfull 7 years instead of the inevetible battle against some big bad where family ties will be tested and everyone will yet again hate everyone.

    I hope the final season suprises me on that front and maybe 1-time everyone will work together against a common foe.

  2. Lovely review, Laure.

    I think what I'm the most concerned about is that I don't like the new Hope. And I wasn't that wild about the earlier and much younger Hope. We were supposed to leave the teenage shenanigans behind on The Vampire Diaries. I want a lot more of Hayley, Elijah, Kol, Davina, Josh and Vincent. And I'm feeling ambivalent about Klaus again. I wish he'd stayed heroic. It's a better look for him.

    Yeah, Patryk. I could definitely handle watching Elijah play the piano and talk to strangers for an episode or two. :) And the prom committee stuff, definitely.

  3. I thought they could have given Klaus a better reason for going on a rampage and not speaking to his daughter. He is taking out old enemies but i think it would have made more sense if he was taking out vengeful members of his sire line..Maybe he is and i missed it.

    I may have been imagining it but i picked up an air of mischief from Hope throughout the episode. She was very blase about giving her blood away and a boy dying,even after said boy returned after killing someone else.She didn't seem shaken at any point in the episode until she spoke to Klaus...Even when all signs point to Hayley hurt and missing she is cool as a cucumber. In a way im finding her petulance bearable as its so much like Klaus i just hope they allow her to display the cunning strategic side. and the conversation with Kol definitely sent up even more red flags. In the end Klaus is coming back and id like to think it was part of Hopes plan.


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