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Lucifer: Weaponizer

Review by An Honest Fangirl

Damn it, Lucifer. I wasn't expecting to cry today. Not fair, playing with my emotions like that.

There was this feeling of dread that permeated the entire episode, even as it tried to fool us with its humor. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. It was almost enough to keep me from enjoying the genuinely funny parts of this episode. Almost. Chloe was right; Lucifer and Dan geeking out about the action film franchise was adorable. Lucifer and Ella's brief interaction at the crime scene was also very good. She is slowly starting to grow on me. Slowly.

But I kept waiting for it to all go horrible wrong, and boy, did it ever. Lucifer completely erased his brother from existence. As soon as Uriel showed that he had Azrael's blade, it was inevitable that it would be used. That final scene with Lucifer and Charlotte made me cry. They both just looked so broken. Yes, Chloe and Charlotte were safe, but at a terrible cost. No one involved wanted that to happen. Lucifer looked for a peaceful solution until the end. Maybe that's why Uriel didn't see it coming; killing his brother was so far away from what Lucifer had wanted to do.

I didn't realize that everyone had just assumed that exact nature of the deal that Lucifer had made with God. When Uriel appeared, it seemed that Amenadiel was right; God was punishing Lucifer for not upholding his end of the bargain. But then Uriel said that he was there on his own, that God didn't send him. So, is God okay with Charlotte staying on Earth? Or is it like Lucifer said, that He doesn't care about one human soul?

Uriel seemed convinced that Charlotte would find her way into Heaven and destroy God. I'm not sure whether or not I believe him. On one hand, he can see patterns. He would, hypothetically, be able to predict the general shape of Charlotte's plans, even if he can't see every detail. But on the other hand, Charlotte has shown time and time again that she's willing to return to Hell for the sake of her children. I'm sure that if she had known that Lucifer would be forced to kill Uriel, then she would have gone to the church in a heartbeat, no matter what anyone else said. Who are we supposed to believe? Was Uriel insane, or was he right?

At least everyone now knows that Amenadiel has lost his powers. It seems like I was right. Amenadiel is a fallen angel now. But that still doesn't explain why Amenadiel doesn't have his powers while Lucifer still does. Lucifer cut off his wings and everything, but he still has access to his strength and his desire superpower. Except for when he's around Chloe, of course. Is there something more going on with Amenadiel? The confrontation on the rooftop was almost hard to watch. For someone who started off as a clear villain in the beginning of the show, it surprised me how much I hated seeing Uriel beat his big brother into a pulp. Amenadiel had grown on me without me noticing it at all.

The reactions of Maze and Lucifer when they found out about Amenadiel's situation were very telling. Yes, Maze said that she needed space to figure out where she belonged on Earth, but she very clearly still cares about Amenadiel. She was furious at Lucifer for not listening to her and for putting Amenadiel in harm's way. I just kept watching Lucifer's face as he processed the news. He looked very distressed. If anyone knew what it was that Amenadiel was going through, then it was definitely Lucifer. If the immediate situation had been different, I highly doubt that Lucifer would have brushed Amenadiel off so coldly.

As it was, Lucifer had a detective to protect. Lucifer's emotional arc this season has really been about how much he cares for Chloe. Uriel said that he cared about Chloe more than Charlotte, and I think that I agree with him. Lucifer was laser focused on her safety. Which just made her question of "Since when do you care about my wellbeing?" all the more heartbreaking. Lucifer's face said it all.

The Case of the Week was okay. It's always nice to see Charisma Carpenter on my screen again. But whenever it episode would focus on the case, I kept impatiently waiting for it to return to the more angelic plot. I was also expecting a few more Final Destination moments. We only really got two, which I can't help but think is a missed opportunity. It did give us a very good scene with Chloe talking Kimo down. I really felt her desperation when she said that all she wanted was to be able to read a bedtime story to her daughter. I'll admit, I got a little choked up.

Random Thoughts

The Angel of Death is a she. I wonder if we'll ever see her.

No Linda this episode?

Amenadiel is the oldest angel. Did we know that?

The wings always look so good on this show.

Tom Ellis really knocked it out of the park this episode.

This might have been my favorite episode to date.

9.8 out of 10

~An Honest Fangirl


  1. I'm also really intrigued that the angel of death is female. Now I really want her to look like Death from the Sandman comics, where Lucifer's character originated.

  2. I'm surprised you didn't talk more about Lucifer and Dan bonding over their love for Kimo's movies, after asking for more Lucifer/Dan pairing last episode. Where the first season was reminding me of Remington Steele, season 2 is channeling Supernatural for me. Dean Winchester would have fit right in with Lucifer and the idea that God has abandoned heaven and left the angels to their own devices is very reminiscent of their plotlines. Also, when did Amara get introduced in Supernatural? Did God's female counterpart appear in Lucifer first or Supernatural?

  3. Amara was introduced first, in 2015. Which is actually before Lucifer even started airing, since that premiered in January of 2016. So she was first, although obviously the relationship between her and Chuck is very different than the one between God and Charlotte.

    You're definitely not the only one who noticed the Supernatural similarities. Billie and I actually wrote an article a few years back comparing different characters between the two shows!

  4. Ah, I'll have to look up that article. I vaguely remember it, but didn't pay much attention since I hadn't seen Lucifer at the time.


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