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Outlander: Savages

"I have so much to tell you."
"I want to hear every word."

For an episode that was sort of all over the map in terms of emotional turmoil, it wasn't at all scattered or too much. It was a roller coaster that hit all the right marks. All the necessary feelings. I'm not crying, you're crying.

Choosing a leading photo that doesn't include Murtagh feels very very wrong. Disrespectful even.

Getting Jamie's godfather and Claire's dancing partner back is almost too good for words. But since a review requires words, I'll say this about the show's writers: I really enjoy the departures that they make from the books. Happy enough that I almost let it go that Fergus wasn't there to partake in this reunion. Ugh. I am enjoying the hell out of the comedy relief that Ian brings but when he isn't cracking a joke, his presence is almost forced. Fergus had a history with Murtagh that means something. I still miss Fergus.

Now that Jamie and Claire have made peace with their two decades apart, it's time to do it again. When we knew him before, Murtagh had one basic priority. It was always his godson and how to best take care of him. After (almost?) two decades he has other obligations. Priorities. I'm not super anxious to see him on any side other than the Fraser's Ridge side, but I'm more than excited to get to know this new man. Besides, nothing will really ever come between the dream team, right? Right???!

Outlander continues to throw exceptional reunions. First of all, I have to say when Ian and Jamie were about to ride away, I sat with my jaw on the floor ready to curse whatever writer decided that this was acceptable. I would've been screaming if I had been breathing at all. The thing is, that's something that could so easily happen in this time, isn't it? It's easy for me to forget how quickly two ships could pass each other in the night without readily available information and social media to stalk. Thank goodness Jamie was a little edgy and had some steam to let off. The embrace and tears and disbelief were all beautiful and very well acted. As was Murtagh's practically palpable reluctance to think of Jamie remarried (I mean this really got me – his reaction was our reaction) and his elation to find out that Claire had come back. He is the only person who can truly understand what that means and to be able to finally share the joy and relief of Claire and Brianna's safety with someone seemed to light something in Jamie. Ah, family.

And then Murtagh made his way to Fraser's Ridge to surprise Claire with a special rendition of their probably least favorite song. It was a much different reunion than the two men shared and if forced to choose, I might even like the latter one more. Once again, the acting was so insanely well done. The joy was blatant and not to mention a welcome end to the chaos and anguish that she had been suffering alone while everyone was away.

Of course, this episode also dealt with the horrific murder of the healer Adawehi. "Savages" certainly wasn't named for those cute goats. I think there was an effort to highlight just how offtrack things can get when people don't understand each other. I mean the type of person that would kill and scalp a woman and deliver that scalp to her friend is seriously, seriously deranged. A savage. But there was an emphasis put on the blessing that the Cherokee gave for the water and how Herr Mueller was convinced that it had killed his family. Why? Are we in for more misunderstandings? Is this only the beginning of an inability for factions to communicate and what repercussions that will bring? Or will what happened here be more directly linked to what goes on going forward? I guess we will find out soon enough. I'm a little hopeful that we will get to see some flashbacks of Adawehi. She was such an interesting character and we didn't get to know her all that well.

3.75 out of 4 broken bits
I really really loved it but you ken why I canna give it a full four.

Bits and pieces

Enough time lapsed in between last episode and this one that the cabin is completely built and completely furnished.

Murtagh spent twelve years after prison being an indentured slave. Then he was sold to a blacksmith.

Murtagh's speech highlighted the changes in Jamie over the years. Change isn't a bad thing but he is now a man that takes land and makes deals with the British. A people that have only hurt him in the past (except Claire obviously), a people he hated. I can't imagine him doing that in seasons past. Not even last season. And he's determined to keep his word to them. Being a man of his word isn't new but to not consider aligning himself with a fellow Fraser? His most trusted confidant?... He is replacing Claire's ring instead of being racked with guilt and consumed with getting it back for her. Is a Fraser even a Fraser if he isn't stubborn beyond belief?

Claire hit quite the range of emotions this week. Pride and accomplishment, exhaustion, fear, horror and anger, grief, release, joy. The girl needs a counselor and a spa day.

The unwrapping of Adawehi’s scalp was very unnerving.

The silversmith's wife was so offputting. I kept thinking she was going to trick him into trouble somehow. I got serious Geillis Duncan vibes somehow. What an odd choice.

I'm a little confused about what Jamie and Claire are choosing to align themselves with. Surely they are out of the history changing game and they know that the British lose here.

Bree knows her parents are in danger. She is on her way to the past. Or she's there already. Will Roger go after her?

That bit when Jamie gets home and can tell something is wrong with the quickest exchange of looks – live for that cheese.

Adawehi: "Death is a gift from the gods. It will not be your fault."
This is from last week but I had to include it again because I was so worried about who would die. It never occurred to me that she was trying to prepare her new friend for her own murder. It feels all the more poignant.

Murtagh: "What’s stolen from one of us is stolen from all of us!"

Claire (to Wilber): "You have no idea you’re just the Christmas pork chop, do you?"

Claire: "Just hold me."
Me too.


  1. Thanks for getting back to Outlander!

    I have been eagerly awaiting Murtaghs return. I just wish Fergus could have been there too. It was nice to have some joy in this rather depressing season. Just something about knowing all the murder and mayhem just around the corner. time traveling stinks!

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only only missing Fergus!!

      I've actually only read the first book but I am terrible at stopping myself from watching interviews and spoiling myself. It's hard to be excited about some of the stuff that's been hinted at but I somehow still look forward to Sundays. How do they do that??

  2. The thing with the Revolution is, you show your rebel stripes too soon and the hammer is gonna come down fast. It's a balancing act that they have to do because eventually, being loyal to the crown (which we know Jamie isn't really, he's loyal to his people, his family) would have you in the same boat as being a rebel the previous week. He described it in the book as akin to walking between two fires.

    1. This makes so much sense, Rikki. Thank you for sharing. It would've been nice if he could have explained this to Murtagh on the show to give us a little context about where his head is at.


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