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The Originals: We Have Not Long to Love

"I hate you!"
"I hate me too."

Things are happening.

Elijah sought out Declan so they could feel sad and responsible together. So what do we think, y'all? Was Declan on vervain? It's utterly bizarre that we would learn that Declan is Cami's cousin for no reason, but so much of this season feels like a waste of time with the sole purpose of annoying me. So maybe it was all for nothing. Of course, we are talking about a man so devastated about Hayley's disappearance that he took an Irish vacation so... If him being an O'Connor is any indication, he won't survive the series but it might be nice for Hope if he could visit her in her new show (assuming his motives aren't sinister). He does seem to be someone she trusts and has been in her life consistently for longer than most. Maybe he could teach bartending classes at Alaric's school. Or potions class. Something.

Hope is endlessly frustrating. Why does she keep pushing away the family she is so desperate to be a part of? Like putting Klaus to sleep and telling him to leave her room. This sentiment doesn't extend to Elijah. I fully relate to her anger towards him. Even though we know he wasn't really him, we don't forgive him. I'm with you, Hope. This probably doesn't say great things about my emotional maturity.

I couldn't care less about the purist vampire storyline. I wonder if I would have been more engaged with it if Greta were still around to spew her insane hatred. Emmett just isn't doing as much for me as a villain. When they vandaled the Mardi Gras float, I though it was a very stupid way to lash out. Pathetic even in terms of the way TO wars go. When the bomb was sent in, it was the exact opposite end of the spectrum. Whiplash. From one jarring extreme to another. Silver lining? It was nice for Marcel to finally admit that who he was at the beginning of the series wasn't good for the city or fair or just.

These episodes are getting progressively harder to watch and review.

Bites and pieces

Ivy died. Poor Vincent. I don't really care.

Lisina died. Who is even left that is qualified to be the alpha of the wolves?

Freya and Keelin are engaged. Which one do we think will get killed off?

It randomly occurred to me that Declan is also related to Father Kiernan and Shawn but didn't visit their graves. Kind of rude, Declan.

Hope: "I can't think, I can't sleep. I'm not ready to forgive him."

Emmett: "When the sun goes down, we'll be in the Quarter... and if we see any werewolves, we'll be taking matters into our own hands."


  1. I thought Klaus will take Hope for some wholesome family murder spree against the nightwalker vampires, but not yet. I'll remain mildly optimistic that it will still happen.

    Elijah was on the recieving end of a sectumsempra curse. Whoops wrong wizard universe. But it did look like it. Was it Hope's spell or was she channeling the Hollow thus wearing it out a bit?

  2. Haha Patryk. I look forward to a father-daughter murder spree. At least then it'll be about the Mikaelson family. Maybe a few aunts and uncles will get roped into going. Make a day of it. Hmm, I support this.


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