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The 100: The Children of Gabriel

"Hell is big enough for both of us."

Cults and killer borders and anti-poisonous snakes and poison flowers. With Clarke thrown back into diplomacy, what could go wrong?

I'm enjoying watching everyone try to live up to Monty and Harper's final wish and what it means to each of them individually and as a group. In their honor, let's start with Jordan who very weirdly handled his first kiss remarkably better than most people that aren't new to interpersonal relationships. We all saw Delilah's double cross coming, right? But he was just too overtaken by hormones and human interaction to see the signs. Poor Jordan felt so obviously terrible when Clarke pointed out his mistakes. You could see how disappointed he was with himself for letting his friends parents' friends down.

But how was he to know the danger that people can pose? How can we honestly hold him to the same standard as everyone else? Hand served as a fresh perspective for us. A fresh set of eyes but because of who is parents are, he isn't an outsider like the criminals in cryowhateversleep or even Diyoza. And how great was it watching Clarke desperately try to convince these people that she won't go homicidal vigilante on them? She hasn't at all lost her touch when it comes to this diplomacy thing. Impressively, she didn't lie. She didn't say that she regrets it or that she wouldn't make the same choices again and she saved Delilah to boot.

I remember Clarke being immediately suspicious of the mountain men. Does that mean that her instincts tell her that these people can be trusted? Or is it all survival instinct stuff like she's giving them the benefit of the doubt because she needs their help? Or maybe she's secretly claustrophobic and being locked underground played a part in the anxiety she felt in the mountain. They are painstakingly setting up these moon people to be another mountain men situation. I mean, just look at that alliteration. Coincidence? The real shock would be if Russell and friends turned out to be the good guys that Abby's been talking about all these years, but we are staring straight down the barrel of human sacrifice, aren't we? Ick.

I wonder what Monty would think about Bellamy kicking Octavia to the curb. I think letting a sociopath into an unsuspecting population isn't the kind of good guy action that Monty wanted, but abandoning his sister has got to take a toll. If Octavia were repentant would he be able to move past it? Was her inability to follow orders to take the peaceful path the straw that broke Bellamy's back? I think so. I think he was full of resentment and anger but would have seen a way to move forward if she didn't prove, again, that she is the same girl that crawled out of the bunker. Bob Morley's tears haunt me forever.

And if that didn't break your heart, there was Murphy's open horror and self-hatred at what he has done in the name of survival, landing him in what he describes as hell. Come on Murph, you've come so far. Remember how you saved Bellamy and Clarke last week? Chin up. Someone hug this kid! TPTB better have a damn good reason for subduing this character. Otherwise, it's just cruel. Did they need him to be more susceptible to Russell? Is there a melancholy character quota that we need to hit every season?

There should be a section talking about the new environment and people, but all I really have are questions still.

- Did they decide to let Clarke stay because they lost the 'host' Rose?
- What is a host? Are we gonna have to watch more microchip implantations?
- What are the odds that Russell is a good guy? That the primes are what they seem to be? That these people are good?
- Evil trees. Evil trees?
- Sanctum is run by four primes. I can't tell you how infuriating it is that it isn't a prime number of primes. Maybe that'll be part of the sales pitch to give Clarke a seat at the table.
- What happened between Gabriel and Russell?
- Is Russell the old man that Xavier and his friends were referring to? He can't still be alive, right? Maybe the fallout was recent?

This was good but I wasn't absolutely enthralled. A little exposition heavy. What is that? 2.5 out of 4 pink party dresses?

Bits and pieces

Are Gabriel's children the new reavers? At least they don't seem like zombies or particularly cannibalistic. In other callbacks, Octavia is separated from her people again and in with the outsiders, similar to the time she spent with Lincoln and later with Indra training as a warrior. Also, the leader of the mountain was a little creepy about his art collection. Russell's dog is named Picasso. Come. The freak. On.

Echo continues to be the most impressive and levelheaded. She's quickly climbing the ranks to one of my favorite characters.

Tai chi is big on this moon. Is it mandatory?

The gang put up a minimal fight in saving Diyoza from exile. I wonder who they'd have to kick out to elicit a real outrage?

Please give Raven something to do.

I love that Bellamy publicly confirmed his trust in Clarke's leadership. But he isn't trying to strong arm Murphy or Raven into forgiveness either.

Russell: "It's too late. He's dead. Fortunately for him, death is not the end."

Murphy: "I saw something. I felt something. I'm pretty sure I'm going to hell."

Russell: "Are you the leader of your people or not?"
Bellamy: "She is. She can speak for us."

Murphy: "Back in your murder gear already. That's a good sign."


  1. This host thing makes me antsy! Love that I have all these questions that have no answer yet. I hope The 100 will surprise us... and if they don't I hope they do it well ;)

  2. Very well said, Sjusjun. I have the same hopes.

  3. It really does feel like the mountain men and the grounders again. But I'm definitely not bored. Is Clarke going to be one of the royals because of her black blood? What is this host crap? Delilah was acting as if she wouldn't even remember Jordan after her naming thingy.

    This moon is so creepy. I'd be so ready to go back to the ship and stay there -- after some serious hydroponic action, anyway. Algae. Bleah.


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