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Arrow: Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2

"When you said Earth-X was horrible, you might have undersold it.”

If round 1 went to our heroes then round 2 definitely went to the Earth-Xes.

Where to begin? Well at least now we know what the Earth-Xers want. They want to conquer a new Earth, which was kind of a given and Dark Oliver wants to save his wife, Dark Kara. Which shocked the hell out of me. Although, I’m still not clear on a couple of things. Is Dark Oliver the Fuhrer? And how does Eobard fit into all of this? How is he even alive? He’s from Earth 1. Did he deliberately travel to Earth-X with an invasion plan? Did he get stuck there and bargain his way to prominence? Clearly there is no love lost between him and our dark power couple.

They weren’t the only couple having issues. Felicity is gun shy about marrying Oliver – literally. She doesn't want to marry Oliver because she believes she'd be tempting fate. It's not like they've had a great track record with engagements. But they were engaged. And in Oliver’s opinion, if she loved him enough to say yes then, she must not love him enough now. They agreed to hold off on that conversation until he got back but considering that Oliver is now in a different universe, it could take awhile.

Stein can’t understand why Jax is so upset with him. In his mind his departure costs Jax nothing. That is not true. Jax was happy being a Legend, he was happy being Firestorm, and he was happy being with Stein. He may have made his peace with losing his powers but he can’t help how he feels about losing the only father he’s ever known. Unfortunately, there are no good answers here.

In another life (or another world) Alex and Sara would make a great couple. They are certainly one of my favorite things about this crossover so far. As it stands, all Sara does is serve as a reminder of what Alex had with Maggie. One night stands can never compete with a loving committed relationship. But is Alex worried wanting children wasn’t a good enough reason to let Maggie go or that she’ll never find someone else?

And there were so many other interesting things to keep our eyes on as the story progresses. I, for one, think Eobard’s assessment of Oliver is right on the money. He chose saving his son over letting a serial killer go free but just last week he chose saving Star City over the promise he made to that same son. Or there’s the possibility that Dark Kara sacrifices herself as she promised. Since the theme of the series so far seems to be “love conquers all,” I’m thinking their love for each other may be the secret to our heroes' success.

Then there’s Tommy. It was so nice to see him alive and kicking, however briefly. I wondered why Tommy didn’t kill himself at the church as Dark Oliver suggested. I think he was curious. Tommy wanted to see if this Oliver was anything like his best friend. In his opinion Oliver was found wanting. Which goes back to our theme. The Earth-Xes view expressing emotion as a weakness which means that has to be the secret to beating them.

It appears that Oliver is the strategist whatever world he’s on. The darker version understands that their counterparts will choose saving people over capturing him and his allies. Then he gave our heroes just enough information to distract them from his real agenda and he knew enough to keep one of his major chess pieces (Metallo) off the board until he really needed him. For those of you who may not know, Metallo is usually a cyborg (although he seems to be a robot in this version) that uses Kryptonite as a power source. This cannot be good.

There is some good news. There are quite a few Earth-1 chess pieces that aren’t on the board yet either. We have have a ship full that’s currently stuck in the stone age and it’s only a matter of time till Cisco wakes up and finds a way to free the rest of team Arrow, right? Right?

Since this is only the second part of a four parter, I don't feel comfortable giving it a rating but I'm certainly enjoying the ride.

Parting Thoughts:

I squealed when Prometheus took his mask off.

I loved Supergirl and The Flash waiting for the Green Arrow to show up. “Just a quick reminder. Super speed – I don’t have it.”

Mick, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

This episode was directed by Producer and Stunt Coordinator James Bamford. It explains so much about the fight scenes.


Mick: "He's a crony."
Sara: "He's an anachronism."
Mick: "That's what I said."

Barry: "Visitors from another Earth?"
Jax: "Whoa, there's more than one?"

Barry: "Good thing we have a metric ton of smart people in this building… and Rory."

Tommy: "Then you really are a special kind of idiot."

Tommy: "Everyone you love is going to die badly, in ways that would give even monsters nightmares."

Eobard: "Here’s what I suggest. I'll stop vibrating my hand; you stop breaking my wrist; and you be 10% less brooding."

Oliver: "Caitlin and Wells are trying to track down the Earth-Xers using some sort of dimensional... something?"

Kara: “His wife? Gross! No offense.”

Kara: “Is that a Kryptonite arrow? Why do you have a Kryptonite arrow?”
Oliver: “In case an evil you ever showed up.”

Mick: "Mustard. You people have breaches but no mustard?"

Dark Oliver: “Anyone else want to be a hero?”
Curtis: “They wanted to wait, but I didn’t think we’d ever get a better entry line than that.”

(Here is a link to "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 3.")

Shari loves sci-fi, fantasy, supernatural, and anything with a cape.


  1. “Just a quick reminder. Super speed – I don’t have it.”
    Oliver is so much fun around Barry and Kara and its testament to his skill and cunning he can still remain valuable.( He really is batman) Kryptonite Arrow and everything. Even better was his silly little wheelie before getting off the bike...''Fuck your flight and super speed i can wheelie''

    I felt so wrong for really liking the dynamic between Oliver X and Kara X, they were villains we could care about and the married angle was amusing but strangely intriguing. Such different characters they make a perfect team , that goes for the good Oliver and Kara too.

    Eobard played the perfect agent of chaos with lines like '' i will kill you before you birth your next thought'' something about that delivery had me in stitches.

    Cisco was knocked out all episode....

    I wanted more Mick and Killer Frost.

  2. I am right there with you. I can totally see how Oliver and Kara could get together especially in a society so dedicated to a single overriding cause. They have such respect for each other and I could see how that could grow into more. I think it's one of the reasons he fell for Felicity.

    I almost included Eobard's quote (I had about 6 others) but the "10% less brooding" line happened about 2 seconds later and it just made me laugh.

    There should always be more Mick and more Killer Frost and no Cisco is a crime against humanity.

    There were so many other things I wanted to talk about but it would have been novel length so I had to let it go. Thanks for reading.

  3. Seriously, this episode had so many great lines! Thanks for including my most favorite ones, Shari.

    Sad that Cisco is knocked out, but when he wakes up I think he'll be the ultimate secret weapon and banish the Nazis with his Vibe powers... so probably no wake up call until part 4.

    I think they definitely made this the battle-heavy part of the crossover (I haven't seen parts 3 and 4 yet) because of James Bamford's directing. Arrow definitely has the best fight scenes out of all the CW superhero shoes.

  4. I agree about the lines. I had a hard time not narrowing them down. As for the fight scenes, I think we also have to give credit to Stephen and the rest of the cast. They are amazing athletes that give James a lot to work with.

    Thanks for reading.

  5. The fact the ollie has a kryptonite arrow implies that there are kryptonians on Earth-1.


  6. Wells all but confirmed that Earth-1 also has a Kara because he said there are 53 of them (just like the earths). It would nicely open-up a crossover with Melissa without actual Supergirl.

    Also what version of Eobard is that, we saw him erased and we saw him taken by the Black Flash, lets hope it's a remnant that will be erased too at the end of the crossover. Enough evil speedsters.

  7. He said there were 53 Kara's but that doesn't necessarily mean she's on Earth-1. Maybe in this universe, Krypton didn't explode. Although, if that was the case, I'd really like to know how Oliver got the Krypton arrow.

  8. I guess they are leaving a loophole in case Supergirl gets cancelled to tranfer the actors. Like to Legends of Tommorow. Can't wait to see the last 2 parts of the crossover.

  9. The fights scenes are all great. It's a pity that they bought back Tommy and only give him one scene. They could have taken out all the olicity stuff and put more Tommy in, and the episode would be better for it.

    Melissa's too Karas are different, but Stephen played the Dark Oliver and regular Oliver exactly the same. I could only differentiate them by their clothes.


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