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The 100: Eden

"So what now? What happens to the commander of death when there's no one left to kill?"

This wasn't the first season of The 100 that felt like a reset right back to season one, but 'Eden' made me think of the early days even more than usual.

I appreciated seeing Clarke suffering solo for as long as we did. Eliza Taylor was acting her pants off but there was still something ringing dishonest for me. The longer it went on, the more it built and the easier it was to stomach. So to speak. Eating the bugs off the grill of the rover and contemplating suicide in the sand were as far as the writers thought they could take her. Not that it matters, but I disagree. I think it might have been interesting to see more of how Clarke survived.

Clarke has always been 'plagued' with ever renewing hope. There is always something to be done. An idea to think of. A path to find. An answer to the question. It is what keeps her alive and often times has gotten her into trouble. That's what the bird symbolized, right? Another chance. Another option. Then she shot it. That's some heavy handed symbolism. But hey, we've all been hangry before.

I definitely would've liked to see how Clarke and Maddie built their relationship instead of being forced to accept that they have one. Okay, okay as the only people on earth the odds were pretty stacked that they would find a way to get along. Do we like Maddie? Who knows.

In the sky, there's a lot of relationship drama. Murphy and Emory are on the outs and if you had asked me last season I would've for sure been against it. But seeing Emory lit up being part of the group was worth it. Palling around with everyone and defending Raven... she seems so legitimately happy. It only endeared her to me more. Bellamy and Echo are shacking up. Not mad about it. I'm pretty sure Bellamy is delusional about his sister's capacity for forgiveness, though. She doesn't seem any less stubborn from her throne than she was last season. I guess we'll find out about that and the fight club happenings next week. Monty and Harper are still going strong. It's nice to see some things stay the same but if she doesn't start paying attention to his desperation to be a different kind of survivor, I smell trouble coming for them. Interestingly, I enjoyed our time on the Ark more than anywhere else. We learned a lot about how they've been spending their time and what they've been working on and how the relationships have changed.

I just don't know, you guys. As a premiere, it did its job. I'm looking forward to the season. And hey, they did have a lot of catch up and set up to do. But still I didn't like it as much as I should have.

3 out of 5 trips to Clarke Griffin's Hair Salon

Bits and pieces

It's a small thing but I appreciated that what we have seen in previews wasn't regurgitated to us on screen all over again.

I kept thinking that the campsite looked like something straight out of Coachella. Pretty sure it's gonna belong to the prison crew now.

With their fancy weapons and ship of prisoners, looks like the new kids on the block are the Sky Crew. Does that make Clarke/Maddie Grounders and Octavia and the bunker the new Mountain Men? Hopefully that isn't an indication of what's been going on in there. Yikes.

Bellamy: "You know what your problem is?"
Murphy: "This ought to be good."
Bellamy: "You liked being a hero and up here there are no heroes."

Murphy: "Or it's manned by aliens who prefer anal probes to radios."

Monty: "I don't want to be that person anymore."

Zeke: "What's it mean?"
Charmaine: "It means we aren't alone."


  1. Yeah, the Ark was the most fun part. Who knew the Murphy/Emori forever love couldn't survive six years trapped in a can together?

    I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with this entirely new set-up. Completely shaking things up is something this show does well.

  2. I hope we'll get at least some more flashbacks in future episodes. Especially to what happened in the bunker, but some Ark flashbacks would not hurt either.


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