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Lucifer: All Hands on Decker

Review by An Honest Fangirl

"Well, looks like it's you and me, Lucinda."

Well, earlier this season we had "Chloe Does Lucifer." It's only fair that we had an episode where Lucifer does Chloe.

Well, that was a quick engagement. I had a feeling that Chloe and Pierce were going to break up, but I certainly didn't expect it to be after one episode. It kind of makes me question why we had to sit through all of the romance stuff to begin with, especially since Pierce looked ready to go on a war path again at the end of the episode. This romance subplot wasn't the most engaging thing to begin with, and to have it so simply tossed aside feels wrong somehow.

That being said, I did enjoy the path that the episode took to bring us there. It was excellent to see the girls all back together again, with the new addition of Charlotte. When compared to "Lady Parts" last season, it really goes to show just how fractured the relationships are between the friends. Ella had to physically keep Linda and Maze apart. Maze had a freaking broken bottle in her hand ready to go.

At least Ella, Linda, and Charlotte were all mostly on the same page. I loved their mutual dismay at the party that Maze had planned, as well as their attempts to rectify it. Poor Ella just wanted to throw a stellar bachelorette party, but her plans kept getting hijacked.

Charlotte was the one who ended up getting what she truly wanted, though. While it looked like Amenadiel might have gotten through to Pierce about the true realities of mortality, it was Charlotte's machinations that caused the wedding to be called off, although the last minute pep talk from the bus driver probably helped. I can understand why Chloe got cold feet, especially since from the beginning it was obvious that she was overwhelmed and not completely on the same page as Pierce about the wedding. I'm just glad that Chloe was able to articulate what it was that she wanted out of life.  

I liked Charlotte more during this episode than I have in awhile. This is a good balance to strike for her: still selfishly motivated due to her ever present panic over going to hell, but not doing outlandishly criminal things in an attempt to rectify it. I also really enjoyed her final moment with Dan. Finally, a romantic couple on this show has some proper communication! They both deserve some happiness. I just hope that Lucifer doesn't follow the Joss Whedon School of Destroying Happy Couples Via Death. They've both been through enough.

That's as good a reason as any to transition to talking about the other half of the episode: Lucifer and Dan's team up. I always forget how well the two of them bounce off of each other when it's only them in the room. I'll admit that I enjoyed their bits less than the bachelorette party, but that's because I get very bad secondhand embarrassment watching characters make a fool of themselves on screen. The illegal gambling scene is a perfect example. I'm sure that it was a great scene with a lot of funny moments, but I watched most of it while hiding most of my face behind a pillow. But that's a personal quirk.

What I did love was how well Lucifer and Dan ended up fulfilling their alternate roles by the end of the episode. The whole reason why Lucifer solved the case was because he did a bit of actual detective work, and I laughed out loud when I realized that Dan was waiting for the killer in a darkened room. However, that really does go to show that what Lucifer does is dangerous. Dan doesn't have selective immortality like Lucifer does. If the killer had shot him, he would have died.

I did like that that was what caused Lucifer to finally have his epiphany, even if it feels like he's had the same exact one at least twice before. Now if only he could take a page out of Dan's book and actually communicate the lessons that he's learned. While I did like how the show mentioned why Lucifer doesn't just tell Chloe how he feels after resolving to do so last episode, I am past tired of this song and dance. It's time, Lucifer... and... Lucifer. Tell Chloe the truth.    

Last episode, I gave my predictions of how I thought the rest of the season would play out. I think I'm still going to stick to it, although now I'm less certain about Amenadiel's fate. I still think that he's going to be written out of the show, but now I'm not sure if they're going to send him to jail or kill him. His talk with Pierce about the fragility of life, while serving a plot purpose, also felt like it might be foreshadowing.

I think I'm okay with that. It feels like the writers haven't really known what to do with Amenadiel this season, and like I said last review, I'm struggling to think of where his character arc can go next. Killing Amenadiel would also be a good way to throw Lucifer into a murderous rage, possibly murderous enough to kill Pierce? I said at the top of the review that Pierce looked like he was about to go on a war path. Is he going to team back up with Maze?

I'm really excited to watch the next episode now. I've only just realized how long it's been since I've been able to say that about Lucifer.

Random Thoughts

Ella had the episode title.

Did anyone else question what it was exactly the Water Polo team did to land in legal trouble? That part felt a bit icky to me.

I have to give Linda props for wanting to throw down with Maze. It was a stupid drunken decision, but a gutsy one.

Can you even imagine being the driver for a bachelorette bus? I believe the driver when she said that she had seen some things.

Pierce was clever to get a temporary tattoo of his mark. And, as much as I might hate it, clever to use Trixie as a human shield. It was a garbage-tier level move, but a clever one.


Dan: You gonna pay attention or what?
Lucifer: Oh, yes. Whoever wanted Francis dead probably hired this Vincent chap to kill him. And I'd say, based on the security guarding that door, and the fact that I've been here many times before, this is an illegal gambling den.

Maze: Is that a wedding murder board?
Chloe: I'm just trying to stay organized here.

Lucifer: Surely, there must be something you desire.
Veterinarian: I'm all good.

Linda: Hey! I liked that guy! He smelled like chlorine and butterscotch fudge. I am five-feet nothing of coiled live wire, Maze.

Lucifer: To truly go full Detective, I need a partner who's clever, unpredictable, handsome, and sexual. Suppose one out of the four will suffice. Well done, Daniel.
Dan: Wow. Which of the four am I?
Lucifer: Come on.
Okay, but seriously. Which of the four is Dan?
An Honest Fangirl loves superheroes, science fiction, fantasy, and really bad horror movies. 


  1. Well... :)

    They get points for several things here, as far as I'm concerned. 1. Our five female cast members together on a party bus. 2. Charlotte and Dan. 3. Lucifer and Dan. 4. Breaking up Chloe and Pierce.

    So I have hope that they're heading into a Chloe-learns-everything direction. Because the powers that be must know that it's way past time.

  2. Dan is neither imo. He's a funny guy, honest, so quite predictable, athletic/ not sexy and good-natured rather than good-looking... well, probably clever?

  3. I agree 100% with everything you wrote here,, including the secondhand embarrassment feeling and the potential water political ickiness.


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