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Lucifer: O, Ye of Little Faith, Father

Review by An Honest Fangirl

"Vatican investigator? Sounds like a soon to be canceled TV show."

Well, this episode hurt just a little bit, huh? I mean, we all saw that it was coming, but that still didn't make it easier to watch.

The episode begins moments after the last one left off with Father Kinley telling Lucifer a slightly skewed version of what Chloe has been up to lately. I loved how Lucifer was initially dismissive of the idea that Chloe would ever betray him or want to hurt him. He trusts her far too much for that. But of course, this is television. There has to be some kind of drama.

We've been building to the final confrontation between Lucifer and Chloe all season, and I really have to give gold acting stars to both Tom Ellis and Lauren German. Chloe screaming that she was terrified was simply heartbreaking to watch, but also rather realistic. She may have decided that she couldn't send Lucifer back to Hell, but that doesn't automatically mean that the feelings that had pushed her in that direction in the first place have just disappeared.

All throughout the episode, it was clear that she was a lot more comfortable with a more moral and human Lucifer than the idea that he was the devil with some moral grey areas. And if we know anything about Lucifer, it's that he hates it when people try to change him or push him into a mold. I know that Lucifer and Chloe have had arguments and breaks in their relationship before, but this felt a lot more serious. This felt like an important one.

Which, of course, means that it's the perfect time for a woman strongly implied to be Lucifer's first love to show up in Lux. We didn't really get a lot of her this episode, but I'm intrigued. There's something almost childlike and innocent about her, which isn't what I would expect. Looks like Father Kinley's prophecy might come true.

Yep, it's taken four seasons but Lucifer finally has a prophecy, which is what Father Kinley was actually concerned about. Even if the Vatican wasn't. I was a bit surprised to learn that his actions weren't exactly Vatican approved. Not the murders, of course, but the exorcism of Lucifer. He's alone in his crusade, which arguably made him more dangerous.

I was also surprised that he was arrested and taken care of so quickly. While I'm sure that this isn't the last that we've seen of him this season, it does feel like Father Kinley was removed as a threat. But then again, what cards does he have left to play? Chloe isn't going to help him, and he already did everything he could to drive a wedge between her and Lucifer. There's not a lot of places that the character can go from here.

The case this week didn't just illustrate the relationship between Chloe and Lucifer, but also hit very close to home for Dan. Even the characters within the show could see how closely Charlotte resembled the two victims. Dan really isn't processing her death well, and it makes sense that feeling powerless and trapped by the legal process would set him off. Last season, we saw him own up to the fact that he was a dirty cop, and it seems like he's just going to be leaning more into that this season. Which honestly has me worried for him. Maze might like the old Dan, but this is just asking for trouble.

Finally, we have Linda's pregnancy. Talk about an overwhelming experience. It's not just an unplanned pregnancy, it's an unplanned celestial pregnancy. Anyone would be overwhelmed, especially with people throwing gifts at her far too soon into the process. I can see why Linda would take a step back and insist that she was going to handle this by herself, but also Amenadiel was very clearly excited and ready to be a part of this child's life. He was more than willing to help her with whatever she needed.

The final shot of them together holding hands was very sweet. I'm still not sure how I feel about them as a romantic couple – last season's drama kind of soured it for me – but I do like the idea of them being supportive parents together.

Random Thoughts

Ella took off her cross, further cementing her loss of faith.

Amenadiel's proposal was hilarious. I can't decide if my favorite part is him not being sure what to do with his other hand or him opening the box again after Linda closed it.

Chloe really needs to go talk to Linda. Can she please go talk to Linda?

Lucifer can't get drunk. He just likes the taste of alcohol. Did we know that already?

This season is really good at cliffhangers that make you want to immediately watch the next episode, huh? Time to go find out who the mystery woman is!
An Honest Fangirl loves superheroes, science fiction, fantasy, and really bad horror movies.


  1. Yes, Amenadude's proposal was really funny.

    I'm worried about Dan. Is he going dark? It feels like he's going to either bond with Maze or with Ella. I think Ella might be better for his soul.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. TB, I had to remove your comment because it spoiled the end of the season. Please feel free to post another comment if you like.

  4. In fairness to Dan, it's not unreasonable for him to blame Lucifer for Charlotte's death. He doesn't know that Pierce was actually shooting at Amenadiel and presumably believes she was murdered because she was investigating him. And it's not illogical to think it was Lucifer who was seeking a way to prove to Chloe that Pierce is the Sinnerman.


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