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The Originals: Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

"Psychopath on a mission. No time for chit chat."

Just what a show with witches, vampires, werewolves and hybrids needs...

...Nazis. Great. But more on this later.

First, of all.
No no no no no no no.
Why would they do this to us?
It was pointed out in the comment section last week that Elijah's story is pretty much wrapped up. He got his happy ending – nice quiet life with his brunette honey in France. Far away from drama and filled with love, wine and piano-playing in the shadows. And I'm happy for him.

Stop judging me, I am. Sure, it could not be farther from where I would've pictured his story ending, but I can see what the powers that be are doing here and respect it. I even liked Antoinette (assuming she doesn't turn out to be an evil Hollow worshiper or something). Thinking of him finally at peace is an acceptable degree of closure on his story.

What I can not stand for is Marcel getting tossed in as a suitable replacement for Klaus' conscience. It's an idea they set up back in France, right? When Elijah explained it to Antoinette. Elijah was Klaus' north star and without that stabilizing force he knew Klaus would give up the fight and go home. Well, he was right and now Klaus is home so he needs a new one? And Marcel is going to be it? Blech. Who is even buying that Elijah would have tried to talk Klaus out of going on his little rampage? For Hayley and Hope and his family, he would have been right there backing his psychopathic bro up until they found what they needed for their family. Remember when Klalijah Elaus stormed Marcel's compound, took on a hundred of Marcel's lackeys like it was nothing?

In any event. Josh and Vincent are pretty pissed about how everything is going down. They feel betrayed and beatdown and scared with every right to feel so. Repossessing the daylight rings was really the only way to take back some of his power after siding with Klaus. With his army bordering on mutiny and Vincent out of his corner, Marcel is really running out of friends.

So where does this leave everyone? The werewolves are on alert because they think they are being attacked. The witches won't help anyone. And the vampires have been defanged (ish) during daylight hours. How does all this help the Nazi that is apparently behind this season's hootenanny? Is he a vampire like Klaus surmised or was that a trick? Does he or she have power over the Tarot cards that gave Ivy the message about Hope? If so, this would be like 545652th time that the coven has been tricked and should really up their security. Apart from coming out of complete left field, the notion that Klaus has actual Nazi enemies roaming around and he spent the last seven years on a killing spree of people that hate him and didn't start with Hitlers' followers sounds lazy.

Hayley is still missing with practically no leads, Elijah is gone probably forever and Rebekah and Kol are off galavanting. I bet Julie Plec had to promise a super tight budget to get us a final season. And if that's the case, then she's doing a lot with what she has. What she has being a tiny fraction of the cast I fell in love with.

I don't have any inkling about where to rate this episode. I don't want to look this gift horse in the mouth because I am happy to have this final season. Plus I don't hate where everything is heading, but I'm not exactly satisfied either.

You decide.

Bites and pieces

Also, Hope got a visit from Aunt Freya. Hope is angsty and Freya is also there. I feel like these two need to connect more or fight more.

This is completely random but Klaus' three hostages (vampire, werewolf and witch) reminded me a lot of his three sacrifices when he was trying to break his curse and turn into a hybrid way back on TVD.

The Mikaelsons' worst enemies have almost entirely come from their own family tree. I really thought the final big bad would be one of their own, but it makes sense that they've run out branches to shake.

Unless there's a Nazi uncle they've tucked away for just this occasion. Haha. Just kidding. Probably.

On a final silver lining, if you're a Marcel super fan you can be pretty pleased that all his hopes and dreams of being part of the Mikaelson dream team are finally coming true.

Klaus: "Perhaps your royal status has wilted along with your marital prospects."

Klaus: "If your assistance requires a psychological evaluation, allow me to make this easy for you. Psychopath on a mission, no time for chit-chat."
Josh: "Okay, fine. You caught me bad-mouthing you. But I was bad-mouthing while also doing what you asked so I’m thinking they kind of cancel each other out. No?"

P.S. You guys, this has been a serious couple of weeks for me. I started a new job, had out-of-towners in for a weekend, got the stomach flu and a death in the family. Forgive this hideously late review.

1 comment:

  1. It does look like all of the cast is off-screen. While Rebekah and Davina plus Kol were expected to be only in a couple of episodes then the lack of Hayley and Elijah cought me by suprise. But we will get more Caroline hopefully.

    I'm so glad that Josh wasn't killed, but less hyped about the Nazis. The last time we had vampires and nazis was with Angel and Spike on a submarine. I can't even remember if I liked that episode.


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