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Lucifer: Wingman

Review by An Honest Fangirl

Look, I don't care how beautiful those wings are, why would anyone steal angel wings? Especially when you get a random tip telling you where they are? You have to know that it won't end well.

Amenadiel as a character really came into his own this episode. We got interesting information about him, great banter with Lucifer, and saw him make enough choices to make me worried. Just how close is he to falling? Lucifer seemed to imply that Amenadiel was very close to following in his footsteps. Is this a side effect from Amenadiel having to patrol the gates of Hell? Is it rubbing off on him?

Granted, he has never been presented as a "Good Guy," — he's always been incredibly hostile to Lucifer and his recent life choices — but still. He was willing to let the wings enter into the general populace. Something that brought divinity to humanity. That has to be a huge no-no, right? Similar question regarding Malcolm. Why did Amenadiel resurrect him? Obviously as a tool to get Lucifer to return to Hell, why Malcolm specifically?

I really wish that Amenadiel gives up this crusade against Lucifer sooner rather than later. The scenes between Tom Ellis and D.B. Woodside were my favorite by far. They have awesome chemistry together when they're just bantering. Or when Amenadiel is relishing the idea of Lucifer being killed by an insignificant thug.

Amenadiel's plan centered on trying to get Lucifer to realize that he missed being in Hell. And, according to Lucifer, it almost worked. The first time I watched this episode, my jaw hit the ground when the wings went up in smoke. Looking back, I probably should have expected it. That was the only way that the scene could logically progress. Lucifer has made it blatantly clear that he has no intention of returning to Hell.

I'm curious how that'll affect his relationship with Maze. He was going to release her from her vow, wasn't he? And yes, Maze told him that she would always be there for him, that they were a team. But she also kept a feather from Lucifer's wings. She isn't completely letting go of the man that he was before they came to LA. And I can't imagine that she'd be very happy that Chloe is encroaching into her life.

The last scene in Lux was very interesting from a purely staging perspective. When Maze was talking to Lucifer, she stayed on his right side, the side that wasn't bruised and beaten. She was on the side of Lucifer that was still angelic, still perfect. But when Chloe came in, she came in on Lucifer's left side. The side that was bruised, the side that showed his humanity and mortality. It's a good way to represent what each woman brings out in Lucifer, and what it is that they see in Lucifer. Maze still views him as the angelic, devilish King of Hell. Chloe sees Lucifer as human. A little odd, maybe, but still human.

I briefly touched on Malcolm earlier, but I should probably discuss the Palmetto case in more depth. There is a line between wanting to know the truth, and knowing when enough is enough. I'm not sure that Chloe knows where that line is. Malcolm was being taken off life support. She should have let his family have some measure of peace. But now that Malcolm is alive, I can't see Chloe letting this go. Especially now that she knows that a third person, someone with a precinct key, was at the warehouse. Common wisdom tells us that this mystery person is someone that we already know. But who?

Random Thoughts

Chloe looked absolutely fantastic in that dress.

This might have been the episode that confirmed me as a Lucifer/Chloe shipper. That scene at the end with the piano, and the way Lucifer looks at her...

Loved the scene in the beginning when Lucifer and Maze were just casually talking over the drowning smuggler. ...That sounds bad out of context.

Lucifer flashed his coin numerous times this episode. We've seen it a couple of times before.

Lucifer's wings really were beautiful.

Another really, really good episode. It was just so much fun.

9.0 out of 10

~An Honest Fangirl


  1. This is where the show started to click with me -- it was Lucifer and what he did with his wings.

    Fangirl, I really liked what you said about Maze and Chloe and how they see different sides of Lucifer, and the actual, literal thing about which sides they took. It took me awhile to get into the Lucifer/Chloe ship (does that one have a portmaneau name? Luciclo? Chloifer?) but I'm there now, mostly because while Tom Ellis was always awesome, right from the first episode, it took awhile for Lauren German to make me care about Chloe.

    I was also completely uninterested in the Palmetto case. :)

  2. Yeah, Chloe does take a lot longer to shine. She's never a bad character, but she pales in companions to Lucifer. To be fair, basically everyone does at first. But it's honestly a testament to the show that I end up liking and caring about each and every one... well, each and every one who isn't directly involved with the Palmetto case...

    Oh! And the ship's name is Deckerstar. :)

  3. Shout out to the props department. Those wings were absolutely stunning. But... the fact that Lucifer's flesh was still there at the attachment site made them so real somehow.

    It's not easy to make something both horrific and breathtakingly beautiful at the same time.

  4. Yes! Like Billie, this is the episode that did it for me. Last week's had potential, but this one knocked it out of the park. I felt bad for the auction guy, too. He got to see something incredible, but all he could do was want to possess it.

    Southern California note: it was implied in the last episode but made more obvious here. Lucifer definitely washed up on a Long Beach beach. There's something comical about that, since the LA river also drains to the Long Beach beaches.


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