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Lucifer: All About Eve

"You never forget your first."

Yes, it's another plot device intended to keep Lucifer and Chloe apart. (Gee, like that's never happened on television before.)

That major gripe aside, I think Inbar Lavi was good casting. When you have an already established, talented ensemble cast of well-defined characters, it's difficult to bring in another major character that works, much less a love interest for the lead, much less someone who had a starring role in the Bible. But Eve indeed has the look of someone who lived in a garden her whole life without access to hair salons, and she was definitely rocking that "girls just wanna have fun" vibe.

But what's really going on with her? It's an awfully huge coincidence that Lucifer's ex showed up right the heck now, while his relationship with Chloe is at the point of either advancing into love affair territory or collapsing entirely. And how come no one has even mentioned yet that Lucifer just killed Cain? If I remember my Bible correctly, Cain was Eve's son. You'd think Lucifer would have mentioned something that huge.

Maybe Eve is what she appears to be: crazy for Lucifer, bored with Heaven, desperate for fun. But I doubt it. I also thought it was really interesting that Lucifer asked Eve what she truly desired, and she lied to him. Lucifer's mojo doesn't work on Eve. Must be important.

At least it's refreshing to see a woman so hot for Lucifer, because who wouldn't be? We're used to Chloe keeping Lucifer at arm's length and resisting his exceptional good looks and charm. And okay, maybe not so charming in a bathrobe with bedhead surrounded by empty takeout containers, but Eve's arrival seems to have jolted him out of that.

Who saw the ending coming a mile away? Chloe was ready to tell Lucifer that she missed him and wanted him in her life, and of course she walked in on him with Eve. At least they weren't in bed together. And at least Lucifer didn't see Chloe come in. I'm a little sad that Eve was the one to kiss Lucifer in devilface. It should have been Chloe.

As usual, I don't have a lot to say about the Case of the Week. Even though Lucifer and Chloe ended their partnership, they of course ended up solving the same crime from different angles. Who else knew right away that the killer was Toby, the business partner? The fun parallel was that Toby was like Chloe, the reasonable, hardworking partner, while Pablo the victim was the crazy creative partner, like Lucifer. Hopefully this isn't foreshadowing.

Meanwhile, Linda's pregnancy seems to have created the world's strangest ménage à trois. An angel, a demon and a psychiatrist walk into a doctor's office – it's like a joke that writes itself. And I absolutely loved Chloe and Linda having "the talk," mostly because Chloe ended up listening instead of talking as Linda exploded with angst and confusion about her angel baby. The bubble wrap babyproofing was also hilarious.

I have no idea where this plotline is going: happy? tragic? But it's a lot of fun. At least so far.


— Title musings: All About Eve is a famous old movie about established actress Bette Davis threatened by ambitious ingenue Anne Baxter.

— Eve has been in Heaven longer than anyone. I remember Abel being in Hell the longest, too.

— Fun bar fight. I don't usually love the bar fights. And honestly, I don't usually find constant sex jokes all that funny, but Lucifer always makes me laugh. Check out that absolutely perfect devilish smirk.

— When Eve kissed Lucifer in devilface, who was thinking of Buffy kissing Angel in vampface? Yeah, everything makes me think of Buffy. I admit it.

— Auntie Maze. Was that a deliberate reference to Auntie Mame? Or am I just showing my age?

— During the auction, Lucifer and Chloe were again wearing similar clothes. As I said in my previous review, that's often a visual cue that two characters are simpatico.


Ella: "He was decapitated?"
Maybe a huge conclusion to jump to, but to be fair, Ella does see a lot of awful things in her job.

Lucifer: "It hurts, not being accepted for who you are… I would imagine."

Doctor: "Do you see that little protrusion right there? You're having a boy."
Amenadiel: "A boy?"
Maze: "Better luck next time."

Eve: "You know, the garden, the snake, the apple."
Lucifer: "The metaphors were a bit off."
Eve: "That's true. The forbidden fruit was less of an apple and more like a banana. A very large banana."
Lucifer: "It's true."
Eve: "You never forget your first."

Amenadiel: "My very own mini Amenadiel. No, no, wait, wait. A mini-diel."

Linda: "There's a good chance it could come out with wings. Wings! Is that even safe for a human to deliver? Should I have a C-section? Will insurance cover any of this?"

Linda: (to Chloe) "With all the bad comes a lot of good. I got a best friend out of this. And the most fascinating patient in the world. And this baby. Who saw that coming?"

I am really enjoying this season. Three out of four lengths of bubble wrap,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

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