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Lucifer: Favorite Son

Review by An Honest Fangirl

This was the episode that hooked me on Lucifer.

The procedural elements are still there, and they still bring out the worst in Lucifer, but we've finally started to embrace exactly what it is that makes Lucifer different from other cop procedurals. And that is the fact that we have the Devil as our lead character.

Lucifer is a very charming guy. I've said this before, but he's rather likable. He doesn't act like how you'd expect the Devil to act. So when he does let his rage get the better of him, he is very scary. Both Chloe and Linda looked scared of him at different points in this episode. And it makes sense. They think that he's human, that he's like them. Chloe doesn't know what Renny saw to make him jump, only that his reaction to Lucifer made him do it. Linda tries to help Lucifer by working within his "metaphor," only for him to get incredibly violent.

That may have been my favorite scene. Linda genuinely wants to help Lucifer, and I can't help but feel like she's actually making progress. For a few moments, Lucifer dropped the act. He was honest, and honestly upset and hurt by everything his father has done to him. I wonder how the conversation would have gone if Lucifer still had his wings. Would he have actually considered going back to Hell?

I think Maze would throw a party if he did. I sound like a broken record, but all of her scenes were fantastic. Stick her with any character, and the screen just lights up. She and Dan actually made a wonderful pairing. In the comedy sense, not the shipping sense. I'm not sure which is funnier: Dan coming back in a light pink track suit, Maze immediately asking if Dan and Chloe had sex, or the fact that Maze even thought of this idea to begin with.

Dan actually had a very good episode. He was very cute with Trixie. I actually believe that he's her father, and that he loves her and Chloe. Dan and Chloe are obviously trying to be good parents, and to present a united front for Trixie. It almost makes me feel bad for wanting Chloe and Lucifer to get together. Almost. I just don't want Lucifer to sacrifice Dan, in either a literal or a character sense, in order to make that happen.

Random Thoughts

Who would be stupid enough to steal the Devil's wings? You have to know that Lucifer isn't going to be very happy with you.

Lucifer said that he never made humans do anything.

Very nice moment when Lucifer told Chloe that he would never lie to her. And he didn't. There really were Russian nesting dolls in the container.

This is where Lucifer finally starts to get really good.

8.8 out of 10

~An Honest Fangirl


  1. I agree that this was the first truly great episode. I've just started binging this show and I'm loving these reviews! Although I could do without Lucifer's version of sinnerman. There is not one person in the world who can do that song justice other than Nina Simone.

  2. And the episode that made me fall in love with Lucifer.
    He sings, fo God's sake! Rrrrrr, this cover of "Sinnerman", his voice, his magnetic beauty transfigured by his jubilation and zest for life, aaawww sorry but I can't, I want to marry this guy!
    (coughs, coughs) Right.
    What a great episode! Both character development and mythology make a giant leap here. It's the first one where Lucifer stops being that charming sassy scoundrel who pretends not to give a toss about anything or anybody to show us true flaws, a true weakness, true emotions.
    Whereas he starts this episode joyful and singing, he ends it almost destroyed, hurt to his very core by the sermon Amenadiel treacherously manipulated poor Linda to say him, cracked by these words to the point where he breaks, litterally exploding into powerless fury and despite in what is the most violent scene so far at that point of the show.
    Because He who never wanted to be Lucifer, the devil mistakenly charged with all evil, cannot either be Samael, the brightest angel and favorite son of God.
    What a schock, this episode!

  3. I loved that pink tracksuit, but I really, really loved that they just let the visual gag do its work and nobody called attention to it with a line.

    Random Southern California quibble: why was the LAPD doing anything in Long Beach? Long Beach has its own PD.

    "Sinnerman" is one of my favorites, and I was surprised by how well it worked here.

  4. All kudos to whomever designed those wings. They are things of beauty. Plus, the "flesh" still connected made them seem all the more real.


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