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Lucifer: Lady Parts

Review by An Honest Fangirl

Is this the funniest and most fun episode that Lucifer's had so far? It's definitely a contender for the title.

Should I start with the tiki bar? I think that I need to start with the tiki bar. That scene was just pure fun. It was a real treat to see our four female characters all interact with each other. They're usually isolated from each other, or at the very least have Lucifer there to act as a sort of buffer. I could genuinely buy them as a group of friends. They had a good mix of personalities between Linda being the Mom Friend, Ella being the excitable one who likes fruity drinks, Maze being the overly protective Friend, and Chloe being the Straight Man.

Poor Chloe seriously did need a night out. When she listed all of the things that she was worried about, it really hit me that she's going through a really tough time. It's nice to know that she has a group of women to fall back on, no matter what their original intentions were.

Maze may have gone into that night with the sole intention of winning the bet, but she definitely softened towards Chloe. As she said, she no longer wants to kill Chloe. That's some serious progress. I can't wait to see them actually rooming together. I honestly think that it'll go well. Maze already likes Trixie. What's the worst that could happen?

That's assuming that Chloe survives the next 24 hours or so. I highly doubt that that car accident killed her; she's one of the leads and we're only 4 episodes into the season. But Amenadiel was right. God isn't just going to let Lucifer back out of the deal, and I think that Lucifer knew that. Why else would he be hell bent (heh, sorry) on distracting himself? Charlotte wasn't in this episode all that much, but she hung over every scene like a ghost.

Lucifer's reaction when Amenadiel finally confronted him was very telling. He was obviously scared, and tried and failed to cover it up with bravado. The first time that I watched the episode, I thought that Lucifer was shrugging off Chloe's importance to him, instead of her importance to God. His dismissal of a single soul's importance to God is very telling. It's becoming increasingly clear since last season's finale that Chloe is very important to Lucifer. I can easily see her life being threatened being the thing that finally pushes him to return Charlotte to Hell.

But can Lucifer physically do that? Remember, he cut off his wings. I was under the impression that he couldn't easily travel between worlds, or dimensions, or whatever it is anymore. That's why Amenadiel can't return Charlotte to Hell, right? His wings are decaying rapidly. He can't leave Earth anymore. So how is Lucifer supposed to return Charlotte to Hell? He can't kill her; she'll just hop into another body. Unless maybe those demon daggers make another appearance?

I want to talk a little bit about the episode's structure. There were so many parallel scenes. The women ask for tequila and say keep it coming, and Lucifer does the same thing in the very next scene with bourbon and Amenadiel. Dan lightly pokes fun at Chloe after the events at the tiki bar, and Chloe lightly pokes fun at Dan for the events at the sex party. It helped the episode's flow, and reinforced where each of the characters were in relation to each other. Amenadiel and Chloe are in very similar spots. Both are dealing with this earth shattering changes in their lives, and they both feel like the have no one to really fall back on. Except that "Lady Parts" showed that they both have people who care about them and who want to support them. And I'm glad that they have that.

Random Thoughts

The guy in the opener's only lines were "Damn it, Leroy."

Whenever I hear the name Leroy, I can only ever think of Leroy Jenkins.

Apparently, angels can get hangovers.

Of course Chloe is the kind of person to know exactly when she blacked out.

There's a special place in Hell for women who pretend to be friends with and manipulate other women.

Linda used to be a phone sex operator, and Ella used to steal cars. And Maze was forged in the fires of Hell to torture mortals for all eternity, of course.

The writers need to pair Dan and Lucifer together more often. They play off of each other wonderfully.

Wait, what exactly was the time line for this episode? Were the tiki bar and the sex party during the same night?

I grinned when Lucifer started to flirt with Ella and invited her to Lux, only to immediately shut it down when he caught Chloe glaring at him.

This episode was just so much fun.

9.5 out of 10

~An Honest Fangirl


  1. Really enjoyable episode. I loved every moment of "ladies night." :)

  2. "They had a good mix of personalities between Linda being the Mom Friend, Ella being the excitable one who likes fruity drinks, Maze being the overly protective Friend, and Chloe being the Straight Man."

    I never thought I had anything in common with Maze until I read this sentence.


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