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The Originals: One Wrong Turn on Bourbon

"My family sacrificed everything to save me. I'm supposed to be worth it."

I wasn't sure I'd make it through the end of this tantrum.

Maybe I'm drinking too much of the fortune teller's Kool-aid, but Hope is pretty evil. At the very least she's got an A in diabolical plans. And I did really enjoy the idea that she came up with this whole plan by actually studying Klaus' life and wasn't just born with some maniac gene. According to Freya, though, this is all part of the firstborn Mikaelson witchcapades. And coming from an emotionally scarred daughter of Klaus, I'm not sure what else would even make sense, but I'm still bored already. Sorry so many people love you, Hope. That sure is a drag.

Klaus and Hope's reunion should have had me in tears. Reduced to a puddle. But they didn't, I wasn't. I wanted to yell at them. It's the world's most confusing misunderstanding. Hope astral projected to him all those years ago and busted in on his killing spree. He was embarrassed and came up with the excuse that any contact at all would only lead to more conflict so best to cut their ties completely and just see what happens. The bit where he called her broken was the perfect example of how little parenting experience he has.

Everything else was a complete waste of time to me.

We knew Freya wasn't going anywhere. Pretending that she was ever going to leave and travel the world with Keelin was bad filler at best. Silver lining –we did get the super cute bff scene with Vincent wishing her well before taking her advice to make moves on the fortune teller.

Everything everyone did in the bayou, wasn't Josh talking the vamps down from wanting revenge on Henry last week? Here he was trying to convince Marcel to make a move and questioning his commitment to vampires in general? And the pack was dead set against handing Henry over right up until they handed him over. Why? Is someone orchestrating all of this to break the peace?

2 out of 5 murder orgies.
This has to be in the running for shortest review ever. I'm just crossing my fingers that next week picks up.

Bites and pieces

List of people we probably shouldn't trust:

Declan – He was oftly calm while Klaus was harassing him for info. Weirdly calm. Even before the compulsion.

Curly haired boy that is friends with Lizzy Saltzman – I'm sure he'll be around for a while so I'll work on learning his name. Though I did thoroughly enjoy that TVD name drop.

Rebellious Vampire lady

Hope is the obvious (maybe too obvious??) suspect in Henry's murder. If it wasn't her, who could it have been?

Why was Freya just sitting around waiting for Klaus to show up when Hayley was missing??

Where would all the CGI snakes go after Klaus got far enough away from Hope?

Is Aurora really still desiccating in the family room?

No Elijah, no Rebekah, no Kol.

Klaus: "Sister, the years have been kind to you."
Freya: "Oh you know sunblock, the love of a good woman and literal witchcraft."

Josh: "If I die, no tequila. I want wailing. Sobbing in the streets and rainbow flags flying at half mast."
I remember Cami having a similar revelation about the way she would want to be mourned. She got her wish. I hope this isn't an omen for Josh.

Hope: "I didn't know I had to knock before I entered an astral plane. Sorry I interrupted your murder orgy."

Klaus: "Crashing a funeral, my favorite way to spend a Friday night."

Hope: "You have to go. He will literally wear your spine as a necklace. Leave!"

Hope: "My dad thinks that I'm broken."


  1. Yes, I'm not happy, either. I don't like Hope at all and I don't see how they can successfully fashion a series around her. I don't even enjoy disliking her like I used to enjoy disliking Klaus. And it's like the other characters are being affected by my dislike of what they're doing with Hope. I think my favorite part of this episode was Vincent and the fortune teller, and whatever Josh did because I like Josh.

    Even worse, no Hayley and no Elijah! What are they thinking?

  2. I like Hope..I noticed that 'evil' in her in the first episode..She was way to cool with crazyness happening around her and only panicked a little when Hayley goes missing..Even in this one when she was caught she still was petulant with Klaus..On any other show she would be pissing me off right now but her behavior is very reminiscent to Klaus and even Hayley before she found her family. How people thought this was going to have some happy ending and Hope was going to be a well adjusted sweet little school girl i don't know. What we are getting is more realistic if not as enjoyable if everything was peaches and cream

  3. My bet is on Hayley, who's probably only remembering who put her into a coffin and not who knocked her out.

    To be honest when they brought back the words of the witches from season 1 about how Hope would be the end of them I was happy for the continuity and I would really like for Hope to be the big bad and not riding off to her own series after te Originals end.

  4. "I don't like Hope at all and I don't see how they can successfully fashion a series around her."

    Wait, what? She's getting her own show?

    She doesn't have the presence to successfully carry a show. Not even close.

  5. IT;s going to be a show about Alarics and Caroline's school so I guess the blond guy who used a window to get in to Hope's room is also a new cast member of that show.


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