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Farscape: A Prefect Murder

And now, on Farscape...

The crew have an adventure that has to be seen to be believed.

I've been dying to get back to these reviews, but real life keeps interfering. Also, this and the next episodes are not great, so I've realized that I need to just get through them quickly to get to the upcoming episodes that are much better. Hence and so forth... I present this episode in picture form, more or less.

This is Priest Paroos, from some alien planet.  He enjoys floating around in his chair and uttering profound sayings to others.

This is the clan leader, Gaashah.  He is campaigning to be Prefect of his planet and enjoys braiding his hair.

This is Gaashah's son, Zerbat.  He likes recreating with Sikozu, growing chest hair, and avenging his father's death.

This is Prefect Falaak.  He wants to maintain power, make war, and audition for the part of Princess Leia's Auntie.

This dude is E'Alet.  He has bugs in his head that make people hallucinate and do bad things.

This is some random child, who I think is a boy, that follows Aeryn around and gets slapped a few times, poor kid.

This is John and Aeryn, who get the only compelling scenes in this whole episode.  After much distance and frostiness between the pair, it's nice to see them interacting together in this story.  They do try to shoot each other, but they sweetly talk together while doing it.

Space Oddities:

John mentions Aeryn's mother, whom he has never met. That was the other John's story. I just contribute the line to the fact that Aeryn has told this John about her mother and what happened.

The hairstyles on this random planet really are out of this world.

Aeryn gets to feel guilty for killing another seventeen people.  She's not in control, when she does it, but still gets to add more deaths to her credit.  That's sad for everyone involved.

Cosmic Quotes:

Falaak: (about Aeryn) "Seems a bit moody."
John: "Man, you should have met her mother."

Aeryn: "I'm getting a bad bribe."
John: "Oh, God, she's talking English. 'Vibe.' It's a really bad vibe."

D'Argo: "You can fight against it."
John: "D'Argo, just hit me! Knock me out!"
John: "Hit me harder, you big sissy."

Aeryn: "I'm not sure that I have the strength to miss next time."
John: "I think – I'm just a bad shot."

John: "You know, I really thought... the coin toss ended badly."
Aeryn: "It did."

The only parts of this episode that I like are the emotional interactions between John and Aeryn.  The way that the story repeats itself and has multiple flashbacks really make this one disjointed.  I remember being confused, the first time I watched it – thinking that I had accidentally started over.  The planet and the natives are strange and boring. I don't care about their politics or any brief relationship between Sukozu and Zerbat. It would be interesting to see what they would name their eldest child, though. Sukbat? Zerozu?

One out of five weird hair-dos.

Mallena loves most episodes of Farscape.


  1. I am doing a rewatch of Farscape and I just saw this ep the other day. Yes, it is not one of the great ones. Still, as a Farscape nerd I can't give it any lower than 6/10 which is the lowest Farscape rating in my book:-)

  2. John and Aeryn might need a separate grade. They were great as always.

  3. You're absolutely right, Mallena. John and Aeryn need to be separate! Why didn't I think of that:-)

  4. The great problems with these standalone episodes with your stereotypical bad guys killing off good guys in the search for power, is that a) you've seen it a million billion times before and with always the same conclusion; and b) there is not sufficient backstory to feel all that emotionally involved with the support characters.

    Regrettably and unsurprisingly this episode is no different, and I have to say this is probably one of the least satisfying episodes in the entire Farscape framework.

    I was so bored and detached by it all that I really cannot find sufficient interest to write a full synopsis here.

    Avoid and just press the FF button to the next eppy.

  5. First tike i saw this one i was a little distracted and found the repetition a bit confusing. It doesnt improve much on a second viewing, i didnt really care about the prefects or their weird truce laws.

    I was waiting for the small reward of the John and Aeryn scenes, the struggle not to shoot, the way he reaches for her hand and then cant resist touching her hair while she ponders her actions at the graves in the end.

    This is the third in a sequence of 4 weaker episodes, before we resume with the main arcs, and i cant wait to get back on track.


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