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Outlander: The False Bride

"You're leaving Scotland to go to a Scottish festival?"

A filler episode if ever I've seen one.

A beautiful thing happens when you binge watch three seasons of a show. Filler episodes don't exist. One simply blends into the next. Ah well, they can't all make us cry and scream and break things. It'd probably be too exhausting if they did.

And here's something I thought I'd never say... I'm tempted to breeze over the Claire/Jamie/18th century since this was really Bree and Roger's big debut.

Ian is staying. Duh. I do suppose it's easier to go against Jenny's wishes with an ocean in between them but I can hear her cursing her brother already.

I almost felt sorry for Jocasta. She seemed heartbroken to be losing the prospect of having family around her again. And being a woman of her time she couldn't see why her nephew couldn't possibly stay at River Run. At least she gave him what origins she could. Colum or Dougal would've held more of a grudge, I am sure.

Claire spooning that skull and then carrying it around in her purse had me laughing. Only Claire, am I right? This has been a season of camping for the couple so far and I'm into it. They both seem so very at home in the woods, with nature. And hey, Claire's made a new friend. Here's hoping that the Native American time traveling ghost proves less hostile than her murderous time traveling BFF in Scotland.

Definitely not over over as Roger's insults suggested. (I used the very scholarly term overover to indicate an extra overness. Lacking finality, if you will.) The festival rendezvous certainly brought out all of their differences and basically had them attacking each other. Roger was obviously desperate for some kind of clarity about where the relationship was heading. Too bad not getting it turned him into an irrational tantrum throwing mess. I have to hand it to Bree, though. It's hard to believe that this is the same girl that hurled all those insults at her mom in Scotland last season. Losing her parents has matured her. She was so honest and clear and bold. You go girl. You don't need no man.

They fit a whole relationship in the span of just a few days. They (re)met at the airport, got flirty and comfortable on the road trip, settled together at the festival where they even sat for a portrait in the same tartan, fought in the cabin and effectively broke up. That's a lot of movement, right? The biggie is the fight. Brianna doesn't know if she can trust love or marriage and Roger, being less open-minded, craves the stability of those promises. We can't really fault either of them for knowing what they want and with the added strain of being long distance, how would these crazy kids make it work?

Blah but not bad TV. What's that, 2.5 out of 4 missing boots?

Bits and pieces

The burning stag made me think of Robert Baratheon. Has GOT ruined animal symbolism for me forever?

A very quick Google search said this: It can be violent and harmful, but it can be benign and beneficial. The stag is also a symbol of male fertility, the fertility of the forest and the renewal of nature.

It makes me happy that Roger and Fiona are still friends. BFFL.

Jamie Fraser touches my soul every time he shows respect for Frank having raised Brianna. And Sam Heughan brings so much to the table in even these smallest moments. Love love love.

I hate seeing them lose each other but I never get tired of seeing Claire and Jamie reunions.

That portrait of Brianna from the festival is in the opening credits. Gasp!!!

Roger, being a Mackenzie, should've been more charismatic in the cabin, right? As a rule, if you start out a marriage proposal by making the other person feel uncomfortable and implying they should cover themselves, you're probably not doing it right.

Still no Fergus. Or Marsali.

Roger: "For life's tears, may they always be happy ones."
I wonder how irritated my friends would be if I started showing up to housewarming parties with salt.

Bree: "My mother always said that men in kilts were irresistible. She was right."

Claire: "I want us to make a home together. A place that's ours."

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