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Lucifer: What Would Lucifer Do?

Review by An Honest Fangirl

"Wings as an honor? Is this a joke?"

I have some mixed feelings about this episode, lovely readers. Some really mixed feelings.

There were some really great scenes that I really enjoyed. Amenadiel walking a miles in Lucifer's Italian loafers only to wind up in jail was hilarious, as was Dan's reaction. I'm really glad that they brought back that friendship. It's a great relationship that doesn't get nearly enough love.

I also loved the final confrontation between Lucifer and Amenadiel. There was just a lot going on there. Amenadiel has decided to be a good, supportive big brother, but Lucifer is not the in the proper emotional place to accept this. He's hurt, guilty, confused about who he is and what he's supposed to be doing. Lucifer's speech about the tortured soul who just wanted attention was strangely moving. Lucifer said that the soul was Amenadiel, but I actually wonder if it's Lucifer instead. I don't know if Lucifer is full of self-loathing or not, but he's certainly torturing himself to some degree. Like Amenadiel said, Lucifer wasn't punishing a guilty human. He was punishing himself.

My heart broke a little when Lucifer said "But I wasn't" with Chloe when she was in danger. Despite the recent strain on their relationship, Lucifer does care deeply about her. But everything that he's been doing recently only seems to be pushing her further away. Pierce's attitude probably isn't helping that.

Yeah, that's where the mixed feelings are coming from. There have been a couple of episodes where Lucifer has actively annoyed me, but those were a long time ago. It wasn't a very nice feeling to return to. I understand that Lucifer has the emotional maturity of a twelve year old, but his antics wore thin. He literally had teens running a drug operation as he rode around on a white horse. It wasn't really all that amusing. I just wondered why he wasn't arrested. I'm fairly certain that that was highly illegal.

I also don't like this Pierce/Chloe romantic relationship that's forming, mostly because I simply didn't see whatever it was that Ella was seeing. I bought the chemistry once we got to the hospital scene. But by then the damage had been done. I just can't condone the way that he's been treating Chloe. You can't treat Chloe like crap and then suddenly turn around and say that she's your best detective. It feels almost like gas lighting.

I just really think that Pierce is a bad guy. I don't know if he's the Sinnerman, but he's definitely not on the side of good. I actually started to wonder if he was some kind of supernatural creature. Something about the way he said that he had never been this close to death before started to ring some alarm bells. Maybe Chloe's miracle status is affecting him too?

Random Thoughts

No Linda or Maze this episode. Or Trixie.

Chloe is a bad ass. Damn straight.

The piano is back, but Lucifer didn't play it. Sadly.

The Devil has Instagram, Snapchat, and Gindr.


Amenadiel: Listen, I've been waiting here to tell you that I finally figured out what my task is from Father to get my powers back.
Lucifer: Ah? Well, this should be the opposite of interesting.
Amenadiel: It's you, Brother. You are my task.
Lucifer: Slightly more interesting.

Pierce: Well done, Lucifer. Way to be a good influence.
Lucifer: How dare you say that!

Amenadiel: Guess what?
Lady at Lux: What?
Amenadiel: You get to have sex with me.

Lucifer: Hugs, not drugs. No, no, sorry. Reverse that one. Drugs, not hugs.

Next week, it looks like we have the return of Charlotte Richards. Yay!
An Honest Fangirl loves superheroes, science fiction, fantasy, and really bad horror movies. 


  1. Yup, if Pierce isn't Sinnerman himself he is at least working for him. The way he said "I can see why Lucifer is... affected by you" or something like seemed to be a double entendre on how he knows Chloe acts as Lucifer's kryptonite.

  2. Totally with you, Fangirl. This felt like it should be a season one episode because I felt like Lucifer had gotten past this point in his quest for maturity. And Pierce as a love interest for Chloe absolutely doesn't work for me.

    I did laugh at the white board, though. And the horse.

  3. OK, so, my reaction is VERY different.

    First of all, I HATED Amenadiel trying on Lucifer persona. I've seen people trying to be who they are not a dozen times at least, and I'm sick of it. Chloe did it last season, but thankfully it was very short, she just concluded that it doesn't work, and that was it.

    On the other hand, I'm still convinced Pierce is a good guy. And that he would probably die.

    And thirdly, please, please, Elohim, do NOT bring Charlotte back as a regular. On the other hand, in the episode after next we are getting back ex-Mrs-Morningstar, and that is simply great, so, I can endure Charlotte for one episode.

  4. The episode that marked a breakdown in my relationship with Lucifer.
    Honest Fangirl in the review above praises the final scene between Amenadiel and Lucifer; I have to confess that, no matter how brilliantly written and acted it is, it horrified me. I simply don't recognize the kind, caring and almost heroic Lucifer whom I came to love in the gratuitous nastiness he throws to his brother's face with a bloodcurdling violence. To me, the writers simply destroyed the character here.
    Seriously! Sex (during a case and instead of assisting his partner), drug, verbal and physical violence, incitement to commit a crime... what kind of character development is this?!
    The scene where he teaches how to sell drugs to teenagers who seem to consider it as normal is so inappropriate, awkward and ludicrous that it is not even funny and, worst, doesn't feel like Lucifer at all, and the one where Amenadiel tries to put himself in Lucifer's shoes and harrasses women with the most utter vulgarity is an almost unbearable height of discomfort.
    And speaking of discomfort, I really have a persistent issue with Pierce. Three episodes that we see him, three episodes that I hate him and can't bear him. Did the writers really have to characterize him as such an obnoxious cold scheming asshole? He litterally has nothing likeable, I absolutely don't see anything in him or between him and Chloe of what Ella seems to see, and what is grave is that it is her salacious and totally out-of-character comments about him that magically make Chloe like him too...
    ...that's why Chloe's damsel-in-distress-enthralled-by-her-savior behavior and Pierce's thinly-veiled smooth-talk when she visits him in the hospital INFURIATED me.
    Come on, is this show called Lucifer or Marcus Pierce?!

  5. I'm halfway through this episode and utterly stunned. Lucifer gets a groups of teenagers to build a drug processing center in, like, two minutes? We're supposed to think it's cute?

    I also don't see the idea of romance that Ella's sees. So confused.

    I may skip the rest of this episode. It just feels wrong.


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